IBM patents granted on 30 March 2010

126 US patents granted on 30 March 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,689,996 Method to distribute programs using remote Java objects
2 7,689,993 Assigning tasks to processors based at least on resident set sizes of the tasks
3 7,689,992 Sharing lock mechanism between protocol layers
4 7,689,990 Method, system and program for managing executable tasks
5 7,689,978 System and method for autonomic optimization by computer programs
6 7,689,977 Open multi-processing reduction implementation in cell broadband engine (CBE) single source compiler
7 7,689,961 Increased power line noise immunity in IC using capacitor structure in fill area
8 7,689,950 Implementing Efuse sense amplifier testing without blowing the Efuse
9 7,689,947 Data-driven finite state machine engine for flow control
10 7,689,946 High-performance FET device layout
11 7,689,943 Parametric reduction of sequential design
12 7,689,942 Simultaneous power and timing optimization in integrated circuits by performing discrete actions on circuit components
13 7,689,912 Managing electronic documents utilizing a digital seal
14 7,689,910 Processing semantic subjects that occur as terms within document content
15 7,689,905 Containment of terminal application run-time data for viewing when disconnected from a host server
16 7,689,903 Unified markup language processing
17 7,689,891 Method and system for handling stuck bits in cache directories
18 7,689,887 Automatic shutdown or throttling of a BIST state machine using thermal feedback
19 7,689,886 System and method for predicting lwarx and stwcx instructions in test pattern generation and simulation for processor design verification and validation
20 7,689,881 Repair of memory hard failures during normal operation, using ECC and a hard fail identifier circuit
21 7,689,872 Autonomic program error detection and correction
22 7,689,870 Efficient and flexible trace trigger handling for non-concurrent events
23 7,689,869 Unit, method and program for detecting imprecise data
24 7,689,865 Middlesoft commander
25 7,689,835 Computer program product and computer system for controlling performance of operations within a data processing system or networks
26 7,689,816 Branch prediction with partially folded global history vector for reduced XOR operation time
27 7,689,812 Method and system for restoring register mapper states for an out-of-order microprocessor
28 7,689,801 Method for distributing hypervisor memory requirements across logical partitions
29 7,689,797 Method for automatically configuring additional component to a storage subsystem
30 7,689,789 Read-copy update grace period detection without atomic instructions that gracefully handles large numbers of processors
31 7,689,783 System and method for sharing memory by heterogeneous processors
32 7,689,777 Cache member protection with partial make MRU allocation
33 7,689,776 Method and system for efficient cache locking mechanism
34 7,689,775 System using stream prefetching history to improve data prefetching performance
35 7,689,774 System and method for improving the page crossing performance of a data prefetcher
36 7,689,771 Coherency management of castouts
37 7,689,769 Arranging and destaging data to holographic storage
38 7,689,759 Method and apparatus for providing continuous access to shared tape drives from multiple virtual tape servers within a data storage system
39 7,689,756 Apparatus and system for an address translation device
40 7,689,743 Data copy system apparatus and method
41 7,689,734 Method for toggling non-adjacent channel identifiers during DMA double buffering operations
42 7,689,718 Channel subsystem server time protocol commands and system therefor
43 7,689,707 Exchanging files between computers
44 7,689,701 Dual-component state token with state data direct access index for systems with high transaction volume and high number of unexpired tokens
45 7,689,695 System and method for distributed utility optimization in a messaging infrastructure
46 7,689,688 Multiple-application transaction monitoring facility for debugging and performance tuning
47 7,689,685 Autonomic monitoring for web high availability
48 7,689,679 Method to enable infiniband network bootstrap
49 7,689,671 System and method for multiple IP addresses during domain name resolution
50 7,689,667 Protocol to fix broken links on the world wide web
51 7,689,653 Apparatus and method controlling use of individual segments of instant messaging content
52 7,689,651 Enterprise system having a smart distance among artifacts, and apparatus and method for providing the smart distance among the artifacts
53 7,689,598 Method and system for file system synchronization between a central site and a plurality of remote sites
54 7,689,595 Automatic travel content capture tool for address book entries
55 7,689,592 Method, system and program product for determining objective function coefficients of a mathematical programming model
56 7,689,582 Data flow system and method for heterogeneous data integration environments
57 7,689,581 Sequential composition of schema mappings
58 7,689,578 Dealing with annotation versioning through multiple versioning policies and management thereof
