IBM patents granted on 30 December 2008

112 US patents granted on 30 December 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,472,405 Apparatus system and method for using multiple detectors to conduct an inventory of a data storage library
2 7,472,397 Method and system to correlate and consolidate a plurality of events
3 7,472,382 Method for optimizing software program using inter-procedural strength reduction
4 7,472,379 Flexible navigation of a workflow graph
5 7,472,378 Breakpoint management and reconciliation for embedded scripts in a business integration language specified program process
6 7,472,377 Systems and methods for determining software package identity during a system build
7 7,472,373 Method and system to gauge and control project churn
8 7,472,368 Method for implementing vertically coupled noise control through a mesh plane in an electronic package design
9 7,472,364 Method of matching layout shapes patterns in an integrated circuit using walsh patterns
10 7,472,362 Method of minimizing phase noise
11 7,472,360 Method for implementing enhanced wiring capability for electronic laminate packages
12 7,472,355 Computer-implemented method for managing commands for a terminal session
13 7,472,350 Displaying and managing inherited values
14 7,472,346 Multidimensional XBRL engine
15 7,472,341 Multi-user, multi-timed collaborative annotation
16 7,472,339 Method in an electronic spreadsheet for persistently self-replicating multiple ranges of cells through a copy-paste operation and a self-replication table
17 7,472,338 Method and apparatus for locating items on a physical document and method for creating a geographical link from an electronic document to the physical document
18 7,472,332 Method for the reliability of host data stored on fibre channel attached storage subsystems
19 7,472,325 Method for segmenting BIST functionality in an embedded memory array into remote lower-speed executable instructions and local higher-speed executable instructions
20 7,472,324 Logic built-in self-test channel skipping during functional scan operations
21 7,472,320 Autonomous self-monitoring and corrective operation of an integrated circuit
22 7,472,315 Method of seamlessly integrating thermal event information data with performance monitor data
23 7,472,312 Invalidation of storage control unit cache metadata
24 7,472,300 Server-managed power saving policies for automated tape libraries and drives
25 7,472,298 Storage system and method for saving energy based on storage classes with corresponding power saving policies
26 7,472,297 Method initializing an environment of an integrated circuit according to information stored within the integrated circuit
27 7,472,293 Network processor power management
28 7,472,279 Method for automized and synchronous execution of customized code on off-loaded retrieved documents in a document processing system
29 7,472,277 User controlled anonymity when evaluating into a role
30 7,472,261 Method for performing externally assisted calls in a heterogeneous processing complex
31 7,472,258 Dynamically shared group completion table between multiple threads
32 7,472,246 Method and system for automated memory reallocating and optimization between logical partitions
33 7,472,236 Managing mirrored memory transactions and error recovery
34 7,472,233 Memory allocator for a multiprocessor computer system
35 7,472,229 Bus controller initiated write-through mechanism
36 7,472,228 Read-copy update method
37 7,472,227 Invalidating multiple address cache entries
38 7,472,226 Methods involving memory caches
39 7,472,218 Assisted trace facility to improve CPU cache performance
40 7,472,215 Portable computer system with thermal enhancements and multiple power modes of operation
41 7,472,211 Blade server switch module using out-of-band signaling to detect the physical location of an active drive enclosure device
42 7,472,209 Method for non-disruptively unassigning an active address in a fabric
43 7,472,195 Unobtrusive port and protocol sharing among server processes
44 7,472,190 Method, system and program product for preserving a user state in an application
45 7,472,186 Method for using SNMP as an RPC mechanism for exporting the data structures of a remote library
46 7,472,185 Method and apparatus for scaling a user interface adaptively to an object discovery/display system with policy driven filtering
47 7,472,184 Framework for restricting resources consumed by ghost agents
48 7,472,174 Abstract mechanism for constructing commands for the command pattern
49 7,472,164 System and method for identifying spoofed email by modifying the sender address
50 7,472,161 System for ensuring client access to messages from a server
51 7,472,159 System and method for adaptive admission control and resource management for service time guarantees
52 7,472,144 Method and system for resolving memory leaks and releasing obsolete resources from user session data
