IBM patents granted on 29 March 2011

118 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,917,941 System and method for providing physical web security using IP addresses
2 7,917,940 Inheritance of controls within a hierarchy of data processing system resources
3 7,917,912 Filtering application messages in a high speed, low latency data communications environment
4 7,917,908 Flow lookahead in an ordered semaphore management subsystem
5 7,917,901 Maintainable dynamic instrumentation technique for changing versions of software
6 7,917,897 Defect resolution methodology and target assessment process with a software system
7 7,917,894 Constraining source code and objects for analysis tools
8 7,917,889 Data locations template based application-data association and its use for policy based management
9 7,917,884 Enhanced verification by closely coupling a structural overapproximation algorithm and a structural satisfiability solver
10 7,917,874 Reversing the effects of sequential reparameterization on traces
11 7,917,870 Enhancing a power distribution system in a ceramic integrated circuit package
12 7,917,867 System for providing a category separator in a list of documents
13 7,917,864 Automatically scaling the information and controls in navigation tabs per available window area
14 7,917,852 System and method for visually analyzing geographic data
15 7,917,844 Directory service for form processing
16 7,917,837 Providing a blade center with additional video output capability via a backup blade center management module
17 7,917,813 Exception condition determination at a control unit in an I/O processing system
18 7,917,807 Power system communication management and recovery
19 7,917,806 System and method for indicating status of an on-chip power supply system
20 7,917,800 Using device status information to takeover control of devices assigned to a node
21 7,917,799 Method and system for digital frequency clocking in processor cores
22 7,917,795 Digital circuit to measure and/or correct duty cycles
23 7,917,792 System for modulating signals over power lines to understand the power distribution tree
24 7,917,785 Method of optimizing performance of multi-core chips and corresponding circuit and computer program product
25 7,917,777 System for circulating power usage information on a closed ring communication path with multi-node computer system
26 7,917,771 Method for selective encryption within documents
27 7,917,767 Method and apparatus for adding signature information to electronic documents
28 7,917,751 Distributed filesystem network security extension
29 7,917,737 System and method for managing data
30 7,917,730 Processor chip with multiple computing elements and external i/o interfaces connected to perpendicular interconnection trunks communicating coherency signals via intersection bus controller
31 7,917,729 System on chip IC with subsystem of multiple processing cores switch coupled to network protocol device and bus bridge to local system bus
32 7,917,713 Optimized data migration with a support processor
33 7,917,711 System, apparatus, and method for automatic copy function selection
34 7,917,705 Scalable performance-based volume allocation in large storage controller collections
35 7,917,703 Network on chip that maintains cache coherency with invalidate commands
36 7,917,700 Method and cache control circuit for replacing cache lines using alternate PLRU algorithm and victim cache coherency state
37 7,917,677 Smart profiler
38 7,917,660 Consistent data storage subsystem configuration replication in accordance with port enablement sequencing of a zoneable switch
39 7,917,652 Service oriented integration server architecture
40 7,917,651 Apparatus, system, and method for asynchronous complex inbound transactions from SAP applications using service oriented architecture
41 7,917,626 Smart nodes for Web services
42 7,917,614 Fault tolerance in a client side pre-boot execution
43 7,917,609 Method and apparatus for managing lightweight directory access protocol information
44 7,917,606 Method and system for message management
45 7,917,589 Instant messages with privacy notices
46 7,917,573 Measuring and reporting processor capacity and processor usage in a computer system with processors of different speed and/or architecture
47 7,917,536 Systems, methods and computer program products for managing a plurality of remotely located data storage systems
48 7,917,526 Group-By result size estimation
49 7,917,521 User/browser state information sharing between browser applications
50 7,917,517 Method and apparatus for query processing of uncertain data
51 7,917,513 Duplicating database contents
52 7,917,512 Method for automated design of range partitioned tables for relational databases
53 7,917,504 Indexing system and method for nearest neighbor searches in high dimensional data spaces
54 7,917,502 Optimized collection of just-in-time statistics for database query optimization
55 7,917,501 Optimization of abstract rule processing
56 7,917,498 Method and system for dynamic join reordering
57 7,917,478 System and method for quality control in healthcare settings to continuously monitor outcomes and undesirable outcomes such as infections, re-operations, excess mortality, and readmissions