59 7,689,576 Dilation of sub-flow operators in a data flow
60 7,689,574 Index and method for extending and querying index
61 7,689,555 Context insensitive model entity searching
62 7,689,553 Execution cost reduction of sampled queries in a database
63 7,689,552 UDDI metadata query development
64 7,689,551 Iterative data analysis enabled through query result abstraction
65 7,689,543 Search engine providing match and alternative answers using cumulative probability values
66 7,689,538 Autonomic recommendation and placement of materialized query tables for load distribution
67 7,689,537 Method, system, and computer program product for enhancing collaboration using a corporate social network
68 7,689,534 Affecting database file performance by allowing delayed query language trigger firing
69 7,689,529 System and method for application balanced scorecard optimizer
70 7,689,517 Cost management of software application portfolio
71 7,689,488 On-demand assembly of buyer simulacra
72 7,689,479 Product information protecting method and system
73 7,689,472 Request type grid computing
74 7,689,454 Dynamic selection of groups of outbound marketing events
75 7,689,453 Capturing marketing events and data models
76 7,689,435 Method and apparatus for creating and managing complex business processes
77 7,689,430 Access to web services
78 7,689,400 Reconstruction of data from simulation models
79 7,689,382 System for first pass filtering of anomalies and providing a base confidence level for resource usage prediction in a utility computing environment
80 7,689,355 Method and process for enabling advertising via landmark based directions
81 7,689,348 Intelligent redirection of vehicular traffic due to congestion and real-time performance metrics
82 7,689,295 Method and system for monitoring and control of complex systems based on a programmable network processor
83 7,689,202 System and method for providing personal and emergency service hailing in wireless network
84 7,689,077 Low differential delay chromatic dispersion compensator
85 7,688,959 Method for remotely connecting to a secure telephone network
86 7,688,931 Space and power efficient hybrid counters array
87 7,688,930 Using eFuses to store PLL configuration data
88 7,688,865 Method and system for clock skew and offset estimation
89 7,688,851 Virtual USB communications port
90 7,688,817 Real time transport protocol (RTP) processing component
91 7,688,737 Latency hiding message passing protocol
92 7,688,654 Structure for differential eFUSE sensing without reference fuses
93 7,688,650 Write control method for a memory array configured with multiple memory subarrays
94 7,688,611 CAM asynchronous search-line switching
95 7,688,536 Variable power write driver circuit
96 7,688,456 Assessment and optimization for metrology instrument
97 7,688,418 Liquid crystal display panel
98 7,688,349 Method of detecting and tracking groups of people
99 7,688,320 Methods and systems for texture prefetching based on a most recently hit primitive algorithm
100 7,688,142 High performance variable gain amplifier, method of use and design structure
101 7,688,095 Interposer structures and methods of manufacturing the same
102 7,688,089 Compliant membrane thin film interposer probe for intergrated circuit device testing
103 7,688,058 Integrated spectrum analyzer circuits and methods for providing on-chip diagnostics
104 7,687,913 Recovery of hydrophobicity of low-k and ultra low-k organosilicate films used as inter metal dielectrics
105 7,687,894 IC chip package having automated tolerance compensation
106 7,687,883 Electronically programmable antifuse and circuits made therewith
107 7,687,877 Interconnect structure with a mushroom-shaped oxide capping layer and method for fabricating same
108 7,687,867 Inexpensive method of fabricating a higher performance capacitance density MIMcap integrable into a copper interconnect scheme
109 7,687,865 Method and structure to reduce contact resistance on thin silicon-on-insulator device
110 7,687,863 Selective incorporation of charge for transistor channels
111 7,687,829 Stressed field effect transistors on hybrid orientation substrate
112 7,687,816 Light emitting diode
113 7,687,804 Method for fabricating a semiconductor structures and structures thereof
114 7,687,395 Contact aperture and contact via with stepped sidewall and methods for fabrication thereof
115 7,687,391 Electrically optimized and structurally protected via structure for high speed signals
116 7,687,365 CMOS structure for body ties in ultra-thin SOI (UTSOI) substrates
117 7,687,340 Protect diodes for hybrid-orientation substrate structures
118 7,687,338 Method of reducing embedded SiGe loss in semiconductor device manufacturing
119 7,687,309 CMOS-process-compatible programmable via device
120 7,687,210 Space tolerance with stitching
121 7,687,207 System for coloring a partially colored design in an alternating phase shift mask
122 7,686,886 Controlled shape semiconductor layer by selective epitaxy under seed structure
123 7,686,619 Apparatus, system, and method for a configurable blade card
124 7,686,526 Document feeder device
125 7,686,217 Retail environment
126 7,685,708 Multipoint nanoprobe method of making