IBM patents granted on 31 August 2010

143 US patents granted on 31 August 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,788,730 Secure bytecode instrumentation facility
2 7,788,725 Method and system for probing FCode in problem state memory
3 7,788,717 Apparatus, system, and method for selectively enabling a power-on password
4 7,788,710 Architecture and design for central authentication and authorization in an on-demand utility environment using a secured global hashtable
5 7,788,706 Dynamical dual permissions-based data capturing and logging
6 7,788,671 On-demand application resource allocation through dynamic reconfiguration of application cluster size and placement
7 7,788,661 Method and system for applying patches to a computer program concurrently with its execution
8 7,788,658 Computer code partitioning for enhanced performance
9 7,788,654 Method for construction of a linear-sized validation-plan of W3C XML schema grammars
10 7,788,648 System and method for the localization of released computer program
11 7,788,646 Method for optimizing integrated circuit device design and service
12 7,788,641 System and method for identifying concerns
13 7,788,639 Method and system for autonomic self-learning in selecting resources for dynamic provisioning
14 7,788,636 System and method for deriving stochastic performance evaluation model from annotated UML design model
15 7,788,618 Scalable dependent state element identification
16 7,788,617 Method of modeling and employing the CMOS gate slew and output load dependent pin capacitance during timing analysis
17 7,788,616 Method and system for performing heuristic constraint simplification
18 7,788,615 Computer program product for verification using reachability overapproximation
19 7,788,610 Random stimuli generation of memory maps and memory allocations
20 7,788,584 Computer-implemented method, system, and program product for hiding columns in an electronic table
21 7,788,569 Autonomic parity exchange
22 7,788,554 Design structure embodied in a machine readable medium for implementing SRAM cell write performance evaluation
23 7,788,552 Method to improve isolation of an open net fault in an interposer mounted module
24 7,788,539 Method and system to debug a command
25 7,788,534 Method for monitoring and managing a client device in a distributed autonomic computing environment
26 7,788,530 Storage server configuration despite an out-of-service storage adapter
27 7,788,529 Method for safely interrupting blocked work in a server
28 7,788,526 Providing enhanced tolerance of data loss in a disk array system
29 7,788,523 Method and apparatus for relating device name to physical location of device on a network
30 7,788,520 Administering a system dump on a redundant node controller in a computer system
31 7,788,479 Apparatus, system and method of ensuring that only randomly-generated numbers that have passed a test are used for cryptographic purposes
32 7,788,462 Resource management for data storage services
33 7,788,461 System and method for reclaiming allocated memory to reduce power in a data processing system
34 7,788,455 Memory pacing
35 7,788,453 Redirection of storage access requests based on determining whether write caching is enabled
36 7,788,452 Method and apparatus for tracking cached addresses for maintaining cache coherency in a computer system having multiple caches
37 7,788,450 Method and apparatus for efficiently accessing both aligned and unaligned data from a memory
38 7,788,449 Cache configuration in a database system
39 7,788,444 Multi-hit detection in associative memories
40 7,788,443 Transparent multi-hit correction in associative memories
41 7,788,442 Computer memory accessible in either power state of the computer
42 7,788,436 Method of operation of a portable computer apparatus with thermal enhancements and multiple modes of operation
43 7,788,432 System for performing a serial communication between a central control block and satellite components
44 7,788,429 Cross coupled unidirectional data ring
45 7,788,423 Method and apparatus for invalidating cache lines during direct memory access (DMA) write operations
46 7,788,406 Method and system for reducing look-up time in packet forwarding on computer networks
47 7,788,389 Program storage device for storage-aware flow resource
48 7,788,385 System and article of manufacture for controlling client access
49 7,788,375 Coordinating the monitoring, management, and prediction of unintended changes within a grid environment
50 7,788,362 Method and apparatus for the dynamic introduction of new attributes into policies
51 7,788,353 Checking and repairing a network configuration
52 7,788,350 Software distribution application supporting operating system installations
53 7,788,334 Multiple node remote messaging
54 7,788,323 Method and apparatus for sharing information in a virtual environment
55 7,788,316 Efficient server handling of multiple requests from a web browser
56 7,788,313 System for character validation and method therefor
57 7,788,310 Multi-dimensional transform for distributed memory network
58 7,788,306 On-demand numerical conversion
59 7,788,282 Methods and computer programs for database structure comparison
60 7,788,281 Evaluation of spatial rules over a mobile population
61 7,788,280 Method for visualisation of status data in an electronic system
62 7,788,273 User interface for faceted exploration
63 7,788,269 Integration of predefined multi-dimensional and flexibly-ordered dynamic search interfaces
64 7,788,268 In-place sorting using node specific mask width
65 7,788,256 Microeconomic mechanism for distributed indexing
66 7,788,253 Global anchor text processing
67 7,788,241 Method for reducing overhead of validating constraints in a database
68 7,788,231 Using a heartbeat signal to maintain data consistency for writes to source storage copied to target storage
69 7,788,230 Backing-up and restoring files including files referenced with multiple file names
70 7,788,213 System and method for a multiple disciplinary normalization of source for metadata integration with ETL processing layer of complex data across multiple claim engine sources in support of the creation of universal/enterprise healthcare claims record
