IBM patents granted on 31 January 2012

206 US patents granted on 31 January 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,108,940 Method for protecting data from unauthorised access
2 8,108,932 Calculating a password strength score based upon character proximity and relative position upon an input device
3 8,108,928 Adaptive traitor tracing
4 8,108,910 Methods and apparatus for adaptively determining trust in client-server environments
5 8,108,908 Security methodology to prevent user from compromising throughput in a highly threaded network on a chip processor
6 8,108,907 Authentication of user database access
7 8,108,905 System and method for an isolated process to control address translation
8 8,108,880 Method and system for enabling state save and debug operations for co-routines in an event-driven environment
9 8,108,877 Affinity dispatching load balancer with precise CPU consumption data
10 8,108,876 Modifying an operation of one or more processors executing message passing interface tasks
11 8,108,875 Affinity dispatching load balancer with precise CPU consumption data
12 8,108,874 Minimizing variations of waiting times of requests for services handled by a processor
13 8,108,866 Heuristic based affinity dispatching for shared processor partition dispatching
14 8,108,864 Method and system for dynamically tracking arbitrary task dependencies on computers in a grid environment
15 8,108,860 Method for managing message flow in a multithreaded, message flow environment
16 8,108,858 Implementing an integrated user interface for managing multiple virtual machines operative in a computing system
17 8,108,857 Computer program product and method for capacity sizing virtualized environments
18 8,108,855 Method and apparatus for deploying a set of virtual software resource templates to a set of nodes
19 8,108,851 External registration for function configuration within a client platform application
20 8,108,849 Method and apparatus for generating computer programming code selectively optimized for execution performance and not optimized for serviceability
21 8,108,847 Pairing of spills for parallel registers
22 8,108,846 Compiling scalar code for a single instruction multiple data (SIMD) execution engine
23 8,108,843 Hybrid mechanism for more efficient emulation and method therefor
24 8,108,842 Method and apparatus for performing native binding
25 8,108,841 Minimizing interaction costs among components of computer programs
26 8,108,840 Method for enhancing debugger performance of hardware assisted breakpoints
27 8,108,839 Method and apparatus for tracing execution of computer programming code using dynamic trace enablement
28 8,108,838 System and method for adaptive run-time reconfiguration for a reconfigurable instruction set co-processor architecture
29 8,108,837 Accomodating different resolutions of references to components in composite applications
30 8,108,835 Method and system for enforcing version control
31 8,108,834 Defining and executing processes using declarative programming language constructs
32 8,108,829 Method for automating variables in end-user programming system
33 8,108,827 XML-based textual specification for rich-media content creation-systems and program products
34 8,108,825 Creating customized applications using templates having points of variability
35 8,108,823 User selected grid for logically representing an electronic circuit
36 8,108,822 Methodology for placement based on circuit function and latchup sensitivity
37 8,108,821 Reduction of logic and delay through latch polarity inversion
38 8,108,820 Enhanced conductivity in an airgapped integrated circuit
39 8,108,819 Object placement in integrated circuit design
40 8,108,818 Method and system for point-to-point fast delay estimation for VLSI circuits
41 8,108,817 Semiconductor structure and method of designing semiconductor structure to avoid high voltage initiated latch-up in low voltage sectors
42 8,108,816 Device history based delay variation adjustment during static timing analysis
43 8,108,815 Order independent method of performing statistical N-way maximum/minimum operation for non-Gaussian and non-linear distributions
44 8,108,813 Structure for a circuit obtaining desired phase locked loop duty cycle without pre-scaler
45 8,108,811 Validation of electrical performance of an electronic package prior to fabrication
46 8,108,804 Short path customized mask correction
47 8,108,803 Geometry based electrical hotspot detection in integrated circuit layouts
48 8,108,802 Method for forming arbitrary lithographic wavefronts using standard mask technology
49 8,108,801 Host screen transformation for mobile devices having a reduced display size
50 8,108,783 System and method of GUI overlaying for migrating from a first application to a second application
51 8,108,780 Collaboration widgets with user-modal voting preference
52 8,108,774 Avatar appearance transformation in a virtual universe
53 8,108,769 Presenting multimodal web page content on sequential multimode devices
54 8,108,768 Improving efficiency of content rule checking in a content management system
55 8,108,765 Identifying and annotating shared hierarchical markup document trees
56 8,108,753 Method of computing partial CRCs
57 8,108,752 Error correcting device, method, and program
58 8,108,750 RAID 3+3
59 8,108,739 High-speed testing of integrated devices
60 8,108,738 Data eye monitor method and apparatus
61 8,108,734 Intelligent rolling upgrade for data storage systems
62 8,108,733 Monitoring distributed software health and membership in a compute cluster
63 8,108,732 Apparatus and method to minimize performance degradation during communication path failure in a data processing system
64 8,108,731 Configuration validation system for computer clusters
65 8,108,714 Method and system for soft error recovery during processor execution
66 8,108,703 Power management server for managing power consumption
67 8,108,700 Power supply identification using a modified power good signal
68 8,108,696 Optimizing non-preemptible read-copy update for low-power usage by avoiding unnecessary wakeups
69 8,108,683 Mitigating dictionary attacks on password-protected local storage
70 8,108,681 Selecting bit positions for storing a digital watermark
71 8,108,666 System and method for transferring user preferences
72 8,108,662 Checkpointing a hybrid architecture computing system
73 8,108,657 Handling floating point operations
74 8,108,655 Selecting fixed-point instructions to issue on load-store unit
75 8,108,654 System and method for a group priority issue schema for a cascaded pipeline
76 8,108,649 Method of memory management for server-side scripting language runtime system
