IBM patents granted on 29 September 2009

50 US patents granted on 29 September 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,596,793 Smart event parser for autonomic computing
2 7,596,781 Register-based instruction optimization for facilitating efficient emulation of an instruction stream
3 7,596,763 Automatic 3D object generation and deformation for representation of data files based on taxonomy classification
4 7,596,758 Method of appending a group of files to files on a clipboard of a desktop
5 7,596,753 Text entry dialog box system and method of using same
6 7,596,748 Method for validating a document conforming to a first schema with respect to a second schema
7 7,596,736 Iterative process for identifying systematics in data
8 7,596,734 On-Chip AC self-test controller
9 7,596,723 Apparatus, system, and method for selective cross communications between autonomous storage modules
10 7,596,690 Peer-to-peer communications
11 7,596,686 Power management system
12 7,596,682 Architected register file system utilizes status and control registers to control read/write operations between threads
13 7,596,680 System and method for encoding and decoding architecture registers
14 7,596,670 Restricting access to improve data availability
15 7,596,668 Method, system and program product for associating threads within non-related processes based on memory paging behaviors
16 7,596,665 Mechanism for a processor to use locking cache as part of system memory
17 7,596,651 Multi-character adapter card
18 7,596,642 System and program for determining the availability of paths to a device
19 7,596,630 Method, system and computer program product for parsing an encoding
20 7,596,623 Configurable connector
21 7,596,617 Apparatus, method, and business method for enabling customer access to computer system execution data in exchange for sharing the execution data
22 7,596,607 Apparatus for managing email messages
23 7,596,603 Automatic email consolidation for multiple participants
24 7,596,596 Chat marking and synchronization
25 7,596,588 Managing files to be offloaded by multiple users into a common storage repository
26 7,596,583 Dynamic learning in redesigning a composition of web services
27 7,596,569 Method and program for space-efficient representation of objects in a garbage-collected system
28 7,596,559 Constraint-based XML query rewriting for data integration
29 7,596,554 System and method for generating a unique, file system independent key from a URI (universal resource indentifier) for use in an index-less voicexml browser caching mechanism
30 7,596,550 System and method for query planning and execution
31 7,596,548 Query evaluation using ancestor information
32 7,596,539 Method and apparatus for providing connection information of functional components within a computer system
33 7,596,504 Management of support center calls
34 7,596,430 Selection of processor cores for optimal thermal performance
35 7,596,321 Time division multiplexing of inter-system channel data streams for transmission across a network
36 7,596,285 Providing a portion of an electronic mail message at a reduced resolution
37 7,596,222 Encrypting data for access by multiple users
38 7,596,176 Apparatus, system, and method for adaptive asynchronous equalization using leakage
39 7,596,045 Design structure for initializing reference cells of a toggle switched MRAM device
40 7,596,038 Floating body control in SOI DRAM
41 7,595,986 Controlling airflow in a computer chassis
42 7,595,717 Method, system, and computer program product for providing an intelligent event notification system
43 7,595,681 Method and apparatus for compensating for variances of a buried resistor in an integrated circuit
44 7,595,675 Duty cycle measurement method and apparatus that operates in a calibration mode and a test mode
45 7,595,654 Methods and apparatus for inline variability measurement of integrated circuit components
46 7,595,554 Interconnect structure with dielectric air gaps
47 7,595,247 Halo-first ultra-thin SOI FET for superior short channel control
48 7,595,233 Gate stress engineering for MOSFET
49 7,595,232 CMOS devices incorporating hybrid orientation technology (HOT) with embedded connectors
50 7,595,010 Method for producing a doped nitride film, doped oxide film and other doped films