IBM patents granted on 30 June 2015

162 US patents granted on 30 June 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,072,196 Air pressure measurement based cooling
2 9,072,042 Hosting edge applications at the edge of a mobile data network
3 9,071,959 Service awareness and seamless switchover between client based WiFi access and mobile data network access
4 9,071,812 Intelligent recording
5 9,071,807 Providing emergency access to surveillance video
6 9,071,664 Methods and apparatus for secure and adaptive delivery of multimedia content
7 9,071,646 Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing network perimeter security assessment
8 9,071,644 Automated security policy enforcement and auditing
9 9,071,632 Service management roles of processor nodes in distributed node service management
10 9,071,631 Service management roles of processor nodes in distributed node service management
11 9,071,613 Dynamic allocation of workload deployment units across a plurality of clouds
12 9,071,608 Method and apparatus for load balancing in network based telephony application
13 9,071,587 Optimizing deployment of virtual machines by pre-generating a virtual machine’s first-boot metadata by cloud controller
14 9,071,571 Interaction via short message service messages with wireless markup language based websites
15 9,071,570 Method and apparatus to select and deliver portable portlets
16 9,071,562 Searchable peer-to-peer system through instant messaging based topic indexes
17 9,071,560 Tagging email and providing tag clouds
18 9,071,540 Proxy server, hierarchical network system, and distributed workload management method
19 9,071,520 Spatial representation of temporal value distributions
20 9,071,508 Distributed fabric management protocol
21 9,071,485 Remote interaction with electronic devices
22 9,071,464 Message notification in instant messaging
23 9,071,450 Charging and policy for services at the edge of a mobile data network
24 9,071,449 Charging and policy for services at the edge of a mobile data network
25 9,071,306 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, communication system, circuit apparatus, communication method, and program
26 9,071,277 Correction of structured burst errors in data
27 9,070,868 Thermally assisted MRAM with a multilayer encapsulant for low thermal conductivity
28 9,070,795 III-V heterojunction light emitting diode
29 9,070,791 Tunable capacitor
30 9,070,788 Integrated circuit with a thin body field effect transistor and capacitor
31 9,070,771 Bulk finFET with controlled fin height and high-k liner
32 9,070,770 Low interfacial defect field effect transistor
33 9,070,751 Semiconductor device channels
34 9,070,734 Heterojunction bipolar transistors with reduced parasitic capacitance
35 9,070,698 Through-substrate via shielding
36 9,070,686 Wiring switch designs based on a field effect device for reconfigurable interconnect paths
37 9,070,651 Non-linear kerf monitor and design structure thereof
38 9,070,629 Through silicon via repair
39 9,070,625 Selective etch chemistry for gate electrode materials
40 9,070,617 Reduced S/D contact resistance of III-V mosfet using low temperature metal-induced crystallization of n+ Ge
41 9,070,586 Method of forming surface protrusions on an article and the article with the protrusions attached
42 9,070,579 Gate strain induced work function engineering
43 9,070,578 Electromechanical switching device with 2D layered material surfaces
44 9,070,438 Programming of phase-change memory cells
45 9,070,433 SRAM supply voltage global bitline precharge pulse
46 9,070,407 Variable stopwrite threshold
47 9,070,401 Selectively lowering resistance of a constantly used portion of motor windings in disk drive
48 9,070,375 Voice activity detection system, method, and program product
49 9,070,274 Method for early detection of cooling-loss events
50 9,070,170 Help for reading an e-book
51 9,070,147 System to facilitate sharing using contingency ordering
52 9,070,108 Dynamic personal airport advisor with incorporated service call and collaboration function
53 9,070,106 System and method for dynamic structuring of process annotations
54 9,070,028 Control of wireless identification tag activation
55 9,070,026 Coordination of transmission of data from wireless identification tags
56 9,070,024 Intelligent biometric identification of a participant associated with a media recording
57 9,070,020 Determination of train presence and motion state in railway environments
58 9,069,989 Chip authentication using scan chains
59 9,069,987 Secure data access using SQL query rewrites
60 9,069,986 Providing access control for public and private document fields
61 9,069,981 Federation of email
62 9,069,977 Hybrid server with heterogeneous memory
63 9,069,970 System and method for protection from buffer overflow vulnerability due to placement new constructs in C++
64 9,069,969 Managing software patch installations
65 9,069,966 Code updates in processing systems
66 9,069,964 Identification of malicious activities through non-logged-in host usage
67 9,069,958 Creating and maintaining a security policy
68 9,069,955 File system level data protection during potential security breach
69 9,069,944 Managing passwords used when detecting information on configuration items disposed on a network
70 9,069,923 IP protection
71 9,069,915 Identifying and routing poison tuples in a streaming application
72 9,069,907 Abstracting special file interfaces to concurrently support multiple operating system levels
73 9,069,903 Multi-platform test automation enhancement
74 9,069,895 Analyzing concurrent debugging sessions
75 9,069,893 Automatic verification of determinism for parallel programs
76 9,069,892 Reducing false-positive errors in a software change-impact analysis
77 9,069,891 Hardware enabled performance counters with support for operating system context switching
78 9,069,889 Automated enablement of performance data collection
79 9,069,888 Tracking errors in a computing system
80 9,069,884 Processing special attributes within a file
81 9,069,882 Mapping and boosting of terms in a format independent data retrieval query
