IBM patents granted on 30 January 2007

92 US patents granted on 30 January 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,171,691 Content sanitation via transcoding
2 7,171,685 Standard format specification for automatically configuring IP security tunnels
3 7,171,679 Generating and maintaining encrypted passwords
4 7,171,668 Automatic data interpretation and implementation using performance capacity management framework over many servers
5 7,171,666 Processor module for a multiprocessor system and task allocation method thereof
6 7,171,664 Content management system and method of employing extensible workflow entities with user-defined attributes in an object-oriented framework
7 7,171,663 External event interrupt for server-side programs
8 7,171,661 Realtime configuration updates and software distribution to active client positions
9 7,171,624 User interface architecture for storage area network
10 7,171,623 Method and apparatus for efficiently exposing nodes of a display map while monitoring metrics in a complex heterogeneous system
11 7,171,622 Method, apparatus and computer program product for projecting objects in a display unit
12 7,171,616 Method, system and computer program product for keeping files current
13 7,171,613 Web-based application for inbound message synchronization
14 7,171,610 Method, system, and article of manufacture for preventing data loss
15 7,171,605 Check bit free error correction for sleep mode data retention
16 7,171,591 Method and apparatus for encoding special uncorrectable errors in an error correction code
17 7,171,585 Diagnosing faults and errors from a data repository using directed graphs
18 7,171,583 For PPRC backup systems
19 7,171,580 Method and apparatus for enhancing system clock availability
20 7,171,576 Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing clocks to multiple frequency domains using a single input clock of variable frequency
21 7,171,568 Remote power control in a multi-node, partitioned data processing system
22 7,171,565 Method and system for producing wise cards
23 7,171,564 Universal password generation method
24 7,171,563 Method and system for ensuring security of code in a system on a chip
25 7,171,562 Apparatus and method for providing a user interface based on access rights information
26 7,171,558 Transparent digital rights management for extendible content viewers
27 7,171,544 Run-time parallelization of loops in computer programs by access patterns
28 7,171,538 Incremental data storage method, apparatus, interface, and system
29 7,171,519 System, method and program for assessing the activity level of a database management system
30 7,171,516 Increasing through-put of a storage controller by autonomically adjusting host delay
31 7,171,514 Apparatus and method to control access to logical volumes using parallel access volumes
32 7,171,509 Method and apparatus for host messaging unit for Peripheral Component Interconnect busmaster devices
33 7,171,505 Universal network interface connection
34 7,171,488 Managing data delivery in a data communications network
35 7,171,487 Method and system for application specific packet forwarding
36 7,171,483 Reducing information transmission time by adapting information delivery to the speed of a given network connection
37 7,171,479 Efficient delivery of boot code images from a network server
38 7,171,470 Grid service scheduling of related services using heuristics
39 7,171,458 Apparatus and method for managing configuration of computer systems on a computer network
40 7,171,455 Object oriented based, business class methodology for generating quasi-static web pages at periodic intervals
41 7,171,445 Fixed snoop response time for source-clocked multiprocessor busses
42 7,171,430 Method and system for processing structured documents in a native database
43 7,171,424 System and method for managing presentation of data
44 7,171,420 Method and system for utilizing a database as a service
45 7,171,419 Method, apparatus, and program to efficiently serialize objects
46 7,171,417 Method and apparatus for improving performance and scalability of an object manager
47 7,171,413 Two phase intermediate query security using access control
48 7,171,408 Method of cardinality estimation using statistical soft constraints
49 7,171,407 Method for streaming XPath processing with forward and backward axes
50 7,171,401 Data processing system and method having high availability
51 7,171,398 Outer and exception join to inner join normalization
52 7,171,393 Solving constraint satisfaction problems using variable-range hopping
53 7,171,391 Custom pricing system and method
54 7,171,387 Method and apparatus for conducting multiple transactions
55 7,171,373 Database driven workflow management system for generating output material based on customer input
56 7,171,365 Tracking time using portable recorders and speech recognition
57 7,171,333 On-wafer method and apparatus for pre-processing measurements of process and environment-dependent circuit performance variables for statistical analysis
58 7,171,319 Method and apparatus to separate field and grid parameters on first level wafers
59 7,171,318 PLL filter leakage sensor
60 7,171,034 Method and system for phase/amplitude error detection of alternating phase shifting masks in photolithography
61 7,170,933 Method and system for objective quality assessment of image and video streams
62 7,170,811 Separate variable power supply to on-chip memory using existing power supplies
63 7,170,809 Stable memory with high mobility cell devices
64 7,170,799 SRAM and dual single ended bit sense for an SRAM
65 7,170,774 Global bit line restore timing scheme and circuit
66 7,170,772 Apparatus and method for dynamic control of double gate devices
67 7,170,714 Magnetic head having a heater circuit for thermally-assisted writing
68 7,170,639 Halftone method and apparatus that provides simultaneous, multiple lines per inch screens
69 7,170,617 Method and apparatus for determining how to process incoming print jobs
70 7,170,468 Collaborative tablet computer
71 7,170,328 Scannable latch
72 7,170,320 Fast pulse powered NOR decode apparatus with pulse stretching and redundancy steering
73 7,170,316 Programmable logic array latch
74 7,170,310 System and method using locally heated island for integrated circuit testing
75 7,170,299 Electronic fuse blow mimic and methods for adjusting electronic fuse blow
76 7,170,187 Low stress conductive polymer bump
77 7,170,181 Optimum padset for wire bonding RF technologies with high-Q inductors
78 7,170,173 Magnetically lined conductors
79 7,170,164 Cooling system for a semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
80 7,170,126 Structure of vertical strained silicon devices
81 7,170,112 Graded-base-bandgap bipolar transistor having a constant–bandgap in the base
82 7,170,083 Bipolar transistor with collector having an epitaxial Si:C region
83 7,170,030 Method and apparatus for repair of reflective photomasks
84 7,169,698 Sacrificial inorganic polymer intermetal dielectric damascene wire and via liner
85 7,169,674 Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) gate stack with high dielectric constant gate dielectric and integrated diffusion barrier
86 7,169,226 Defect reduction by oxidation of silicon
87 7,168,958 Wadded-wire LGA contact with parallel solid conductor
88 7,168,872 Printer paper spooler with error condition detector
89 7,168,853 Digital measuring system and method for integrated circuit chip operating parameters
90 7,168,618 Retail store method and system
91 7,168,609 Method and apparatus for removing known good die
92 7,168,224 Method of making a packaged radiation sensitive resist film-coated workpiece