IBM patents granted on 29 March 2016

252 US patents granted on 29 March 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,301,433 Vapor-compression refrigeration apparatus with backup air-cooled heat sink and auxiliary refrigerant heater
2 9,301,430 Electronic module with laterally-conducting heat distributor layer
3 9,301,424 Auto-compensating temperature valve controller for electro-rheological fluid micro-channel cooled integrated circuit
4 9,301,413 Universal system for mounting rack doors
5 9,301,381 Dual pulse driven extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation source utilizing a droplet comprising a metal core with dual concentric shells of buffer gas
6 9,301,132 Managing distribution of software updates in near field communication (NFC) mobile devices
7 9,301,088 Comprehensive tsunami alert system via mobile devices
8 9,301,010 Sharing a configuration state of a client device that meets a threshold level of QoE
9 9,300,998 Providing a regional channel in a digital broadcast environment
10 9,300,992 Use of simultaneously received videos by a system to generate a quality of experience value
11 9,300,991 Use of simultaneously received videos by a system to generate a quality of experience value
12 9,300,916 Natural gazes during online video conversations
13 9,300,857 Real-time sharpening of raw digital images
14 9,300,828 Image segmentation
15 9,300,807 Using personalized tones to indicate when a participant arrives and/or leaves a conference call
16 9,300,795 Voice input state identification
17 9,300,765 Exchange of information between processing servers
18 9,300,758 Efficient name management for named data networking in datacenter networks
19 9,300,753 Smoothing peak system load via behavior prediction in collaborative systems with temporal data access patterns
20 9,300,750 Intelligent client cache mashup for the traveler
21 9,300,749 Scheduling and execution of DAG-structured computation on RDMA-connected clusters
22 9,300,738 Virtual state machine for managing operation requests in a client server environment
23 9,300,730 Method and system for transmitting an application message between nodes of a clustered data processing system
24 9,300,726 Implementing a private network isolated from a user network for virtual machine deployment and migration and for monitoring and managing the cloud environment
25 9,300,725 System and method for assisting virtual machine instantiation and migration
26 9,300,697 Connection model-based control of concurrent connection count and properties
27 9,300,680 Blocking intrusion attacks at an offending host
28 9,300,677 Data security system
29 9,300,672 Managing user access to query results
30 9,300,666 Detecting proxy-based communication
31 9,300,658 Secure authentication mechanism using quick response codes
32 9,300,656 Secure connection certificate verification
33 9,300,651 Verification of configuration using an encoded visual representation
34 9,300,633 Network-level access control management for the cloud
35 9,300,620 Sharing topics in social networking
36 9,300,612 Managing interactions in a virtual world environment
37 9,300,606 Expert availability identification
38 9,300,605 System and method to provide a centralized alerting and awareness system through the use of an ear piece or other user interface
39 9,300,594 Preferred resource selector
40 9,300,592 Physical port sharing in a link aggregation group
41 9,300,580 Virtual machine network controller
42 9,300,561 Business intelligence-infused smart retransmission processing
43 9,300,553 Scaling a cloud infrastructure
44 9,300,552 Scaling a cloud infrastructure
45 9,300,547 Modification of cloud application service levels based upon document consumption
46 9,300,544 Calculating workload closure in networks
47 9,300,543 Calculating the effect of an action in a network
48 9,300,539 Network computing management
49 9,300,528 Trill network with multipath redundancy
50 9,300,522 Information technology asset management
51 9,300,520 Mobile network application test
52 9,300,498 Decision-feedback analyzer and methods for operating the same
53 9,300,486 Dynamically managing a system of servers
54 9,300,483 Self-routing multicast in a software defined network fabric
55 9,300,465 Method, system and program product for attaching a title key to encrypted content for synchronized transmission to a recipient
56 9,300,436 Signal compensation in high-speed communication
57 9,300,334 Anti-interference method and device for a wireless communication system
58 9,300,312 Analog-digital converter
59 9,300,298 Programmable logic circuit using three-dimensional stacking techniques
60 9,300,246 Resonator having distributed transconductance elements
61 9,300,128 Method to provide a more robust GFCI circuit breaker
62 9,300,029 Coaxial transmission line slot filter with absorptive matrix
63 9,299,939 Formation of CMOS device using carbon nanotubes
64 9,299,924 Injection pillar definition for line MRAM by a self-aligned sidewall transfer