82 9,069,881 Adaptation of probing frequency for resource consumption
83 9,069,875 Enforcement of service terms through adaptive edge processing of application data
84 9,069,874 Webpage content search method and system
85 9,069,871 System, method, and program for generating web page
86 9,069,870 Client-side aggregation of context-sensitive request results where results for aggregation are asynchronously produced by multiple servers
87 9,069,868 Computer device for reading e-book and server for being connected with the same
88 9,069,863 Identifying unknown parameter and name value pairs
89 9,069,848 Automatic taxonomy enrichment
90 9,069,846 Business content hierarchy
91 9,069,843 Iterative refinement of search results based on user feedback
92 9,069,838 Dimensionally constrained synthetic context objects database
93 9,069,837 Encapsulation of multiplicity and sparsity in multidimensional query execution systems
94 9,069,833 Detecting data omissions for an intermittently-connected application
95 9,069,831 Retrieving data objects
96 9,069,830 Retrieving data objects
97 9,069,824 Accelerating time series data base queries using dictionary based representations
98 9,069,817 Database row access control
99 9,069,816 Distributed multi-step abstract queries
100 9,069,811 Method for building and maintaining trusted supplier records
101 9,069,810 Systems, methods and computer program products for reducing hash table working-set size for improved latency and scalability in a processing system
102 9,069,808 Indexing provenance data and evaluating provenance data queries in data processing systems
103 9,069,773 Multimedia data delivery
104 9,069,772 Smart slide creation and presentation
105 9,069,763 Services management application integrating social media and automated infrastructure monitoring
106 9,069,752 Measuring and displaying facets in context-based conformed dimensional data gravity wells
107 9,069,715 Reducing microprocessor performance loss due to translation table coherency in a multi-processor system
108 9,069,712 Communication of conditions at a primary storage controller to a host
109 9,069,711 Source cleaning cascaded volumes using write and background copy indicators
110 9,069,701 Virtual machine failover
111 9,069,683 Systems and methods for destaging storage tracks from cache
112 9,069,679 Adaptive record caching for solid state disks
113 9,069,678 Adaptive record caching for solid state disks
114 9,069,677 Input/output de-duplication based on variable-size chunks
115 9,069,675 Creating a program product or system for executing an instruction for pre-fetching data and releasing cache lines
116 9,069,674 Coherent proxy for attached processor
117 9,069,668 Diagnosing distributed applications using application logs and request processing paths
118 9,069,667 Method to identify unique host applications running within a storage controller
119 9,069,647 Logging and profiling content space data and coverage metric self-reporting
120 9,069,643 Creating a prerequisite checklist corresponding to a software application
121 9,069,642 Building optimized download modules leveraging modularized dependencies
122 9,069,632 Message processing
123 9,069,631 Fencing data transfers in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
124 9,069,629 Bidirectional counting of dual outcome events
125 9,069,628 Spooling system call data to facilitate data transformation
126 9,069,621 Submitting operations to a shared resource based on busy-to-success ratios
127 9,069,614 Using a temporary object handle to control access to a resource object
128 9,069,598 Providing logical partions with hardware-thread specific information reflective of exclusive use of a processor core
129 9,069,596 Hypervisor file system
130 9,069,592 Generic transport layer mechanism for firmware communication
131 9,069,590 Preprovisioning using mutated templates
132 9,069,582 Classpath optimization in a Java runtime environment
133 9,069,580 Application documentation effectiveness monitoring and feedback
134 9,069,574 Code analysis for simulation efficiency improvement
135 9,069,571 Propagation of unique device names in a cluster system
136 9,069,568 Compilation dependency resolution from a diverse group of candidate resources
137 9,069,563 Reducing store-hit-loads in an out-of-order processor
138 9,069,562 Mobile computing program slicing and behavior
139 9,069,561 Methods and tools for data-driven application engineering
140 9,069,560 Operational model creation from SOA solution architecture
141 9,069,559 Modularizing steps within a UML user model interaction pattern
142 9,069,550 System and method for adjusting inactivity timeout settings on a display device
143 9,069,546 Allocation of counters from a pool of counters to track mappings of logical registers to physical registers for mapper based instruction executions
144 9,069,545 Relaxation of synchronization for iterative convergent computations
145 9,069,543 Predictive operator graph element processing
146 9,069,532 Valve controlled, node-level vapor condensation for two-phase heat sink(s)
147 9,069,487 Virtualizing storage for WPAR clients using key authentication
148 9,069,478 Controlling segment size distribution in hash-based deduplication
149 9,069,473 Wait-free stream oriented migration based storage
150 9,069,446 Management of input methods
151 9,069,442 Virtual universe desktop exploration for resource acquisition
152 9,069,374 Web video occlusion: a method for rendering the videos watched over multiple windows
153 9,069,245 Near-infrared absorptive layer-forming composition and multilayer film
154 9,069,127 Optical de-multiplexing device
155 9,069,104 Pathway management using model analysis and forecasting
156 9,069,041 Self evaluation of system on a chip with multiple cores
157 9,068,936 Graphene sensor
158 9,068,935 Dual FET sensor for sensing biomolecules and charged ions in an electrolyte
159 9,068,882 Low power thermal imager
160 9,068,854 Peer-to-peer vehicle communicator
161 9,068,784 Cooling system for electronics
162 9,067,288 Heat sink structure with a vapor-permeable membrane for two-phase cooling