IBM patents granted on 30 October 2007

130 US patents granted on 30 October 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,290,287 Security screening of electronic devices by device identifier
2 7,290,267 Multi-protocol object distribution
3 7,290,265 Exposing J2C interface properties
4 7,290,261 Method and logical apparatus for rename register reallocation in a simultaneous multi-threaded (SMT) processor
5 7,290,260 Dynamic processor redistribution between partitions in a computing system
6 7,290,256 Separations-of-duties analysis tool for object-oriented integrated enterprise wide computing applications
7 7,290,255 Autonomic method and apparatus for local program code reorganization using branch count per instruction hardware
8 7,290,252 Method and apparatus for building executable computer programs using compiled program libraries
9 7,290,238 Method, system and program product for building an automated datapath system generating tool
10 7,290,235 Method and system for embedding wire model objects in a circuit schematic design
11 7,290,233 Method for netlist path characteristics extraction
12 7,290,229 Method and system for optimized handling of constraints during symbolic simulation
13 7,290,228 Hardware accelerator with a single partition for latches and combinational logic
14 7,290,226 Via redundancy based on subnet timing information, target via distant along path from source and/or target via net/subnet characteristic
15 7,290,222 Methods, systems and computer program products for providing tree diagram graphical user interfaces having secondary expansion capabilities
16 7,290,220 Method and apparatus for non-sequential access of form fields
17 7,290,219 System and method for selection based action bar
18 7,290,214 Independent deferred incremental refresh of materialized views
19 7,290,206 Converting documents using a global property indicating whether event logging is performed on conversion filters
20 7,290,203 Dynamic memory architecture employing passive expiration of data
21 7,290,199 Method and system for improved buffer utilization for disk array parity updates
22 7,290,191 Functional frequency testing of integrated circuits
23 7,290,187 Segmented algorithmic pattern generator
24 7,290,185 Methods and apparatus for reducing memory errors
25 7,290,181 Apparatus and method for context-sensitive error event notification
26 7,290,180 Method to use an alternate I/O debug path
27 7,290,170 Arbitration method and system for redundant controllers, with output interlock and automatic switching capabilities
28 7,290,159 Fixed latency data computation and chip crossing circuits and methods for synchronous input to output protocol translator supporting multiple reference oscillator frequencies
29 7,290,152 Method and system for managing power within a compute component of a multiprocessor system
30 7,290,150 Information integration across autonomous enterprises
31 7,290,136 Security enhancements for pervasive devices
32 7,290,131 Guaranteeing hypertext link integrity
33 7,290,112 System and method for virtualization of processor resources
34 7,290,110 System and method of squeezing memory slabs empty
35 7,290,107 Direct deposit using locking cache
36 7,290,106 Method for processor to use locking cache as part of system memory
37 7,290,099 Using parallelism for clear status track processing during error handling behavior in a storage system
38 7,290,094 Processor, data processing system, and method for initializing a memory block to an initialization value without a cache first obtaining a data valid copy
39 7,290,092 Runtime register allocator
40 7,290,087 Adaptive grouping in object raid
41 7,290,086 Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing asynchronous status messaging in a data storage system
42 7,290,085 Method and system for flexible and efficient protocol table implementation
43 7,290,077 Event queue structure and method
44 7,290,070 Multiple logical input/output subsystem facility
45 7,290,068 Apparatus and method for writing information to a designated information storage medium with an allocated data storage device using a specified information recording
46 7,290,065 Method, system and product for serializing hardware reset requests in a software communication request queue
47 7,290,029 Input system and method in which candidate characters submitted by a user are recognized and recognized characters are returned to the user
48 7,290,028 Methods, systems and computer program products for providing transactional quality of service
49 7,290,027 Circuit suitable for use in a carry lookahead adder
50 7,290,026 Low-power high-speed 4-2 compressor with minimized transistor count
51 7,290,023 High performance implementation of exponent adjustment in a floating point design
52 7,290,012 Apparatus, system, and method for passing data between an extensible markup language document and a hierarchical database
53 7,290,007 Method and apparatus for recording and managing data object relationship data
54 7,289,998 Method to update a data structure disposed in an embedded device
55 7,289,996 Data transmission management
56 7,289,992 Method, system, and program for lock and transaction management
57 7,289,991 Apparatus, system, and method for sorting character representations of data
58 7,289,990 Method and apparatus for reducing index sizes and increasing performance of non-relational databases
59 7,289,989 Pattern based web services
60 7,289,984 Sampling approach for data mining of association rules
61 7,289,983 Personalized indexing and searching for information in a distributed data processing system
