IBM patents granted on 30 June 2009

29 US patents granted on 30 June 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,555,786 Method for providing security mechanisms for data warehousing and analysis
2 7,555,777 Preventing attacks in a data processing system
3 7,555,753 Measuring processor use in a hardware multithreading processor environment
4 7,555,748 Method and apparatus for improving data cache performance using inter-procedural strength reduction of global objects
5 7,555,740 Method and system for evaluating statistical sensitivity credit in path-based hybrid multi-corner static timing analysis
6 7,555,735 IC design modeling allowing dimension-dependent rule checking
7 7,555,709 Method and apparatus for stream based markup language post-processing
8 7,555,652 Method for user attestation signatures with attributes
9 7,555,636 Atomically updating 64 bit fields in the 32 bit AIX kernel
10 7,555,604 Method and structure for an improved data reformatting procedure
11 7,555,599 System and method of mirrored RAID array write management
12 7,555,566 Massively parallel supercomputer
13 7,555,526 Actions on auto-generated emails from the inbox
14 7,555,489 Generating a fingerprint for a document
15 7,555,462 Method and apparatus for incorporating scanned checks into financial applications
16 7,555,408 Qualifying means in method and system for managing service levels provided by service providers
17 7,555,292 Directional information delivery system and method
18 7,555,002 Infiniband general services queue pair virtualization for multiple logical ports on a single physical port
19 7,554,973 Multiple virtual telephones sharing a single physical address
20 7,554,958 Apparatus and method for serving data
21 7,554,564 Method of utilizing a 2-dimensional display screen as a 3-dimensional multi-way rocker for pivoting an image displayed thereon and for revealing a hidden panel in relation to the image displayed thereon
22 7,554,444 System and method for alarm generation based on the detection of the presence of a person
23 7,553,760 Sub-lithographic nano interconnect structures, and method for forming same
24 7,553,758 Method of fabricating interconnections of microelectronic device using dual damascene process
25 7,553,709 MOSFET with body contacts
26 7,553,696 Method for implementing component placement suspended within grid array packages for enhanced electrical performance
27 7,553,400 Plating apparatus and plating method
28 7,553,232 System and method for predicting results of chance events over a user-selected number of events
29 7,552,758 Method for high-density packaging and cooling of high-powered compute and storage server blades