IBM patents granted on 30 April 2013

70 US patents granted on 30 April 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,434,151 Detecting malicious software
2 8,434,147 Method, system and program product for remotely verifying integrity of a system
3 8,434,095 Microblogging based dynamic transaction tracking for composite application flow
4 8,434,088 Optimized capacity planning
5 8,434,087 Distributed acceleration devices management for streams processing
6 8,434,085 Scalable scheduling of tasks in heterogeneous systems
7 8,434,084 Resource allocator with knowledge-based optimization
8 8,434,083 Throttling an asynchronous remote copying system
9 8,434,081 Storage manager for virtual machines with virtual storage
10 8,434,077 Upgrading virtual resources
11 8,434,072 Automatic retrieval of translated messages for interacting with legacy systems
12 8,434,070 Generating specifications of client-server applications for static analysis
13 8,434,062 Enhancing source code debugging and readability using visual symbols
14 8,434,055 Apparatus, system, and method for hiding advanced XML schema properties in EMF objects
15 8,434,051 Schematic wire annotation tool
16 8,434,033 Mask assignment for multiple patterning lithography
17 8,434,026 System and method for time dimension management for a data analyzing
18 8,434,010 Standardized visual indicators in electronic media
19 8,434,008 Integrating information sources
20 8,434,000 System and method for archiving portions of an output of a web application
21 8,433,998 Tool and method for annotating an event map, and collaborating using the annotated event map
22 8,433,979 Nested multiple erasure correcting codes for storage arrays
23 8,433,950 System to determine fault tolerance in an integrated circuit and associated methods
24 8,433,948 Method and apparatus for realizing application high availability
25 8,433,935 Energy management of remotely controllable devices associated with a workspace based on users scheduled activities in a calendar application and users’ current network activities
26 8,433,927 Cryptographically-enabled privileged mode execution
27 8,433,917 Access control system, access control device, program and recording medium
28 8,433,906 Method and system for microlocking web content
29 8,433,890 Preparing and preserving a system configuration during a hot upgrade
30 8,433,877 Storage scalability management
31 8,433,870 Multiple incremental virtual copies
32 8,433,868 Concurrent copy of system configuration global metadata
33 8,433,867 Using the change-recording feature for point-in-time-copy technology to perform more effective backups
34 8,433,855 Serializing translation lookaside buffer access around address translation parameter modification
35 8,433,851 Reducing wiring congestion in a cache subsystem utilizing sectored caches with discontiguous addressing
36 8,433,838 Remote multiplexing devices on a serial peripheral interface bus
37 8,433,824 Thread timeout coordination method and system
38 8,433,803 Allocating computer resources in a cloud environment
39 8,433,802 System and method for fair and economical resource partitioning using virtual hypervisor
40 8,433,786 Selective instrumentation of distributed applications for transaction monitoring
41 8,433,772 Automated tape drive sharing in a heterogeneous server and application environment
42 8,433,760 Inter-node communication scheme for node status sharing
43 8,433,758 Method and system for user information processing and resource recommendation in a network environment
44 8,433,753 Providing meeting information from a meeting server to an email server to store in an email database
45 8,433,690 Dynamic rewrite of files within deduplication system
46 8,433,675 Optimization and staging
47 8,433,669 Configuring individual classifiers with multiple operating points for cascaded classifier topologies under resource constraints
48 8,433,601 Workflow system, information processor, and method and program for workflow management
49 8,433,599 Method for determining and calculating work related incentives
50 8,433,567 Compensation of intra-speaker variability in speaker diarization
51 8,433,560 Rule based apparatus for modifying word annotations
52 8,433,554 Predicting system performance and capacity using software module performance statistics
53 8,433,432 Apparatus and method for supporting creation of assembly data
54 8,432,932 Providing blended synchronous/asynchronous messaging
55 8,432,793 Managing recovery of a link via loss of link
56 8,432,764 Boost cell supply write assist
57 8,432,723 Nano-electro-mechanical DRAM cell
58 8,432,632 Magnetic disk drive using a non-volatile storage device as cache for modified tracks
59 8,432,466 Multiple image high dynamic range imaging from a single sensor array
60 8,432,034 Use of a local constraint to enhance attachment of an IC device to a mounting platform
61 8,432,027 Integrated circuit die stacks with rotationally symmetric vias
62 8,432,002 Method and structure for low resistive source and drain regions in a replacement metal gate process flow
63 8,431,995 Methodology for fabricating isotropically recessed drain regions of CMOS transistors
64 8,431,994 Thin-BOX metal backgate extremely thin SOI device
65 8,431,955 Method and structure for balancing power and performance using fluorine and nitrogen doped substrates
66 8,431,670 Photo-patternable dielectric materials and formulations and methods of use
67 8,431,486 Interconnect structure for improved time dependent dielectric breakdown
68 8,431,476 Method to prevent surface decomposition of III-V compound semiconductors
69 8,431,436 Three-dimensional (3D) integrated circuit with enhanced copper-to-copper bonding
70 8,431,048 Method and system for alignment of graphite nanofibers for enhanced thermal interface material performance