65 9,299,835 Vertical field effect transistors
66 9,299,804 Electrical coupling of memory cell access devices to a word line
67 9,299,802 Method to improve reliability of high-K metal gate stacks
68 9,299,799 Semiconductor devices containing an epitaxial perovskite/doped strontium titanate structure
69 9,299,795 Partial sacrificial dummy gate with CMOS device with high-k metal gate
70 9,299,787 Forming IV fins and III-V fins on insulator
71 9,299,780 Constrained epitaxial source/drain regions on semiconductor-on-insulator finFET device
72 9,299,766 DT capacitor with silicide outer electrode and/or compressive stress layer, and related methods
73 9,299,721 Method for making semiconductor device with different fin sets
74 9,299,706 Single source/drain epitaxy for co-integrating nFET semiconductor fins and pFET semiconductor fins
75 9,299,705 Method of forming semiconductor fins and insulating fence fins on a same substrate
76 9,299,703 CMOS transistors with identical active semiconductor region shapes
77 9,299,686 Implementing integrated circuit chip attach in three dimensional stack using vapor deposited solder Cu pillars
78 9,299,623 Run-to-run control utilizing virtual metrology in semiconductor manufacturing
79 9,299,618 Structure and method for advanced bulk fin isolation
80 9,299,615 Multiple V.sub.T in III-V FETs
81 9,299,606 Fabricating pillar solder bump
82 9,299,591 Implementing integrated circuit chip attach in three dimensional stack using vapor deposited solder Cu pillars
83 9,299,458 Voltage comparator circuit and usage thereof
84 9,299,456 Matrix and compression-based error detection
85 9,299,451 Tamper resistant electronic system utilizing acceptable tamper threshold count
86 9,299,431 Writing multiple levels in a phase change memory using a write/read reference voltage ramping up over a write/read period
87 9,299,385 Efficient elimination of access to data on a writable storage media
88 9,299,375 Tape dimension compensation
89 9,299,374 Dynamically optimizing read performance by adjusting servo-based head location
90 9,299,373 Coarse actuator positioning algorithm
91 9,299,369 Multichannel data storage apparatus having abrasion resistant barrier
92 9,299,368 Low friction tape head
93 9,299,365 Miniskirt tape head having quasi-statically tilted transducer arrays
94 9,299,268 Tagging scanned data with emotional tags, predicting emotional reactions of users to data, and updating historical user emotional reactions to data
95 9,299,178 Generation of animated gesture responses in a virtual world
96 9,299,173 Automatic selection of different visualizations for the organization of multivariate data
97 9,299,162 Multi-mode video event indexing
98 9,299,145 Image segmentation techniques
99 9,299,115 Optimizing user selection for performing tasks in social networks
100 9,299,114 Indexing a messaging session for business object integration into messaging
101 9,299,112 Utilizing social media for information technology capacity planning
102 9,299,106 Automated encoding of field operators
103 9,299,101 Universal user interaction module for web transactions with user controlled conditions
104 9,299,066 Forwarding messages for meeting attendees to host computers at the meeting location
105 9,299,063 Receiver side indication of preview content for template emails
106 9,299,061 Augmented screen sharing in an electronic meeting
107 9,299,055 Delegation of data entry tasks
108 9,299,046 Infrastructure asset management
109 9,299,045 Determining software complexity
110 9,299,035 Iterative refinement of pathways correlated with outcomes
111 9,299,034 Predicting change-points in continuous time-series data using two classifier stages
112 9,299,032 Multi objective design selection
113 9,299,031 Active learning on statistical server name extraction from information technology (IT) service tickets
114 9,299,024 Method of answering questions and scoring answers using structured knowledge mined from a corpus of data
115 9,298,951 Deletion of content in digital storage systems
116 9,298,950 Undiscoverable physical chip identification
117 9,298,932 Matrix code for encryption, storage, and transmission of data
118 9,298,926 Remediation of security vulnerabilities in computer software
119 9,298,924 Fixing security vulnerability in a source code
120 9,298,922 Method, system, and program product for remotely attesting to a state of a computer system
121 9,298,903 Prevention of password leakage with single sign on in conjunction with command line interfaces
122 9,298,902 System, method and program product for recording creation of a cancelable biometric reference template in a biometric event journal record
123 9,298,901 Credential validation using multiple computing devices
124 9,298,896 Safe auto-login links in notification emails
125 9,298,894 Cache structure for a computer system providing support for secure objects
126 9,298,872 Apportioning synthesis effort for better timing closure
