IBM patents granted on 29 June 2010

93 US patents granted on 29 June 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,748,051 Contents server, contents receiving apparatus and network system for adding information to digital contents
2 7,748,007 Computer system for detecting object updates
3 7,748,006 Loading software on a plurality of processors
4 7,748,003 Hard real-time response
5 7,748,000 Filtering a list of available install items for an install program based on a consumer’s install policy
6 7,747,949 System and method comprising an electronic document from physical documents
7 7,747,945 Data validation rules for acord documents
8 7,747,941 Webpage generation tool and method
9 7,747,908 System and method for creating different start cache and bus states using multiple test patterns for processor design verification and validation
10 7,747,902 Synchronizing cross checked processors during initialization by miscompare
11 7,747,900 Thresholding system power loss notifications in a data processing system based on vital product data
12 7,747,895 Multi-directional fault detection system
13 7,747,893 Method and system for managing resources during system initialization and startup
14 7,747,892 System for automatically selecting intermediate power supply voltages for intermediate level shifters
15 7,747,882 Determining optimal power down of a system while indexes are being rebuilt
16 7,747,877 Tamper-resistant trusted Java virtual machine and method of using the same
17 7,747,865 Method and structure for challenge-response signatures and high-performance secure Diffie-Hellman protocols
18 7,747,845 State machine based filtering of non-dominant branches to use a modified gshare scheme
19 7,747,838 Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting page size in a virtual memory range
20 7,747,829 Arrangement and method for update of configuration cache data
21 7,747,826 Data processing system and method for efficient communication utilizing an in coherency state
22 7,747,825 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for a cache coherency protocol state that predicts locations of shared memory blocks
23 7,747,809 Managing PCI express devices during recovery operations
24 7,747,805 Adaptive reader-writer lock
25 7,747,803 Device, system, and method of handling delayed transactions
26 7,747,776 System, method and program product to route message packets
27 7,747,760 Near real-time data center switching for client requests
28 7,747,758 Dynamic port assignment
29 7,747,756 Computer program product using two different programs to determine state of a network node to eliminate message response delays in system processing
30 7,747,736 Rule and policy promotion within a policy hierarchy
31 7,747,734 Apparatus, system, and method for error assessment over a communication link
32 7,747,732 Household internet connection monitoring and troubleshooting through voice based telephony devices
33 7,747,726 Method and apparatus for estimating a local performance index to measure the performance contribution of a single server in a multi-tiered environment
34 7,747,709 Method and system for automatically cloning IT resource structures
35 7,747,692 System and method for tailoring of electronic messages
36 7,747,690 Method for extracting and managing message addresses
37 7,747,688 System and method for managing group interaction session states
38 7,747,685 Method for automatic detection of display sharing and alert generation in instant messaging
39 7,747,679 Managing a communication availability status
40 7,747,661 System and method for providing a virtual binding for a worm storage system on rewritable media
41 7,747,659 Garbage collector with eager read barrier
42 7,747,657 Mapping hierarchical data from a query result into a tabular format with jagged rows
43 7,747,653 Summarizing application performance in a large system from a components perspective
44 7,747,651 Metadata modelling for reporting
45 7,747,640 Method for regenerating selected rows for an otherwise static result set
46 7,747,629 System and method for positional representation of content for efficient indexing, search, retrieval, and compression
47 7,747,590 Avoiding redundant computation in service-oriented architectures
48 7,747,586 Apparatus and method to map and copy computer files
49 7,747,585 Parallel uncompression of a partially compressed database table determines a count of uncompression tasks that satisfies the query
50 7,747,577 Management of redundant objects in storage systems
51 7,747,576 Incremental update control for remote copy
52 7,747,573 Updating elements in a data storage facility using a predefined state machine, with serial activation
53 7,747,564 Comparative analysis of business intelligence data
54 7,747,562 Virtual multidimensional datasets for enterprise software systems
55 7,747,553 Rule set partitioning based packet classification method for internet
56 7,747,537 System and method for providing a secure intellectual property marketplace
57 7,747,478 Method of generating multiple recommendations for multi-objective available-to-sell (ATS) optimization problem
58 7,747,459 Intelligent free-time search
59 7,747,458 Electronic calendar auto event resolution system and method
60 7,747,451 Dynamic grid paths
61 7,747,426 System simulation using multi-tasking computer code
62 7,747,414 Run-Time performance verification system
63 7,747,413 Real time analytics that accounts for shifts
64 7,747,407 Thermal interrupt generation
65 7,747,075 Salient motion detection system, method and program product therefor
66 7,747,066 Z-axis optical detection of mechanical feature height
67 7,746,998 Integrating enterprise and provider contact center resources to handle workload on-demand
68 7,746,988 Method, system and telephone answering device for processing control scripts attached to voice messages
69 7,746,888 System and computer-readable medium for avoiding data loss during network port recovery processes
70 7,746,777 Centralized bandwidth management method and apparatus
71 7,746,709 Memory circuit with decoupled read and write bit lines and improved write stability
72 7,746,607 Substrate triggering for ESD protection in SOI
73 7,746,588 Tape-based data storage system capable of reading and/or writing multiple error correctable sets of data
74 7,746,378 Video analysis, archiving and alerting methods and apparatus for a distributed, modular and extensible video surveillance system
75 7,746,226 System and method for providing dynamic presence information as collected by a mobile device
76 7,746,140 Scannable latch
77 7,746,139 Radiation hardened D-type flip flop
78 7,745,909 Localized temperature control during rapid thermal anneal
79 7,745,898 Multichip package, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
80 7,745,879 Method of fabricating high voltage fully depleted SOI transistor and structure thereof
81 7,745,863 Flip FERAM cell and method to form same
82 7,745,855 Single crystal fuse on air in bulk silicon
83 7,745,807 Current constricting phase change memory element structure
84 7,745,775 Testing of transimpedance amplifiers
85 7,745,324 Interconnect with recessed dielectric adjacent a noble metal cap
86 7,745,282 Interconnect structure with bi-layer metal cap
87 7,745,278 Selective implementation of barrier layers to achieve threshold voltage control in CMOS device fabrication with high K dielectrics
88 7,745,277 MOSFET performance improvement using deformation in SOI structure
89 7,745,256 Rectangular-shaped controlled collapse chip connection
90 7,745,069 Structure and methodology for fabrication and inspection of photomasks
91 7,744,461 Customer preference elicitation based on a web-enabled betting game
92 7,744,178 Rack-mounted rail system
93 7,743,996 System and method for data entry