58 7,917,477 Media content removal system and method
59 7,917,459 System and method for executing complex IF-THEN clauses
60 7,917,452 System and program product for optimizing usage based pricing and availability for a resource
61 7,917,451 Methods, apparatus, and program products to optimize semiconductor product yield prediction for performance and leakage screens
62 7,917,434 Method for planning commercial financing payment
63 7,917,404 System for commodity sales
64 7,917,380 System and method for strategic budgeting of initial response for managing wildfires
65 7,917,353 Hybrid text segmentation using N-grams and lexical information
66 7,917,351 Language converter with enhanced search capability
67 7,917,350 Word boundary probability estimating, probabilistic language model building, kana-kanji converting, and unknown word model building
68 7,917,348 Method of switching external models in an automated system-on-chip integrated circuit design verification system
69 7,917,347 Generating a worst case current waveform for testing of integrated circuit devices
70 7,917,338 Determining a window size for outlier detection
71 7,917,328 Tracking thermal mini-cycle stress
72 7,917,326 Storage medium for estimating and improving test case generation
73 7,917,318 Structure for a duty cycle measurement circuit
74 7,917,316 Test system and computer program for determining threshold voltage variation using a device array
75 7,917,309 System and method for detection and prevention of influx of airborne contaminants
76 7,917,305 System and method for identifying a gapped permutation pattern
77 7,916,859 System and method for obtaining telecommunication access numbers
78 7,916,826 Diagnostic method and apparatus for non-destructively observing latch data
79 7,916,820 Systems and arrangements for clock and data recovery in communications
80 7,916,791 Method and system for non-linear motion estimation
81 7,916,722 Method for indirect access to a support interface for memory-mapped resources to reduce system connectivity from out-of-band support processor
82 7,916,662 Method and apparatus for determining data center resource availability using multiple time domain segments
83 7,916,656 Providing a symmetric key for efficient session identification
84 7,916,643 Limiting extreme loads at session servers
85 7,916,609 Apparatus and method for holographic information storage and retrieval
86 7,916,531 Memory elements and methods of using the same
87 7,916,483 Open flow cold plate for liquid cooled electronic packages
88 7,916,424 Magnetic head with wear resistant portion between an overcoat formed above a transducer of the magnetic head and a media-proximal surface of the magnetic head
89 7,916,048 Encoding a gray code sequence for an odd length sequence
90 7,915,963 Current controlled oscillation device and method having wide frequency range
91 7,915,949 Implementing eFuse resistance determination before initiating eFuse blow
92 7,915,929 High-speed leaf clock frequency-divider/splitter
93 7,915,884 Importation of virtual signals into electronic test equipment to facilitate testing of an electronic component
94 7,915,691 High density SRAM cell with hybrid devices
95 7,915,685 Strained-channel fin field effect transistor (FET) with a uniform channel thickness and separate gates
96 7,915,682 Semiconductor FinFET structures with encapsulated gate electrodes and methods for forming such semiconductor FinFET structures
97 7,915,670 Asymmetric field effect transistor structure and method
98 7,915,653 Structure for and method of fabricating a high-speed CMOS-compatible Ge-on-insulator photodetector
99 7,915,571 On demand circuit function execution employing optical sensing
100 7,915,540 Tamper-proof structures for protecting electronic modules
101 7,915,180 SiCOH film preparation using precursors with built-in porogen functionality
102 7,915,162 Method of forming damascene filament wires
103 7,915,158 Method for forming an on-chip high frequency electro-static discharge device
104 7,915,146 Controlled doping of semiconductor nanowires
105 7,915,134 Method of integration of a MIM capacitor with a lower plate of metal gate material formed on an STI region or a silicide region formed in or on the surface of a doped well with a high K dielectric material
106 7,915,115 Method for forming dual high-k metal gate using photoresist mask and structures thereof
107 7,915,100 Hybrid orientation CMOS with partial insulation process
108 7,915,064 Processing for overcoming extreme topography
109 7,915,056 Image sensor monitor structure in scribe area
110 7,914,975 Multiple exposure lithography method incorporating intermediate layer patterning
111 7,914,970 Mixed lithography with dual resist and a single pattern transfer
112 7,914,949 Method for testing a photomask
113 7,914,619 Thick epitaxial silicon by grain reorientation annealing and applications thereof
114 7,914,219 Apparatus and method for moving a cover
115 7,913,912 On-demand point-of-sale scanner access
116 7,913,387 Method of fabricating a thermal spreader having thermal conduits
117 7,913,379 Tool assembly for extracting and installing dual in-line memory module cardlets
118 7,913,376 Method of forming an actuating mechanism for a probe storage system