IBM patents granted on 30 November 2010

142 US patents granted on 30 November 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,845,013 Method and system for protecting the security of an open file in a computing environment
2 7,845,007 Method and system for intrusion detection in a computer network
3 7,845,006 Mitigating malicious exploitation of a vulnerability in a software application by selectively trapping execution along a code path
4 7,845,005 Method for preventing malicious software installation on an internet-connected computer
5 7,845,004 Correlating network information and intrusion information to find the entry point of an attack upon a protected computer
6 7,844,998 Apparatus and method for autonomic email access control
7 7,844,978 Artifact management for an extensible runtime environment
8 7,844,977 Identifying unnecessary synchronization objects in software applications
9 7,844,974 Method and system for optimizing file table usage
10 7,844,970 Method and apparatus to control priority preemption of tasks
11 7,844,965 Providing user applications for accessing data on multiple platforms from a removable storage medium
12 7,844,960 Optimizing software program execution during class loading phase
13 7,844,955 Performance computer program testing after source code modification using execution conditions
14 7,844,952 Grouping threads in a debugger display
15 7,844,949 Computer method and apparatus for software configuration management repository interoperation
16 7,844,948 Maintaining multiple valid concurrent serialized object versions
17 7,844,942 System and method for model driven transformation filtering
18 7,844,938 Data correcting hierarchical integrated circuit layout accommodating compensate for long range critical dimension variation
19 7,844,933 Methods of optimizing timing of signals in an integrated circuit design using proxy slack values
20 7,844,932 Method to identify timing violations outside of manufacturing specification limits
21 7,844,931 Method and computer system for optimizing the signal time behavior of an electronic circuit design
22 7,844,928 Method and apparatus for evaluating integrated circuit design performance using enhanced basic block vectors that include data dependent information
23 7,844,925 System and method for power domain optimization
24 7,844,917 Optimal display of multiple windows within a computer display
25 7,844,909 Dynamically rendering a button in a hypermedia content browser
26 7,844,892 Method and system for display of business intelligence data
27 7,844,871 Test interface for memory elements
28 7,844,869 Implementing enhanced LBIST testing of paths including arrays
29 7,844,866 Mechanism to report operating system events on an intelligent platform management interface compliant server
30 7,844,863 Ramped error logging system
31 7,844,860 Apparatus and computer program product in a processor for performing in-memory tracing using existing communication paths
32 7,844,859 Method and apparatus for instruction trace registers
33 7,844,853 Methods and apparatus for restoring a node state
34 7,844,849 System and method for identifying and manipulating logic analyzer data from multiple clock domains
35 7,844,846 System and method for analyzing dynamic CPU voltage
36 7,844,843 Implementing power savings in HSS clock-gating circuit
37 7,844,816 Relying party trust anchor based public key technology framework
38 7,844,807 Branch target address cache storing direct predictions
39 7,844,802 Instructions for ordering execution in pipelined processes
40 7,844,799 Method and system for pipeline reduction
41 7,844,793 System and method for managing memory compression transparent to an operating system
42 7,844,788 Mirroring system memory in non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM) for fast power on/off cycling
43 7,844,783 Method for automatically detecting an attempted invalid access to a memory address by a software application in a mainframe computer
44 7,844,781 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for accessing process local storage of another process
45 7,844,780 Priority-based memory prefetcher
46 7,844,779 Method and system for intelligent and dynamic cache replacement management based on efficient use of cache for individual processor core
47 7,844,778 Intelligent cache replacement mechanism with varying and adaptive temporal residency requirements
48 7,844,771 System, method and storage medium for a memory subsystem command interface
49 7,844,769 Computer system having an apportionable data bus and daisy chained memory chips
50 7,844,756 Selection of data mover for data transfer
51 7,844,752 Method, apparatus and program storage device for enabling multiple asynchronous direct memory access task executions
52 7,844,746 Accessing an effective address and determining whether the effective address is associated with remotely coupled I/O adapters
53 7,844,744 Providing server security via a security sensor application shared by multiple operating system partitions
54 7,844,739 Method for aspect oriented web service invocation
55 7,844,735 Determining address of edge server by using authoritative domain name server and bypassing assigned domain name server
56 7,844,720 Managing database connections
57 7,844,714 Intelligent network information server (NIS) server search
58 7,844,709 Method and apparatus for managing central processing unit resources of a logically partitioned computing environment without shared memory access
59 7,844,703 System and method of measurement for a distributed computer system
60 7,844,693 Methods and systems involving monitoring website content
61 7,844,673 Filtering features for multiple minimized instant message chats
62 7,844,672 Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing email in a client-server environment
63 7,844,663 Methods, systems, and computer program products for gathering information and statistics from a community of nodes in a network
64 7,844,647 System and method of informing users of changes in geographically bound rules
65 7,844,643 Storage management system with integrated continuous data protection and remote copy
66 7,844,637 Method for managing keyboard navigation within a tree control structure user interface component via a linked list
67 7,844,635 Method and computer program product for dynamic weighting of an ontological data model
68 7,844,634 Focused community discovery in network
