IBM patents granted on 30 September 2014

128 US patents granted on 30 September 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,850,594 Digital rights management of captured content based on capture associated locations
2 8,850,589 Training classifiers for program analysis
3 8,850,578 Network intrusion detection
4 8,850,561 Associating operating system native authorizations with console roles
5 8,850,558 Controlling access to a process using a separate hardware device
6 8,850,557 Processor and data processing method with non-hierarchical computer security enhancements for context states
7 8,850,556 Interactive video captcha
8 8,850,467 System and method for monitoring video performance
9 8,850,454 Method and computer program product for integrating a first application providing a B2B gateway and one or more second applications
10 8,850,452 Correlating parts of composite transactions involving asynchronous calling mechanisms
11 8,850,451 Subscribing for application messages in a multicast messaging environment
12 8,850,450 Warning track interruption facility
13 8,850,447 Managing resources in a multiprocessing computer system
14 8,850,445 Scheduling flows in a multi-platform cluster environment
15 8,850,441 Lock control in multiple processor systems
16 8,850,440 Managing the processing of processing requests in a data processing system comprising a plurality of processing environments
17 8,850,438 Managing the processing of processing requests in a data processing system comprising a plurality of processing environments
18 8,850,430 Migration of virtual machines
19 8,850,426 Managing remote deployment of a virtual machine and service request to be processed by the virtual machines based on network bandwith and storage connectivity
20 8,850,423 Assisting server migration
21 8,850,417 Method and framework for invisible code rewriting
22 8,850,410 System using a unique marker with each software code-block
23 8,850,405 Generating sound and minimal security reports based on static analysis of a program
24 8,850,402 Determining performance of a software entity
25 8,850,397 Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with client-specific display of local variables
26 8,850,395 Managing graphical user interface (GUI) objects in a testing environment
27 8,850,393 Method and apparatus for testing software
28 8,850,383 Navigation-independent access to elements of an integrated development environment (IDE) using uniform resource locators (URLs)
29 8,850,380 Selective voltage binning within a three-dimensional integrated chip stack
30 8,850,378 Hierarchical design of integrated circuits with multi-patterning requirements
31 8,850,375 Integrated circuit design and simulation
32 8,850,373 Setting switch size and transition pattern in a resonant clock distribution system
33 8,850,372 Method and system for performing invariant-guided abstraction of a logic design
34 8,850,363 Techniques for choosing a position on a display having a cursor
35 8,850,342 Splitting avatars in a virtual world
36 8,850,332 Object selection in web page authoring
37 8,850,331 System and method for item inquiry and information presentation via standard communication paths
38 8,850,330 Editing repeating calendar events
39 8,850,290 Error rate threshold for storage of data
40 8,850,273 Dynamic hardware watchpoint
41 8,850,270 Test selection
42 8,850,269 Unfusing a failing part of an operator graph
43 8,850,266 Effective validation of execution units within a processor
44 8,850,265 Processing test cases for applications to be tested
45 8,850,262 Inter-processor failure detection and recovery
46 8,850,240 Branch circuit determination with synchronous correlation
47 8,850,166 Load pair disjoint facility and instruction therefore
48 8,850,163 Automatically routing super-compute interconnects
49 8,850,153 Enabling throttling on average write throughput for solid state storage devices
50 8,850,147 Deleting relations in multi-target, point-in-time-copy architectures with data deduplication
51 8,850,141 System and method for mirroring data
52 8,850,139 Changing ownership of cartridges
53 8,850,129 Memory ordered store system in a multiprocessor computer system
54 8,850,127 Managing concurrent accesses to a cache
55 8,850,122 Cache optimization via predictive cache size modification
56 8,850,115 Memory package utilizing at least two types of memories
57 8,850,106 Populating strides of tracks to demote from a first cache to a second cache
58 8,850,095 Livelock prevention mechanism in a ring shaped interconnect utilizing round robin sampling
59 8,850,054 Hypertext transfer protocol live streaming
60 8,849,987 Automated discovery of a topology of a distributed computing environment
61 8,849,980 Apparatus, system, and method for monitoring computer system components
62 8,849,974 Social network based information discovery about network data processing systems
63 8,849,939 Coordinating write sequences in a data storage system
