IBM patents granted on 30 August 2011

135 US patents granted on 30 August 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 8,011,014 System and method for password validation based on password’s value and manner of entering the password
2 8,010,998 Techniques for limiting remote control of a computer system
3 8,010,995 Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing inter-process integrity serialization
4 8,010,972 Application connector parallelism in enterprise application integration systems
5 8,010,963 Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing light weight system calls to improve user mode performance
6 8,010,957 Compiler for eliminating redundant read-modify-write code sequences in non-vectorizable code
7 8,010,955 Reducing the run-time cost of incorporating custom tags in a server page
8 8,010,953 Method for compiling scalar code for a single instruction multiple data (SIMD) execution engine
9 8,010,951 Fault-tolerant dynamic editing of GUI display and source code
10 8,010,949 Database breakpoint apparatus and method
11 8,010,948 System and method for measuring latch contention
12 8,010,947 Discovering multi-component software products based on weighted scores
13 8,010,941 Method and system for dynamically generating enterprise java beans during installation of a service component architecture application
14 8,010,938 Computer method and system for pattern specification using meta-model of a target domain
15 8,010,936 System and method for describing method process using guided architectural decisions
16 8,010,934 Method and system for testing bit failures in array elements of an electronic circuit
17 8,010,932 Structure for automated transistor tuning in an integrated circuit design
18 8,010,927 Structure for a stacked power clamp having a BigFET gate pull-up circuit
19 8,010,926 Clock power minimization with regular physical placement of clock repeater components
20 8,010,925 Method and system for placement of electric circuit components in integrated circuit design
21 8,010,922 Automated method for buffering in a VLSI design
22 8,010,921 System and method for statistical timing analysis of digital circuits
23 8,010,916 Test yield estimate for semiconductor products created from a library
24 8,010,907 Automatic 3D object generation and deformation for representation of data files based on taxonomy classification
25 8,010,903 System and method for visualizing and navigating dynamic content in a graphical user interface
26 8,010,896 Using profiling when a shared document is changed in a content management system
27 8,010,891 Coordinated XML data parsing and processing from within separate computing processes
28 8,010,890 System for creating and rendering client-side user interfaces via custom tags
29 8,010,888 Producing input to a transformation engine
30 8,010,887 Implementing versioning support for data using a two-table approach that maximizes database efficiency
31 8,010,885 Differential dynamic content delivery with a presenter-alterable session copy of a user profile
32 8,010,879 Error correction method and apparatus for data storage device
33 8,010,875 Error correcting code with chip kill capability and power saving enhancement
34 8,010,860 Method and architecture to prevent corrupt data propagation from a PCI express retry buffer
35 8,010,845 System and method for error reporting in software applications
36 8,010,840 Generation of problem tickets for a computer system
37 8,010,838 Hardware recovery responsive to concurrent maintenance
38 8,010,833 Software application cluster layout pattern
39 8,010,832 Transitional replacement of operations performed by a central hub
40 8,010,815 Computational device power-savings
41 8,010,813 Structure for system for extending the useful life of another system
42 8,010,804 Method to protect secrets against encrypted section attack
43 8,010,771 Communication system for controlling intercommunication among a plurality of communication nodes
44 8,010,766 Increasing buffer locality during multiple table access operations
45 8,010,764 Method and system for decreasing power consumption in memory arrays having usage-driven power management
46 8,010,763 Hypervisor-enforced isolation of entities within a single logical partition’s virtual address space
47 8,010,753 Systems and methods for temporarily transferring use of portions of partitioned memory between host computers
48 8,010,750 Network on chip that maintains cache coherency with invalidate commands
49 8,010,718 Direct memory access in a hybrid computing environment
50 8,010,716 Methods and apparatus for supporting multiple configurations in a multi-processor system
51 8,010,700 Workflow decision management with workflow modification in dependence upon user reactions
52 8,010,683 Unobtrusive port and protocol sharing among server processes
53 8,010,682 Early coherency indication for return data in shared memory architecture
54 8,010,673 Transitioning network traffic between logical partitions in one or more data processing systems
55 8,010,659 Executing resource consumption control limits
56 8,010,656 Method and apparatus for dynamically granting or denying access to an electronic calendar
57 8,010,654 Method, system and program product for monitoring resources servicing a business transaction
58 8,010,650 Managing a computer network
59 8,010,634 Selection and configuration of storage-area network storage device and computing device, including configuring DHCP settings
60 8,010,615 Instant messaging multilingual configuration
61 8,010,613 System and method for end-user management of E-mail threads using a single click
62 8,010,603 Automated web conference system for generating higher quality of presentation slide by client and submitting to server
63 8,010,595 Execution of server-side dynamic pages
64 8,010,582 Method, system, and program product for migrating data from one data base management system to another data base management system
65 8,010,574 System and method for indexing, searching and retrieving semantic objects