69 7,844,633 System and method for storage, management and automatic indexing of structured documents
70 7,844,631 Method, system, and storage medium for providing a dynamic, multi-dimensional commodity modeling process
71 7,844,630 Method and structure for fast in-place transformation of standard full and packed matrix data formats
72 7,844,629 Querying markup language data sources using a relational query processor
73 7,844,623 Method to provide management of query output
74 7,844,620 Real time data replication for query execution in a massively parallel computer
75 7,844,618 Techniques for managing interdependent data objects
76 7,844,616 Method, system, and program product for discovering relevant information in a dynamic information system
77 7,844,613 Data warehouse with operational layer
78 7,844,612 Method for pruning objects in a service registry and repository
79 7,844,607 Annotation of query components
80 7,844,601 Quality of service feedback for technology-neutral data reporting
81 7,844,596 System and method for aiding file searching and file serving by indexing historical filenames and locations
82 7,844,585 Method, system, and program for managing locks and transactions
83 7,844,574 Systems, methods and computer program products for automatic network-based persistent XML storage and management
84 7,844,564 System and method of load balancing using fuzzy logic
85 7,844,562 Method and knowledge structures for reasoning about concepts, relations, and rules
86 7,844,561 Problem determination rules processing
87 7,844,552 Shared software agent for customer relations management services
88 7,844,509 Method and apparatus for monitoring depletion of an item
89 7,844,508 On-demand monitoring of component convergence for customer solution integration
90 7,844,506 Method, system, and program product for automatically populating a field of a record
91 7,844,496 Method and system for processing a request of a customer
92 7,844,485 Method and apparatus for playing audible advertisements on a communication device
93 7,844,480 Method and system for planning and managing multiple projects on demand with critical chain and replenishment
94 7,844,468 Second site control of article transport processing
95 7,844,446 Method and system for multiprocessor emulation on a multiprocessor host system
96 7,844,441 Computer-implemented method, system and program product for approximating resource consumption of computer system
97 7,844,435 Integrated circuit chip having on-chip signal integrity and noise verification using frequency dependent RLC extraction and modeling techniques
98 7,844,422 Method and system for changing a description for a state transition function of a state machine engine
99 7,844,418 Methods for distributing a random variable using statistically-correct spatial interpolation
100 7,844,354 Adjusting the volume of an audio element responsive to a user scrolling through a browser window
101 7,844,247 System for automatic wireless utilization of cellular telephone devices in an emergency by co-opting nearby cellular telephone devices
102 7,844,099 Inspection method for protecting image sensor devices with front surface protection
103 7,844,082 Method and system for biometric authentication
104 7,844,002 Method and system for multiple pass video coding
105 7,843,961 Hardware device emulation
106 7,843,919 Ethernet virtualization using a network packet alteration
107 7,843,915 Packet filtering by applying filter rules to a packet bytestream
108 7,843,871 Method of reestablishing communication by a mobile node upon recovery from an abrupt shut down
109 7,843,861 Coalition formation and service provisioning of bandwidth sharing AD HOC networks
110 7,843,852 Portable device for fibre channel configuration and analysis
111 7,843,837 Management of protocol information in PNNI hierarchical networks
112 7,843,836 Systems, methods and computer program products for controlling high speed network traffic in server blade environments
113 7,843,827 Method and device for configuring a network device
114 7,843,795 Storage device and method for operating a storage device
115 7,843,742 Method of controlling memory and memory system thereof
116 7,843,685 Duct system for high power adapter cards
117 7,843,683 Airflow bypass damper
118 7,843,663 Retaining gate for deep storage slot retention of storage cartridges
119 7,843,592 Editing and browsing images for virtual cameras
120 7,843,471 Persistent authenticating mechanism to map real world object presence into virtual world object awareness
121 7,843,317 Environmentally sensitive electronic device
122 7,843,069 Wire bond pads
123 7,843,067 Method and structure of integrated rhodium contacts with copper interconnects
124 7,843,063 Microstructure modification in copper interconnect structure
125 7,843,062 Thermally programmable anti-reverse engineering interconnects wherein interconnects only conduct when heated above room temperature
126 7,843,039 Stress-modified device structures, methods of fabricating such stress-modified device structures, and design structures for an integrated circuit
127 7,843,024 Method and structure for improving device performance variation in dual stress liner technology
128 7,843,016 Asymmetric field effect transistor structure and method
129 7,843,007 Metal high-k transistor having silicon sidewall for reduced parasitic capacitance
130 7,843,005 SOI radio frequency switch with reduced signal distortion
131 7,842,940 Structure and method to form semiconductor-on-pores (SOP) for high device performance and low manufacturing cost
132 7,842,592 Channel strain engineering in field-effect-transistor
133 7,842,580 Structure and method for buried inductors for ultra-high resistivity wafers for SOI/RF SiGe applications
134 7,842,562 Strained-channel fin field effect transistor (FET) with a uniform channel thickness and separate gates
135 7,842,554 VLSI hot-spot minimization using nanotubes
136 7,842,552 Semiconductor chip packages having reduced stress
137 7,841,522 Apparatus, system, and method for measuring light-weight purchase items
138 7,841,510 Method and apparatus providing fine alignment of a structure relative to a support
139 7,841,508 Elliptic C4 with optimal orientation for enhanced reliability in electronic packages
140 7,841,385 Dual-chamber fluid pump for a multi-fluid electronics cooling system and method
141 7,841,078 Method of optimizing land grid array geometry
142 7,841,069 Method for manufacturing a thin closure magnetic head