127 9,298,870 Method for designing topographic patterns for directing the formation of self-assembled domains at specified locations on substrates
128 9,298,855 Optimization-based visual context management
129 9,298,850 System and method for exclusion of irrelevant data from a DOM equivalence
130 9,298,849 Managing a template in an operator graph
131 9,298,848 Managing a template in an operator graph
132 9,298,839 Resolving a dead shortened uniform resource locator
133 9,298,829 Performing a function on rows of data determined from transitive relationships between columns
134 9,298,826 Goal-oriented user matching among social networking environments
135 9,298,823 Identifying core content based on citations
136 9,298,822 Determining missing media control information based on previous media transmissions
137 9,298,821 Determining missing media control information based on previous media transmissions
138 9,298,817 Building an ontology by transforming complex triples
139 9,298,811 Automated confirmation and disambiguation modules in voice applications
140 9,298,802 Recommendation engine using inferred deep similarities for works of literature
141 9,298,801 Managing multiple windows on an operator graph
142 9,298,800 Discovering relationships between data processing environment components
143 9,298,791 Adding a key column to a table to be replicated
144 9,298,787 Star and snowflake schemas in extract, transform, load processes
145 9,298,782 Combinators
146 9,298,775 Changing the compression level of query plans
147 9,298,774 Changing the compression level of query plans
148 9,298,767 Calculating state of cryptographic objects and generating search filter for querying cryptographic objects
149 9,298,766 Empathy injection for question-answering systems
150 9,298,757 Determining similarity of linguistic objects
151 9,298,746 Collaborative capture of photographic images
152 9,298,729 Plural architecture master data management
153 9,298,727 Plural architecture master data management
154 9,298,725 De-duplication with partitioning advice and automation
155 9,298,719 On-demand caching in a WAN separated distributed file system or clustered file system cache
156 9,298,710 Document search system which reflects the situation of using documents in the search results
157 9,298,694 Generating a regular expression for entity extraction
158 9,298,689 Multiple template based search function
159 9,298,683 Generation of test data using text analytics
160 9,298,681 Dynamic webpage change animation
161 9,298,680 Display of hypertext documents grouped according to their affinity
162 9,298,672 3-D stacked multiprocessor structure with vertically aligned identical layout operating processors in independent mode or in sharing mode running faster components
163 9,298,671 Learning rewrite rules for search database systems using query logs
164 9,298,670 Verification of distributed symmetric multi-processing systems
165 9,298,659 Input/output (I/O) expansion response processing in a peripheral component interconnect express (PCIE) environment
166 9,298,654 Local bypass in memory computing
167 9,298,651 Continuous in-memory accumulation of hardware performance counter data
168 9,298,645 Writing adjacent tracks to a stride, based on a comparison of a destaging of tracks to a defragmentation of the stride
169 9,298,638 Dynamic caching module selection for optimized data deduplication
170 9,298,637 Dynamic caching module selection for optimized data deduplication
171 9,298,631 Managing transactional and non-transactional store observability
172 9,298,622 Affinity group access to global data
173 9,298,619 Cache line history tracking using an instruction address register file storing memory location identifier
174 9,298,617 Parallel destaging with replicated cache pinning
175 9,298,614 Combined rank and linear address incrementing utility for computer memory test operations
176 9,298,611 Out-of memory avoidance in dynamic virtual machine memory adjustment
177 9,298,597 Automated testing of websites based on mode
178 9,298,596 Test framework for computing jobs
179 9,298,593 Testing a software interface for a streaming hardware device
180 9,298,592 Testing a software interface for a streaming hardware device
181 9,298,584 Artifact selection using textual reports
182 9,298,583 Network traffic based power consumption estimation of information technology systems
183 9,298,580 Assessment of processor performance metrics by monitoring probes constructed using instruction sequences
184 9,298,579 Link speed downshifting for error determination and performance enhancements
185 9,298,571 Method and apparatus for correlating input and output messages of system under test
186 9,298,568 Method and apparatus for device driver state storage during diagnostic phase
187 9,298,567 System availability in PPRC failover environments
188 9,298,553 Methods, apparatus and system for selective duplication of subtasks
