IBM patents granted on 30 December 2014

87 US patents granted on 30 December 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,925,094 Automatic synthesis of unit tests for security testing
2 8,925,082 Cooperative intrusion detection ecosystem for IP reputation-based security
3 8,925,081 Application based intrusion detection
4 8,925,073 Method and system for preventing password theft through unauthorized keylogging
5 8,925,060 Selecting image or video files for cloud storage
6 8,924,978 Sequential cooperation between map and reduce phases to improve data locality
7 8,924,977 Sequential cooperation between map and reduce phases to improve data locality
8 8,924,973 Measuring transaction performance across application asynchronous flows
9 8,924,971 Selectable event reporting for highly virtualized partitioned systems
10 8,924,946 Systems and methods for automatically optimizing high performance computing programming languages
11 8,924,940 Streams debugging within a windowing condition
12 8,924,939 Streams debugging within a windowing condition
13 8,924,936 System and method to classify automated code inspection services defect output for defect analysis
14 8,924,932 Using stack data and source code to rank program changes
15 8,924,921 Abstracting business logic into centralized database controls
16 8,924,884 Automatically capturing and annotating content
17 8,924,875 Data recovery
18 8,924,873 Optimizing a user interface for a computing device
19 8,924,868 Moving an activity along terminals associated with a physical queue
20 8,924,852 Apparatus, method, and program for supporting processing of character string in document
21 8,924,837 Text file interface support in an object oriented application
22 8,924,798 Grouping related errors in a distributed computing environment
23 8,924,792 Resource planning for data protection validation
24 8,924,763 Synchronizing compute node time bases in a parallel computer
25 8,924,733 Enabling access to removable hard disk drives
26 8,924,725 Authenticated file handles for network file systems
27 8,924,723 Managing security for computer services
28 8,924,673 Dynamic reuse and reconfiguration of logical data objects in a virtual tape system
29 8,924,666 Managing storage devices in a cloud storage environment
30 8,924,655 In-kernel SRCU implementation with reduced OS jitter
31 8,924,650 Synchronizing network feeds in high-frequency network events
32 8,924,622 Extender storage pool system
33 8,924,570 Temporary collaborative ad-hoc network of hardware nodes to perform function
34 8,924,561 Dynamically resizing a networked computing environment to process a workload
35 8,924,559 Provisioning services using a cloud services catalog
36 8,924,541 Migration of virtual resources over remotely connected networks
37 8,924,521 Automated deployment of software for managed hardware in a storage area network
38 8,924,513 Storage system
39 8,924,503 Data services using location patterns and intelligent caching
40 8,924,499 Operating system migration with minimal storage area network reconfiguration
41 8,924,491 Tracking message topics in an interactive messaging environment
42 8,924,467 Load distribution in client server system
43 8,924,460 Method and system of administrating a peer-to-peer file sharing network
44 8,924,457 Client browser acceleration by having server removed and executed script embedded in web page
45 8,924,427 Notification of a pending digital video recorder deletion event
46 8,924,408 Automatic generation of database invocation mechanism for external web services
47 8,924,402 Generating a test workload for a database
48 8,924,373 Query plans with parameter markers in place of object identifiers
49 8,924,367 Method and system for transformation of logical data objects for storage
50 8,924,343 Method and system for using confidence factors in forming a system
51 8,924,341 Method and system for optimizing mixed integer programming solutions
52 8,924,333 Detecting anomalies in real-time in multiple time series data with automated thresholding
53 8,924,322 Multi-processor cortical simulations with reciprocal connections with shared weights
54 8,924,306 Remote computer rebooting tool
55 8,924,250 Advertising in virtual environments based on crowd statistics
56 8,924,189 Template-based approach for workload generation
57 8,923,666 Electrically controlled optical fuse and method of fabrication
58 8,923,665 Material structures for front-end of the line integration of optical polarization splitters and rotators
59 8,923,039 Multiple bit nonvolatile memory based on current induced domain wall motion in a nanowire magnetic tunnel junction
60 8,922,998 Coolant manifold with separately rotatable manifold section(s)
61 8,922,828 Determining scan priority of documents
62 8,922,022 Electromigration resistant via-to-line interconnect
63 8,922,019 Semiconductor device having a copper plug
64 8,921,976 Using backside passive elements for multilevel 3D wafers alignment applications
65 8,921,975 System and method for forming aluminum fuse for compatibility with copper BEOL interconnect scheme
66 8,921,939 Stressed channel FET with source/drain buffers
67 8,921,908 On-chip capacitors in combination with CMOS devices on extremely thin semiconductor on insulator (ETSOI) substrates
68 8,921,825 Nanowire field effect transistor device
69 8,921,820 Phase change memory cell with large electrode contact area
70 8,921,426 Cationic bis-urea compounds as effective antimicrobial agents
71 8,921,221 IMS (injection molded solder) with two resist layers forming solder bumps on substrates
72 8,921,209 Defect free strained silicon on insulator (SSOI) substrates
73 8,921,201 Integrated semiconductor devices with amorphous silicon beam, methods of manufacture and design structure
74 8,921,199 Precision IC resistor fabrication
75 8,921,198 Method and structure for forming a deep trench capacitor
76 8,921,195 Isolation scheme for bipolar transistors in BiCMOS technology
77 8,921,194 PNP bipolar junction transistor fabrication using selective epitaxy
78 8,921,191 Integrated circuits including FINFET devices with lower contact resistance and reduced parasitic capacitance and methods for fabricating the same
79 8,921,190 Field effect transistor and method of manufacture
80 8,921,172 Junction field effect transistor structure with P-type silicon germanium or silicon germanium carbide gate(s) and method of forming the structure
81 8,921,167 Modified via bottom for BEOL via efuse
82 8,921,144 Planar cavity MEMS and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures
83 8,921,030 Tone inversion of self-assembled self-aligned structures
84 8,920,567 Post metal chemical-mechanical planarization cleaning process
85 8,919,388 Implementing pre-treatment of water cooling hoses to increase reliability
86 8,919,172 In situ formation of threads throughout bore of sleeve inserted into substrate hole
87 8,918,988 Methods for controlling wafer curvature