64 8,849,920 Management of broadcast-distributed data entities
65 8,849,919 Space-efficient mail storing and archiving based on communication structure
66 8,849,918 Electronic mail management system
67 8,849,916 Infrastructure management operational workflows
68 8,849,915 Ease of use feature for audio communications within chat conferences
69 8,849,895 Associating user selected content management directives with user selected ratings
70 8,849,893 Querying a dynamic database with an electronic message directed to subscribers of a publish/subscribe computer service
71 8,849,888 Candidate set solver with user advice
72 8,849,875 Remembered set overhead reduction by deferred garbage collection of stable regions
73 8,849,857 Techniques for performing data loss prevention
74 8,849,851 Optimizing restoration of deduplicated data
75 8,849,828 Refinement and calibration mechanism for improving classification of information assets
76 8,849,823 Interactive visualization of temporal event data and correlated outcomes
77 8,849,811 Enhancing cluster analysis using document metadata
78 8,849,803 Data collection for usage based insurance
79 8,849,797 Database query governor with tailored thresholds
80 8,849,766 Information processor, information processing system, data archiving method, and data deletion method
81 8,849,760 Determining whether predefined data controlled by a server is replicated to a client machine
82 8,849,754 Managing topical overlap during publication and subscription
83 8,849,750 Synchronization for initialization of a remote mirror storage facility
84 8,849,745 Decision support methods and apparatus
85 8,849,744 Inconsistency robustness in scalable OLAP cubes
86 8,849,688 System for assignment routing, delegation and reassignment
87 8,849,666 Conference call service with speech processing for heavily accented speakers
88 8,849,653 Updating dictionary during application installation
89 8,849,643 Table-lookup-based models for yield analysis acceleration
90 8,849,631 Protocol independent telephony call lifecycle management scheme
91 8,849,630 Techniques to predict three-dimensional thermal distributions in real-time
92 8,849,561 Determining the location of an incident affecting traffic
93 8,849,440 Manufacturing control based on a final design structure incorporating both layout and client-specific manufacturing information
94 8,849,244 Providing network access
95 8,848,918 Method and system for deleting data
96 8,848,614 Cooperative mobility management in a mobile data network with data breakout at the edge
97 8,848,566 Quality of service prediction and call failover
98 8,848,528 Network data flow collection and processing
99 8,848,517 Fencing off switch domains
100 8,848,471 Method for optimizing refresh rate for DRAM
101 8,848,470 Memory operation upon failure of one of two paired memory devices
102 8,848,414 Memory system incorporating a circuit to generate a delay signal and an associated method of operating a memory system
103 8,847,985 Protecting screen information
104 8,847,950 Holographic enterprise network
105 8,847,796 Data decompression utilizing pre-expanded dictionaries during decompression
106 8,847,729 Just in time visitor authentication and visitor access media issuance for a physical site
107 8,847,636 Implementing voltage feedback gate protection for CMOS output drivers
108 8,847,416 Multi-layer chip overlay target and measurement
109 8,847,401 Semiconductor structure incorporating a contact sidewall spacer with a self-aligned airgap and a method of forming the semiconductor structure
110 8,847,354 Metal-insulator-metal capacitors with high capacitance density
111 8,847,348 Complementary bipolar inverter
112 8,847,338 Method for forming a self-aligned hard mask for contact to a tunnel junction
113 8,847,323 finFET devices
114 8,847,287 Janus complementary MEMS transistors and circuits
115 8,847,079 Method for producing an integrated device
116 8,846,851 Methods of ring opening polymerization and catalysts therefor
117 8,846,529 Electroless plating of cobalt alloys for on chip inductors
118 8,846,486 Deep well structures with single depth shallow trench isolation regions
119 8,846,481 Transistor and method of forming the transistor so as to have reduced base resistance
120 8,846,470 Metal trench capacitor and improved isolation and methods of manufacture
121 8,846,440 Germanium photodetector
122 8,846,296 Photoresist compositions
123 8,846,295 Photoresist composition containing a protected hydroxyl group for negative development and pattern forming method using thereof
124 8,846,191 Thermal expansion control employing platelet fillers
125 8,845,403 Individually cooling one or more computers in a rack of computers in a data center
126 8,845,206 Apparatus for plugging multiple connectors with spring loaded sleeves into an adapter simultaneously
127 8,844,801 Identification and trace of items within an assembly or manufacturing process
128 8,844,221 Arrangement for a laboratory room