62 7,289,981 Using text search engine for parametric search
63 7,289,980 Method and system for managing preferred web site links
64 7,289,978 Substituting parameter markers for literals in database query language statement to promote reuse of previously generated access plans
65 7,289,968 Forecasting demand for critical parts in a product line
66 7,289,962 Compressed list presentation for speech user interfaces
67 7,289,947 Finding and removing performance bottlenecks in large systems
68 7,289,939 Mechanism for on-line prediction of future performance measurements in a computer system
69 7,289,926 System and method for examining high-frequency clock-masking signal patterns at full speed
70 7,289,885 Dual purpose media drive providing control path to shared robotic device in automated data storage library
71 7,289,864 Feature dimension deviation correction system, method and program product
72 7,289,815 Transponder subsystem for supporting location awareness in wireless networks
73 7,289,814 System and method for detecting proximity between mobile device users
74 7,289,789 Wireless communications device and method for use with telephone network edge node providing privacy
75 7,289,679 System and method for measuring image quality using compressed image data
76 7,289,659 Method and apparatus for manufacturing diamond shaped chips
77 7,289,658 Removal of relatively unimportant shapes from a set of shapes
78 7,289,624 Managing use of experts by callers waiting in a hold queue
79 7,289,608 Method and system for visually rearranging telephone call trees
80 7,289,572 Method and system for scalable pre-driver to driver interface
81 7,289,527 Admission control in networked services
82 7,289,523 Data packet switch and method of operating same
83 7,289,509 Apparatus and method of splitting a data stream over multiple transport control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) connections
84 7,289,444 Method for providing bounded latency in a real-time data processing system
85 7,289,422 Optical devices having transmission enhanced by surface plasmon mode resonance, and their use in data recording
86 7,289,370 Methods and apparatus for accessing memory
87 7,289,369 DRAM hierarchical data path
88 7,289,331 Interposable heat sink for adjacent memory modules
89 7,289,111 Resistive touch pad with multiple regions of sensitivity
90 7,289,027 Network management using suppressible RFID tags
91 7,289,025 Method and system for securing an electronic device
92 7,289,006 Method and apparatus for implementing common mode cable noise suppression for medium range frequencies
93 7,289,000 Clock scaling to optimize PLL clock generation accuracy
94 7,288,981 Voltage translator circuits using capacitive techniques
95 7,288,975 Method and apparatus for fail-safe and restartable system clock generation
96 7,288,840 Structure for cooling a surface
97 7,288,839 Apparatus and methods for cooling semiconductor integrated circuit package structures
98 7,288,829 Bipolar transistor with self-aligned retrograde extrinsic base implant profile and self-aligned silicide
99 7,288,827 Self-aligned mask formed utilizing differential oxidation rates of materials
100 7,288,821 Structure and method of three dimensional hybrid orientation technology
101 7,288,814 Selective post-doping of gate structures by means of selective oxide growth
102 7,288,805 Double gate isolation
103 7,288,804 Electrically programmable .pi.-shaped fuse structures and methods of fabrication thereof
104 7,288,802 Virtual body-contacted trigate
105 7,288,788 Predoped transfer gate for an image sensor
106 7,288,492 Method for forming interconnects on thin wafers
107 7,288,482 Silicon nitride etching methods
108 7,288,478 Method for performing chemical shrink process over BARC (bottom anti-reflective coating)
109 7,288,475 Sacrificial inorganic polymer intermetal dielectric damascene wire and via liner
110 7,288,474 Suspension for filling via holes in silicon and method for making the same
111 7,288,465 Semiconductor wafer front side protection
112 7,288,451 Method and structure for forming self-aligned, dual stress liner for CMOS devices
113 7,288,446 Single and double-gate pseudo-FET devices for semiconductor materials evaluation
114 7,288,445 Double gated transistor and method of fabrication
115 7,288,443 Structures and methods for manufacturing p-type MOSFET with graded embedded silicon-germanium source-drain and/or extension
116 7,288,417 On-chip signal transformer for ground noise isolation
117 7,288,362 Immersion topcoat materials with improved performance
118 7,288,292 Ultra low k (ULK) SiCOH film and method
119 7,288,218 Deaggregated electrically conductive polymers and precursors thereof
120 7,288,177 Selective shield/material flow mechanism
121 7,288,161 Reworkable adhesives containing thermally labile groups
122 7,288,155 Method for the rapid thermal control of a work piece in liquid or supercritical fluid
123 7,288,134 Dumbbell-like nanoparticles and a process of forming the same
124 7,287,917 System and method for installing and retaining I/O connector without tools
125 7,287,740 Hoisting apparatus
126 7,287,708 Cooling system control with clustered management services
127 7,287,694 Method and system for context-based automated product identification and verification
128 7,287,685 Structure and method to gain substantial reliability improvements in lead-free BGAs assembled with lead-bearing solders
129 7,287,468 Nickel alloy plated structure
130 7,287,325 Method of forming interconnect structure or interconnect and via structures using post chemical mechanical polishing