53 7,472,138 System and method for handing input/output errors during recovery of journaling files in a data processing system
54 7,472,137 Data query and location through a central ontology model
55 7,472,132 Attributing memory usage by individual software components
56 7,472,127 Methods to identify related data in a multidimensional database
57 7,472,126 Remotely updating a status of a data record to cancel a workstation deployment
58 7,472,124 Method for communicating with multiple data stores
59 7,472,121 Document comparison using multiple similarity measures
60 7,472,117 Abstract query building with selectability of aggregation operations and grouping
61 7,472,116 Method for filtering query results using model entity limitations
62 7,472,115 Contextual flyout for search results
63 7,472,109 Method for optimization of temporal and spatial data processing
64 7,472,108 Statistics collection using path-value pairs for relational databases
65 7,472,081 Method for shopping using wireless communication
66 7,472,079 Computer implemented method for automatically controlling selection of a grid provider for a grid job
67 7,472,076 method for conducting an auction of a plurality of heterogeneous items
68 7,472,065 Generating paralinguistic phenomena via markup in text-to-speech synthesis
69 7,472,062 Efficient recursive clustering based on a splitting function derived from successive eigen-decompositions
70 7,472,061 Systems and methods for building a native language phoneme lexicon having native pronunciations of non-native words derived from non-native pronunciations
71 7,472,038 Method of predicting microprocessor lifetime reliability using architecture-level structure-aware techniques
72 7,472,037 System and methods for quantitatively evaluating complexity of computing system configuration
73 7,472,034 System and method for test generation for system level verification using parallel algorithms
74 7,472,029 System for improving RAS characteristics relating to calibration algorithms in an automated robotic system
75 7,471,956 Method and system for determining the location of an improved carrier signal
76 7,471,826 Character segmentation by slices
77 7,471,784 Dialed number service routing in a telephone network by reference to a database
78 7,471,755 Methods and arrangements for link power reduction
79 7,471,701 Seamless integrated multiple wireless data connections
80 7,471,614 High density data storage medium
81 7,471,590 Write control circuitry and method for a memory array configured with multiple memory subarrays
82 7,471,548 Structure of static random access memory with stress engineering for stability
83 7,471,546 Hierarchical six-transistor SRAM
84 7,471,517 Heat sink retention module having force-adjustable wire modules
85 7,471,333 Image sensing device interface unit
86 7,471,293 Method, system, and computer program product for displaying calendar-based SLO results and breach values
87 7,471,219 Low latency constrained coding for parallel busses
88 7,471,160 Real-time frequency band selection circuit for use with a voltage controlled oscillator
89 7,471,115 Error correcting logic system
90 7,471,103 Method for implementing complex logic within a memory array
91 7,471,101 Systems and methods for controlling of electro-migration
92 7,471,082 Systems for measuring magnetostriction in magnetoresistive elements
93 7,471,060 Rechargeable electronic device system and method for recharging an electronic device
94 7,470,985 Solder connector structure and method
95 7,470,959 Integrated circuit structures for preventing charging damage
96 7,470,943 High performance MOSFET comprising a stressed gate metal silicide layer and method of fabricating the same
97 7,470,929 Fuse/anti-fuse structure and methods of making and programming same
98 7,470,863 Microelectronic device with mixed dielectric
99 7,470,850 Interactive voice response method and apparatus
100 7,470,629 Structure and method to fabricate finfet devices
101 7,470,616 Damascene wiring fabrication methods incorporating dielectric cap etch process with hard mask retention
102 7,470,615 Semiconductor structure with self-aligned device contacts
103 7,470,613 Dual damascene multi-level metallization
104 7,470,597 Method of fabricating a multilayered dielectric diffusion barrier layer
105 7,470,578 Method of making a finFET having suppressed parasitic device characteristics
106 7,470,570 Process for fabrication of FinFETs
107 7,470,562 Methods of forming field effect transistors using disposable aluminum oxide spacers
108 7,470,504 Reflective film interface to restore transverse magnetic wave contrast in lithographic processing
109 7,470,489 Method for designing alternating phase shift masks
110 7,470,076 Pen retention apparatus
111 7,470,069 Optoelectronic MCM package
112 7,469,809 Carrier for a portable device