IBM patents granted on 29 May 2012

82 US patents granted on 29 May 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,191,137 System and method for identification and blocking of malicious use of servers
2 8,191,135 Secured web based access of failed flows in an integration server
3 8,191,131 Obscuring authentication data of remote user
4 8,191,082 System and method for accessing really simple syndication (RSS) enabled content using session initiation protocol (SIP) signaling
5 8,191,079 Data transfer across a network
6 8,191,072 System and method for shifting workloads across platform in a hybrid system
7 8,191,057 Systems, methods, and computer products for compiler support for aggressive safe load speculation
8 8,191,056 Sparse vectorization without hardware gather/scatter
9 8,191,049 Method and apparatus for maintaining performance monitoring structures in a page table for use in monitoring performance of a computer program
10 8,191,043 On-demand composition and teardown of service infrastructure
11 8,191,030 Identifying parasitic diode(s) in an integrated circuit physical design
12 8,191,010 Method, system, and computer program product for providing enhanced dropdown selection lists and combination boxes
13 8,191,003 Managing transparent windows
14 8,191,002 Summarizing portlet usage in a portal page
15 8,190,999 System and method for in-context, topic-oriented instant messaging
16 8,190,970 Probe-based data storage devices
17 8,190,957 Utilizing a network to correct flawed media data
18 8,190,925 Single shared power domain dynamic load based power loss detection and notification
19 8,190,917 System and method for securely saving and restoring a context of a secure program loader
20 8,190,894 Method and system for generating ciphertext and message authentication codes utilizing shared hardware
21 8,190,880 Methods and systems for displaying standardized data
22 8,190,872 Sending service data to an RFID tag while an attached computer system is powered off
23 8,190,862 Hardware device for processing the tasks of an algorithm in parallel
24 8,190,832 Data storage performance enhancement through a write activity level metric recorded in high performance block storage metadata
25 8,190,824 Cache line replacement monitoring and profiling
26 8,190,775 System and method for facilitating XML enabled IMS transactions
27 8,190,774 Managing virtual addresses of blade servers in a data center
28 8,190,743 Most eligible server in a common work queue environment
29 8,190,705 Communication capability coupons
30 8,190,704 System and method for distributing a media content file over a network
31 8,190,693 Reclaiming lost internet customers
32 8,190,678 Service program interface for integrating modules with a scheduled meeting service
33 8,190,664 Employing a mask field of an instruction to encode a sign of a result of the instruction
34 8,190,657 Method and system for handling reallocated blocks in a file system
35 8,190,646 Associative object model for composite entity information
36 8,190,642 Method, system, and storage medium for implementing intelligent team management services
37 8,190,639 Ordering content in social networking applications
38 8,190,615 System for evolving efficient communication
39 8,190,613 System, method and program for creating index for database
40 8,190,596 Method for assembly of personalized enterprise information integrators over conjunctive queries
41 8,190,578 Migration of versioned data between configuration management systems
42 8,190,577 Central database server apparatus and method for maintaining databases on application servers
43 8,190,570 Preserving virtual filesystem information across high availability takeover
44 8,190,558 Non-programmatic access to enterprise messaging administration
45 8,190,545 Method and apparatus for adding skills to a database of skills by determing if new issues are similar previous issues that were resolved
46 8,190,544 Identifying and generating biometric cohorts based on biometric sensor input
47 8,190,539 Evolutionary facial feature selection
48 8,190,494 Order processing analysis tool
49 8,190,355 Driving assistance and monitoring
50 8,189,931 Method and apparatus for matching of bracketed patterns in test strings
51 8,189,912 Efficient histogram storage
52 8,189,756 Telephone menu selection
53 8,189,723 Method, circuit, and design structure for capturing data across a pseudo-synchronous interface
54 8,189,563 View coordination for callers in a composite services enablement environment
55 8,189,488 Failback to a primary communications adapter
56 8,189,461 Cluster bring-up in a distributed topology liveness system
57 8,189,419 Apparatus for nonvolatile multi-programmable electronic fuse system
58 8,189,372 Integrated circuit including electrode having recessed portion
59 8,189,334 Dehumidifying and re-humidifying cooling apparatus and method for an electronics rack
60 8,189,046 Computer-based communication systems and arrangements associated therewith for indicating user status
61 8,189,038 Stereographic projection apparatus with passive eyewear utilizing a continuously variable polarizing element
62 8,188,907 Aircraft collision avoidance alarm
63 8,188,845 Modifying an appearance of a vehicle based on content of the vehicle
64 8,188,808 Compact on-chip branchline coupler using slow wave transmission line
65 8,188,786 Modularized three-dimensional capacitor array
66 8,188,765 Circuit and method for asynchronous pipeline processing with variable request signal delay
67 8,188,761 Soft error detection for latches
68 8,188,752 Yield improvement for Josephson junction test device formation
69 8,188,597 Fixture to constrain laminate and method of assembly
70 8,188,591 Integrated structures of high performance active devices and passive devices
71 8,188,574 Pedestal guard ring having continuous M1 metal barrier connected to crack stop
72 8,188,570 Structure and method for buried inductors for ultra-high resistivity wafers for SOI/RF SiGe applications
73 8,188,546 Multi-gate non-planar field effect transistor structure and method of forming the structure using a dopant implant process to tune device drive current
74 8,188,516 Creating integrated circuit capacitance from gate array structures
75 8,187,961 Threshold adjustment for high-K gate dielectric CMOS
76 8,187,955 Graphene growth on a carbon-containing semiconductor layer
77 8,187,930 Structure and layout of a FET prime cell
78 8,187,923 Laser release process for very thin Si-carrier build
79 8,187,897 Fabricating product chips and die with a feature pattern that contains information relating to the product chip
80 8,187,565 Embedded nanoparticle films and method for their formation in selective areas on a surface
81 8,187,067 Automatic transformation of inventory items in a virtual universe
82 8,186,174 Temperature control system for an electronic device cabinet