71 7,788,205 Using stochastic models to diagnose and predict complex system problems
72 7,788,203 System and method of accident investigation for complex situations involving numerous known and unknown factors along with their probabilistic weightings
73 7,788,202 System and method for deriving a hierarchical event based database optimized for clinical applications
74 7,788,201 Method, system, and program product for dispatching an event to a rule using key-value pair
75 7,788,180 Method for managing human resources
76 7,788,168 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamically creating electronic contracts
77 7,788,135 Method for managing an electronic-commerce shopping cart
78 7,788,122 System and method for the development and deployment of service elements
79 7,788,118 Project management method and system
80 7,788,099 Method and apparatus for query expansion based on multimodal cross-vocabulary mapping
81 7,788,088 Natural language interaction with large databases
82 7,788,082 Computational linguistic statements for providing an autonomic computing environment
83 7,788,063 Utilizing gross vehicle weight to determine passenger numbers
84 7,788,058 Method and apparatus for diagnosing broken scan chain based on leakage light emission
85 7,788,057 Test apparatus and methods thereof
86 7,787,765 Method and apparatus device for initializing an end-to-end link in a fiber optic communications system
87 7,787,742 Compact optical permanent read-only recording discs with read-write sections enabling users to write data to personalize the discs to the users’ needs
88 7,787,621 Secure transmission using adaptive transformation and plural channels
89 7,787,612 Method and system for requesting help
90 7,787,577 Asynchronous interface methods and apparatus
91 7,787,490 Method and apparatus for multiplexing multiple protocol handlers on a shared memory bus
92 7,787,482 Independent drive enclosure blades in a blade server system with low cost high speed switch modules
93 7,787,474 Method and apparatus for deep packet processing
94 7,787,456 Checking and repairing a network configuration
95 7,787,446 Packet unstopper system for a parallel packet switch
96 7,787,405 Method for utilization of active power profiles used in prediction of power reserves for remote devices
97 7,787,375 Performing a recovery action in response to a credit depletion notification
98 7,787,367 Method and a system for flow control in a communication network
99 7,787,350 Data storage device
100 7,787,285 Independent-gate controlled asymmetrical memory cell and memory using the cell
101 7,787,284 Integrated circuit chip with improved array stability
102 7,787,258 Track-based support system for electronic cards
103 7,787,248 Multi-fluid cooling system, cooled electronics module, and methods of fabrication thereof
104 7,787,222 Over-voltage protection for voltage regulator modules of a parallel power system
105 7,787,204 Error correction coding of longitudinal position information
106 7,787,203 Error correction mapping
107 7,787,164 Apparatus and method to evaluate a holographic data storage medium
108 7,787,102 Real-time configurable masking
109 7,787,101 Apparatus and method for reducing contamination in immersion lithography
110 7,786,906 Modulation coding and decoding
111 7,786,905 Modulation coding and decoding
112 7,786,813 Interleaved voltage controlled oscillator
113 7,786,596 Hermetic seal and reliable bonding structures for 3D applications
114 7,786,588 Composite interconnect structure using injection molded solder technique
115 7,786,583 Integrated circuit chip utilizing oriented carbon nanotube conductive layers
116 7,786,579 Apparatus for crack prevention in integrated circuit packages
117 7,786,578 Eliminating metal-rich silicides using an amorphous Ni alloy silicide structure
118 7,786,549 Antifuse structure and system for closing thereof
119 7,786,535 Design structures for high-voltage integrated circuits
120 7,786,527 Sub-lithographic gate length transistor using self-assembling polymers
121 7,786,468 Layer transfer of low defect SiGe using an etch-back process
122 7,786,466 Carbon nanotube based integrated semiconductor circuit
123 7,786,380 Wall plate with a multiple flexible member covered opening
124 7,786,025 Activating dopants using multiple consecutive millisecond-range anneals
125 7,786,017 Utilizing inverse reactive ion etching lag in double patterning contact formation
126 7,786,001 Electrical interconnect structure and method
127 7,785,999 Formation of fully silicided metal gate using dual self-aligned silicide process
128 7,785,982 Structures containing electrodeposited germanium and methods for their fabrication
129 7,785,979 Integrated circuits comprising resistors having different sheet resistances and methods of fabricating the same
130 7,785,959 Method of multi-port memory fabrication with parallel connected trench capacitors in a cell
131 7,785,955 CMOS structure and method including multiple crystallographic planes
132 7,785,952 Partially and fully silicided gate stacks
133 7,785,950 Dual stress memory technique method and related structure
134 7,785,944 Method of making double-gated self-aligned finFET having gates of different lengths
135 7,785,943 Method for forming a multi-gate device with high k dielectric for channel top surface
136 7,785,939 Planar substrate with selected semiconductor crystal orientations formed by localized amorphization and recrystallization of stacked template layers
137 7,785,937 Electrical fuse having sublithographic cavities thereupon
138 7,785,934 Electronic fuses in semiconductor integrated circuits
139 7,785,025 Point of sale printer including an automated cover opening apparatus
140 7,784,673 Rotational fill techniques for injection molding of solder
141 7,784,669 Method and process for reducing undercooling in a lead-free tin-rich solder alloy
142 7,784,664 Fill head for injection molding of solder
143 7,784,146 Probe tip cleaning apparatus and method of use