IBM patents granted on 30 July 2013

49 US patents granted on 30 July 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,499,339 Authenticating and communicating verifiable authorization between disparate network domains
2 8,499,298 Multiprocessing transaction recovery manager
3 8,499,292 Virtual execution environment for streaming languages
4 8,499,281 Identifying impact of database changes on an application
5 8,499,280 Identifying source code elements for refactoring
6 8,499,279 Object oriented based methodology for modeling business functionality for enabling implementation in a web based environment
7 8,499,260 Optical proximity correction verification accounting for mask deviations
8 8,499,238 Manipulating design models by editing generated reports
9 8,499,232 Differential dynamic content delivery with a participant alterable session copy of a user profile
10 8,499,221 Accessing coded data stored in a non-volatile memory
11 8,499,203 Configurable alert delivery in a distributed processing system
12 8,499,189 Unified, workload-optimized, adaptive RAS for hybrid systems
13 8,499,185 Determining redundancy of power feeds connecting a server to a power supply
14 8,499,184 Method for resuming a system from a power failure after the main power supply has recovered and prior to fully recharging the backup power supply by enabling the reception of input/output commands by the cache memory at a rate proportational to the amount of charge on the backup power supply currently available
15 8,499,144 Updating settings of a processor core concurrently to the operation of a multi core processor system
16 8,499,140 Dynamically adjusting pipelined data paths for improved power management
17 8,499,138 Demand-based memory management of non-pagable data storage
18 8,499,124 Handling castout cache lines in a victim cache
19 8,499,069 Method for predicting performance of distributed stream processing systems
20 8,499,067 Discovering physical server location by correlating external and internal server information
21 8,499,064 Changing operating state of a network device on a network based on a number of users of the network
22 8,499,029 Management of process-to-process communication requests
23 8,499,028 Dynamic extensible lightweight access to web services for pervasive devices
24 8,499,010 Garbage collection in a multiple virtual machine environment
25 8,499,003 Aggregate contribution of iceberg queries
26 8,498,998 Grouping identity records to generate candidate lists to use in an entity and relationship resolution process
27 8,498,963 Method and system for data synchronization
28 8,498,961 On-demand replication in a content management system
29 8,498,896 Service discovery in a network of automatic product/service dispensing machines
30 8,498,890 Planning and orchestrating workflow instance migration
31 8,498,887 Estimating project size
32 8,498,856 Simulation method, system and program
33 8,498,854 Enabling end-to-end testing of applications across networks
34 8,498,850 Looking glass: a hybrid simulation system to model cascading events within a black box system
35 8,498,763 Maintaining energy principal preferences in a vehicle
36 8,498,689 Real time motion information capture in an MRI environment
37 8,498,573 Dynamic changes to a user profile based on external service integration
38 8,498,448 Multi-view object detection using appearance model transfer from similar scenes
39 8,498,418 Conversion of cryptographic key protection
40 8,498,121 Printed circuit assembly with determination of storage configuration based on installed paddle board
41 8,498,075 Apparatus and method for writing data to tape medium
42 8,497,580 Noble metal cap for interconnect structures
43 8,497,529 Trench generated device structures and design structures for radiofrequency and BiCMOS integrated circuits
44 8,497,210 Shallow trench isolation chemical mechanical planarization
45 8,497,203 Semiconductor structures and methods of manufacture
46 8,497,202 Interconnect structures and methods of manufacturing of interconnect structures
47 8,497,168 Structure and method to enhance both NFET and PFET performance using different kinds of stressed layers
48 8,496,946 Antimicrobial hydrogels, methods of preparation thereof, and articles therefrom
49 8,496,159 Injection molded solder process for forming solder bumps on substrates