66 8,010,568 Enforcing constraints from a parent table to a child table
67 8,010,563 Computer program product and computing system for information organization using markup languages
68 8,010,561 Techniques for sharing persistently stored query results between multiple users
69 8,010,541 Systems and methods for condensation-based privacy in strings
70 8,010,540 Algorithm for sorting bit sequences in linear complexity
71 8,010,533 System for executing a database query
72 8,010,530 Presentation of multilingual metadata
73 8,010,528 Problem isolation through weighted search of knowledge bases
74 8,010,524 Method of monitoring electronic media
75 8,010,522 System, method and program product for detecting SQL queries injected into data fields of requests made to applications
76 8,010,520 Viewing time of search result content for relevancy
77 8,010,519 Method and system for mitigating impact of user errors in data stores
78 8,010,518 Method for multicontext XML fragment reuse and validation in a content management system
79 8,010,512 System and method for model-driven object store
80 8,010,504 Increasing application availability during automated enterprise deployments
81 8,010,499 Database staging area read-through or forced flush with dirty notification
82 8,010,492 Redundant version information in history table that enables efficient snapshot querying
83 8,010,479 Simplifying the creation of user-defined custom elements for use in a graphical modeling application
84 8,010,456 Policy based application provisioning in a collaborative computing environment
85 8,010,447 Operational risk control apparatus and method for data processing
86 8,010,427 Computer system connected to electronic-commerce server and method and program for supporting input of numerical value required for performance of electronic-commerce transaction
87 8,010,423 Anticipatory mobile system service brokering and resource planning from multiple providers
88 8,010,396 Method and system for validating tasks
89 8,010,395 Program storage device for project preparing a procurement and accounts payable system
90 8,010,383 Filtering medical information
91 8,010,345 Providing speech recognition data to a speech enabled device when providing a new entry that is selectable via a speech recognition interface of the device
92 8,010,340 Method, system and computer program product for national language support using a multi-language property file
93 8,010,334 Method and apparatus for evaluating integrated circuit design performance using basic block vectors, cycles per instruction (CPI) information and microarchitecture dependent information
94 8,010,332 Hydrophobic moment of multi-domain proteins
95 8,010,297 Protein structure analysis
96 8,010,240 Method and system for electricity consumption profile management for consumer devices
97 8,010,225 Method and system of monitoring manufacturing equipment
98 8,010,217 Reconfiguration of assets for reuse during manufacturing
99 8,010,215 Structure for selecting processors for job scheduling using measured power consumption
100 8,010,066 Digital transmission circuit and interface providing selectable power consumption via multiple weighted driver slices
101 8,009,814 Method and apparatus for a voice portal server
102 8,009,702 Method and arrangement for local sychronization in master-slave distributed communication systems
103 8,009,672 Apparatus and method of splitting a data stream over multiple transport control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) connections
104 8,009,594 Method and apparatus for automatic power saving mode insertion when an unknown or an offensive receiver detected in a wireless access system
105 8,009,589 Subnet management in virtual host channel adapter topologies
106 8,009,585 Method and system for topology discovery in an SIP network
107 8,009,541 Device, method, and computer program product for data migration
108 8,009,539 Monitoring and analyzing the storage quality and the drive hardware performance of a media library
109 8,009,461 SRAM device, and SRAM device design structure, with adaptable access transistors
110 8,009,453 High density planar magnetic domain wall memory apparatus
111 8,009,440 Cartridge for space-restricted installation in rack-mounted computer system
112 8,009,430 Techniques for data center cooling
113 8,009,398 Isolating faulty decoupling capacitors
114 8,009,268 Immersion optical lithography system having protective optical coating
115 8,009,216 Pixel sensor cell with frame storage capability
116 8,009,215 Pixel sensor cell with frame storage capability
117 8,009,058 Tracking location and usage of a mechanical sub assembly (MSA) within an automated storage library utilizing a unique identifier associated with location coordinates of the MSA
118 8,009,016 Tag identification system
119 8,008,764 Bridges for interconnecting interposers in multi-chip integrated circuits
120 8,008,748 Deep trench varactors
121 8,008,724 Structure and method to enhance both nFET and pFET performance using different kinds of stressed layers
122 8,008,713 Vertical SOI trench SONOS cell
123 8,008,696 Band gap modulated optical sensor
124 8,008,669 Programmable anti-fuse structure with DLC dielectric layer
125 8,008,209 Thermal gradient control of high aspect ratio etching and deposition processes
126 8,008,199 Microstructure modification in copper interconnect structure
127 8,008,160 Method and structure for forming trench DRAM with asymmetric strap
128 8,008,146 Different thickness oxide silicon nanowire field effect transistors
129 8,008,142 Self-aligned Schottky diode
130 8,008,138 Extremely thin semiconductor on insulator semiconductor device with suppressed dopant segregation
131 8,008,122 Pressurized underfill cure
132 8,008,097 MgO tunnel barriers and method of formation
133 8,008,095 Methods for fabricating contacts to pillar structures in integrated circuits
134 8,007,291 Implementing differential signal circuit board electrical contact
135 8,006,900 Price guarantee tracking service