189 9,298,549 Read buffer architecture supporting integrated XOR-reconstructed and read-retry for non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM) systems
190 9,298,541 Generating a data structure to maintain error and connection information on components and use the data structure to determine an error correction operation
191 9,298,536 Creating an operating system dump
192 9,298,527 Computerized storage system comprising replaceable units for managing testing of replacement units
193 9,298,526 Intelligent rolling upgrade for data storage systems
194 9,298,523 Method and system for time synchronization among systems using parallel sysplex links
195 9,298,513 Method and structure for autonomic application differentiation/specialization
196 9,298,511 Resolving deployment conflicts in heterogeneous environments
197 9,298,508 Processor provisioning by a middleware processing system
198 9,298,507 Data processing resource management
199 9,298,487 Managing virtual machine images in a distributed computing environment
200 9,298,486 Managing virtual machine images in a distributed computing environment
201 9,298,485 Maintaining virtual machines for cloud-based operators in a streaming application in a ready state
202 9,298,484 Encapsulation of an application for virtualization
203 9,298,482 Plug-in based templatization framework for automating the creation of open virtualization format virtual appliances
204 9,298,481 Dynamic java bean for visualage for java
205 9,298,474 System and method for managing a floating window
206 9,298,469 Management of multiple nested transactions
207 9,298,468 Monitoring processing time in a shared pipeline
208 9,298,466 Multi-threaded processor instruction balancing through instruction uncertainty
209 9,298,465 Asynchronous lookahead hierarchical branch prediction
210 9,298,464 Instruction merging optimization
211 9,298,463 Supporting code execution in dual address spaces
212 9,298,460 Register management in an extended processor architecture
213 9,298,459 Managing register pairing
214 9,298,458 Performance of emerging applications in a virtualized environment using transient instruction streams
215 9,298,450 Associating a visualization of user interface with source code
216 9,298,446 Unified update tool for multi-protocol network adapter
217 9,298,443 System and method for determining when cloud virtual machines need to be updated
218 9,298,442 Dynamic protection of one or more deployed copies of a master operating system image
219 9,298,441 Generating and using constraints associated with software related products
220 9,298,436 Conditional branch instruction compaction for regional code size reduction
221 9,298,435 Optimizing if statements in computer programming
222 9,298,434 Optimizing if statements in computer programming
223 9,298,426 Compiler generation of thunking code
224 9,298,425 Requirements factorization mechanism
225 9,298,420 Identification of the bit position of a selected instance of a particular bit value in a binary bit string
226 9,298,398 Fine-grained control of data placement
227 9,298,396 Performance improvements for a thin provisioning device
228 9,298,387 Recovering from a pending uncompleted reorganization of a data set
229 9,298,385 System, method and computer program product for deduplication aware quality of service over data tiering
230 9,298,383 Memory with mixed cell array and system including the memory
231 9,298,381 Data integrity monitoring among sysplexes with a shared direct access storage device (DASD)
232 9,298,379 Bi-directional data transfer within a single I/O operation
233 9,298,378 Logic device
234 9,298,373 Placement and movement of sub-units of a storage unit in a tiered storage environment
235 9,298,359 Moving an object by drag operation on a touch panel
236 9,298,249 Partition level power management using fully asynchronous cores with software that has limited asynchronous support
237 9,298,247 Distributed power budgeting
238 9,298,241 Controlling a fault-tolerant array of converters
239 9,298,234 Dynamic power distribution
240 9,298,231 Methods of fabricating a coolant-cooled electronic assembly
241 9,298,201 Power delivery to three-dimensional chips
242 9,298,172 Method and apparatus for improved reward-based learning using adaptive distance metrics
243 9,297,856 Implementing MISR compression methods for test time reduction
244 9,297,780 High-k metal gate device structure for human blood gas sensing
245 9,297,704 Modulation methods for CMOS-based thermal sensors
246 9,296,863 Preparation of poly(octatriazacane)
247 9,296,862 Preparation of poly(octatriazacane)
248 9,296,396 Mitigating driver fatigue
249 9,296,395 Cognitive state supported automotive travel
250 9,296,246 Anti-counterfeiting opto-thermal watermark for electronics
251 9,296,149 Method and system of making digital image transfer thermoformed objects
252 9,296,056 Device for thermal management of surface mount devices during reflow soldering