IBM patents granted on 30 August 2016

158 US patents granted on 30 August 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,433,119 Positive pressure-applying latch mechanism
2 9,433,114 Service shelf for electronic cabinet
3 9,433,105 Method of fabricating printed circuit boards
4 9,433,101 Substrate via filling
5 9,433,095 Implementing simultaneously connecting of multiple devices in a multi-tiered, multi-directional, enhanced tolerance system with mechanical support structures
6 9,433,091 Customizing connections of conductors of a printed circuit board
7 9,433,082 Propagation velocity tuning with functionalized carbon nanomaterial in printed wiring boards (PWBs) and other substrates, and design structures for same
8 9,433,077 Substrate device and electric circuit arrangement having first substrate section perpendicular to second substrate section
9 9,432,843 Techniques for location information control using user profiles
10 9,432,832 Enabling mobile computing devices to track data usage among mobile computing devices that share a data plan
11 9,432,794 Techniques for mobility-aware dynamic service placement in mobile clouds
12 9,432,479 Tailoring content to be delivered to mobile device based upon features of mobile device
13 9,432,469 Automated server controlled client-side logging
14 9,432,449 Managing connection failover in a load balancer
15 9,432,375 Trust/value/risk-based access control policy
16 9,432,353 Serialized authentication and authorization services
17 9,432,341 Securing data in a dispersed storage network
18 9,432,324 Establishing an automatic communications delay based on social or business network factors
19 9,432,311 Dynamic resource allocation for distributed cluster-storage network
20 9,432,300 Allocation of storage resources in a networked computing environment based on energy utilization
21 9,432,287 Virtual gateways and implicit routing in distributed overlay virtual environments
22 9,432,267 Software defined infrastructures that encapsulate physical server resources into logical resource pools
23 9,432,247 Instantiating resources of an IT-service
24 9,432,243 Re-using asynchronous server-side results generated for a request context of one client to satisfy a request context of a different client
25 9,432,183 Encrypted data exchange between computer systems
26 9,432,024 Multiple-qubit wave-activated controlled gate
27 9,431,600 Magnetic domain wall shift register memory devices with high magnetoresistance ratio structures
28 9,431,540 Method for making a semiconductor device with sidewall spacers for confining epitaxial growth
29 9,431,521 Stress memorization technique for strain coupling enhancement in bulk finFET device
30 9,431,514 FinFET device having a high germanium content fin structure and method of making same
31 9,431,487 Graphene layer transfer
32 9,431,486 Channel strain and controlling lateral epitaxial growth of the source and drain in FinFET devices
33 9,431,425 Directly forming SiGe fins on oxide
34 9,431,399 Method for forming merged contact for semiconductor device
35 9,431,395 Protection of semiconductor-oxide-containing gate dielectric during replacement gate formation
36 9,431,366 Selective area heating for 3D chip stack
37 9,431,359 Coaxial solder bump support structure
38 9,431,354 Activating reactions in integrated circuits through electrical discharge
39 9,431,352 Chip with shelf life
40 9,431,340 Wiring structure for trench fuse component with methods of fabrication
41 9,431,339 Wiring structure for trench fuse component with methods of fabrication
42 9,431,306 Methods of forming fin isolation regions on FinFET semiconductor devices using an oxidation-blocking layer of material and by performing a fin-trimming process
43 9,431,305 Vertical transistor fabrication and devices
44 9,431,301 Nanowire field effect transistor (FET) and method for fabricating the same
45 9,431,296 Structure and method to form liner silicide with improved contact resistance and reliablity
46 9,431,293 Selective local metal cap layer formation for improved electromigration behavior
47 9,431,266 Double patterning method
48 9,431,265 Fin cut for tight fin pitch by two different sit hard mask materials on fin
49 9,431,250 Deep well implant using blocking mask
50 9,431,235 Multilayer dielectric structures with graded composition for nano-scale semiconductor devices
51 9,431,205 Fold over emitter and collector field emission transistor
52 9,431,164 High efficiency on-chip 3D transformer structure
53 9,431,100 Device and method for storing or switching
54 9,431,098 Structure for reducing pre-charge voltage for static random-access memory arrays
55 9,431,096 Hierarchical negative bitline boost write assist for SRAM memory devices
56 9,431,084 Determining and storing bit error rate relationships in spin transfer torque magnetoresistive random-access memory (STT-MRAM)
57 9,431,055 Localized dispersed storage memory system
58 9,431,049 Load balancing and space efficient big data tape management
59 9,431,034 Corrosion resistance in air bearing surfaces
60 9,431,033 Corrosion resistance in air bearing surfaces
61 9,431,004 Variable-depth audio presentation of textual information
62 9,431,003 Imbuing artificial intelligence systems with idiomatic traits
63 9,430,990 Presenting a data in a graphical overlay
64 9,430,952 Determining comprehensiveness of question paper given syllabus
65 9,430,942 Method and system for optimizing road traffic control in the presence of incidents
66 9,430,874 Estimation of object properties in 3D world
67 9,430,802 Method and process for collaboratively built content filtering
68 9,430,750 Predictive approach to environment provisioning
69 9,430,748 Verifying historical artifacts in disparate source control systems
70 9,430,745 Pre-executing workflow preparation activities based on activity probabilities and system load and capacity threshold requirements
71 9,430,741 System and method for optimizing teams
72 9,430,740 Deciding an optimal action in consideration of risk
73 9,430,660 Managing access in one or more computing systems
74 9,430,653 Protection of user data in hosted application environments
75 9,430,645 Method and system for analysis of security events in a managed computer network
76 9,430,643 Detecting malicious computer code in an executing program module
77 9,430,633 Aural cuing pattern based mobile device security
78 9,430,616 Extracting clinical care pathways correlated with outcomes
79 9,430,603 Scaling voltages in relation to die location
80 9,430,591 System and method for automatically determining relationships between software artifacts using multiple evidence sources
81 9,430,582 Efficient method of using XML value indexes without exact path information to filter XML documents for more specific XPath queries
82 9,430,567 Identifying unvisited portions of visited information
83 9,430,566 Control of web content tagging
84 9,430,559 Document retrieval using internal dictionary-hierarchies to adjust per-subject match results
85 9,430,558 Automatic data interpretation and answering analytical questions with tables and charts
86 9,430,557 Automatic data interpretation and answering analytical questions with tables and charts
87 9,430,545 Mechanism for communication in a distributed database
88 9,430,542 User initiated replication in a synchronized object replication system
89 9,430,540 Metal fatigue analytics and alert systems
90 9,430,530 Reusing database statistics for user aggregate queries
91 9,430,525 Access plan for a database query
92 9,430,486 Systems and methods for efficient data searching, storage and reduction
93 9,430,477 Predicting knowledge gaps of media consumers
94 9,430,473 Data table performance optimization
95 9,430,464 Identifying unchecked criteria in unstructured and semi-structured data
96 9,430,461 Mobile based lexicon and forecasting
97 9,430,445 Document editor and method for editing document
98 9,430,418 Synchronization and order detection in a memory system
99 9,430,404 Thinly provisioned flash cache with shared storage pool
100 9,430,403 Optimizing system memory usage
101 9,430,401 Implementing paging optimization to avoid populate on page fault during an IO read
102 9,430,398 Adjunct component to provide full virtualization using paravirtualized hypervisors
103 9,430,395 Grouping and dispatching scans in cache
104 9,430,382 Logging addresses of high-availability data
105 9,430,380 Managing memory transactions in a distributed shared memory system supporting caching above a point of coherency
106 9,430,375 Techniques for storing data in bandwidth optimized or coding rate optimized code words based on data access frequency
107 9,430,363 Creating expected test results using previous test results
108 9,430,357 Detecting uninitialized memory references
109 9,430,356 Automatic repairs of scripts
110 9,430,341 Failover in a data center that includes a multi-density server
111 9,430,337 Disaster recovery as a dynamic service
112 9,430,336 Dispersed storage network with metadata generation and methods for use therewith
113 9,430,335 Optimizing the number and type of database backups to achieve a given recovery time objective (RTO)
114 9,430,313 Generation of debugging log list in a blade server environment
115 9,430,299 System, method and product for task allocation
116 9,430,297 Load balancing of adapters on a multi-adapter node
117 9,430,293 Deterministic real time business application processing in a service-oriented architecture
118 9,430,291 Distributed topology enabler for identity manager
119 9,430,290 Determining storage tiers for placement of data sets during execution of tasks in a workflow
120 9,430,289 System and method improving memory usage in virtual machines by releasing additional memory at the cost of increased CPU overhead
121 9,430,286 Authorizing distributed task processing in a distributed storage network
122 9,430,276 Coalescing memory transactions
123 9,430,273 Suppressing aborting a transaction beyond a threshold execution duration based on the predicted duration
124 9,430,269 Feedback analysis for virtual machines manager scheduling
125 9,430,267 Multi-site disaster recovery consistency group for heterogeneous systems
126 9,430,254 Register mapping techniques
127 9,430,241 Semi-exclusive second-level branch target buffer
128 9,430,240 Pre-computation slice merging for prefetching in a computer processor
129 9,430,238 Run-time-instrumentation controls emit instruction
130 9,430,236 Code stack management
131 9,430,235 Predicting and avoiding operand-store-compare hazards in out-of-order microprocessors
132 9,430,233 Compiler method for generating instructions for vector operations in a multi-endian instruction set
133 9,430,231 Automatic comment creation for computer files
134 9,430,228 Verification of backward compatibility of software components
135 9,430,223 Live operating system update mechanisms
136 9,430,217 Method and apparatus for patching
137 9,430,205 Controlling execution of binary code
138 9,430,194 GUI-driven symbol management and code generator
139 9,430,190 Fused multiply add pipeline
140 9,430,166 Interaction of transactional storage accesses with other atomic semantics
141 9,430,163 Implementing synchronization for remote disk mirroring
142 9,430,162 Metadata-based bypassing in a controller
143 9,430,155 File index, metadata storage, and file system management for magnetic tape
144 9,430,153 Garbage collection and other management of memory heaps
145 9,430,144 Unlocking electronic devices with touchscreen input gestures
146 9,430,118 Spatially-oriented traversal animations for network address transitions
147 9,430,117 Triggering window conditions using exception handling
148 9,430,116 Visualization of runtime resource policy attachments and applied policy details
149 9,430,037 System locale name management
150 9,429,924 Controlling power generators and chillers
151 9,429,718 Single-mode polymer waveguide connector
152 9,429,711 Optical device, optical connector assembly, and optical connecting method
153 9,429,622 Implementing enhanced scan chain diagnostics via bypass multiplexing structure
154 9,429,621 Implementing enhanced scan chain diagnostics via bypass multiplexing structure
155 9,428,804 DNA/RNA in a Y-shaped nanochannel
156 9,428,803 DNA/RNA in a Y-shaped nanochannel
157 9,428,191 Optimizing use states of a hybrid mobile vehicle along a discretized travel route
158 9,427,828 Increasing solder hole-fill in a printed circuit board assembly