77 8,108,647 Digital data architecture employing redundant links in a daisy chain of component modules
78 8,108,638 Backup of deduplicated data
79 8,108,635 System, method and computer program product for copying data
80 8,108,619 Cache management for partial cache line operations
81 8,108,618 Method and apparatus for maintaining memory data integrity in an information handling system using cache coherency protocols
82 8,108,617 Method to bypass cache levels in a cache coherent system
83 8,108,616 Processing a data stream by accessing one or more hardware registers
84 8,108,613 Detection and recovery of dropped writes in storage devices
85 8,108,609 Structure for implementing dynamic refresh protocols for DRAM based cache
86 8,108,575 Methods of multi-server application synchronization without stopping I/O
87 8,108,573 Apparatus, system, and method for enqueue prioritization
88 8,108,570 Determining the state of an I/O operation
89 8,108,564 System and method for a configurable interface controller
90 8,108,549 Method for using the loopback interface in a computer system having multiple workload partitions
91 8,108,545 Packet coalescing in virtual channels of a data processing system in a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
92 8,108,537 Method and system for improving content diversification in data driven P2P streaming using source push
93 8,108,528 System and method for verifying the identity of a chat partner during an instant messaging session
94 8,108,522 Autonomic definition and management of distributed application information
95 8,108,514 High availability of internet protocol addresses within a cluster
96 8,108,503 Dynamic load balancing between chassis in a blade center
97 8,108,491 Method and system for control of access to global computer networks
98 8,108,490 Record/replay of user-input instructions to a web application
99 8,108,474 System and method for indication of IM tracking
100 8,108,467 Load balanced data processing performed on an application message transmitted between compute nodes of a parallel computer
101 8,108,456 Method and apparatus for migrating the system environment on which the applications depend
102 8,108,451 System and program products for efficiently locking resources of a global data repository
103 8,108,448 Improving locality with parallel hierarchical copying garbage collection
104 8,108,445 Maintaining and replicating chat histories
105 8,108,439 Method and device for displaying and browsing a multi-faceted data set
106 8,108,419 Virtually applying modifications
107 8,108,415 Query transformation
108 8,108,413 Method and apparatus for automatically discovering features in free form heterogeneous data
109 8,108,410 Determining veracity of data in a repository using a semantic network
110 8,108,403 User engagement during large file uploads
111 8,108,401 Applying various hash methods used in conjunction with a query with a group by clause
112 8,108,395 Automatic arrangement of portlets on portal pages according to semantical and functional relationship
113 8,108,381 System and method for analyzing electronic data records
114 8,108,375 Processing database queries by returning results of a first query to subsequent queries
115 8,108,373 Selecting an author of missing content in a content management system
116 8,108,367 Constraints with hidden rows in a database
117 8,108,366 Sequenced modification of multiple entities based on an abstract data representation
118 8,108,365 Consistency of a database management system
119 8,108,364 Representation of system clock changes in time based file systems
120 8,108,353 Method and apparatus for block size optimization in de-duplication
121 8,108,338 Method and system for model-based replication of data
122 8,108,337 Managing consistency groups using heterogeneous replication engines
123 8,108,332 Methods and systems for selecting features and using the selected features to perform a classification
124 8,108,330 Generating composite trust value scores, and atomic metadata values and associated composite trust value scores using a plurality of algorithms
125 8,108,263 Method, system, and computer readable medium for grouping orders and creating short orders
126 8,108,235 System and method for applying predictive metric analysis for a business monitoring subsystem
127 8,108,233 Method, system, and program product for generating an integrated business organizational view
128 8,108,226 System and program for electronically maintaining medical information between patients and physicians
129 8,108,206 Auto-generated to-do list
130 8,108,201 Method for emulating a native device on a host computer system
131 8,108,199 Phase events in a simulation model of a digital system
132 8,108,197 Method to verify an implemented coherency algorithm of a multi processor environment
133 8,108,196 System for yielding to a processor
134 8,108,195 Satisfiability (SAT) based bounded model checkers
135 8,108,193 Collaboration framework for modeling
136 8,108,180 End of life prediction of flash memory
137 8,108,179 End of life prediction of flash memory
138 8,108,098 Control appropriateness illumination for corrective response
139 8,108,065 Target of opportunity in an automated data storage library
140 8,108,063 User interface for color transfer control in textile processing equipment
141 8,107,952 Mobile device with an obfuscated mobile device user identity
142 8,107,936 Connecting a phone call to a mobile telecommunication device based on the time of day that the communication is initiated
143 8,107,886 Method and apparatus for user quality management for wireless networks
144 8,107,800 Method and structure to control thermal gradients in semiconductor wafers during rapid thermal processing
145 8,107,739 System and method for compiling images from a database and comparing the compiled images with known images
146 8,107,678 Detection of abandoned and removed objects in a video stream
147 8,107,677 Measuring a cohort’S velocity, acceleration and direction using digital video
148 8,107,676 Line length estimation
149 8,107,621 Encrypted file system mechanisms
150 8,107,620 Simple and efficient one-pass authenticated encryption scheme
151 8,107,482 Multipath discovery in switched ethernet networks
152 8,107,477 Cell or frame assembly method and apparatus optimizing the moving of data
153 8,107,463 System and method for history driven optimization of web services communication
154 8,107,451 Efficient deallocation of network resources based on network node location extrapolation
155 8,107,362 Multi-ring resilient packet ring add/drop device
156 8,107,360 Dynamic addition of redundant network in distributed system communications
157 8,107,359 Performing a changeover from a first virtual node to a second virtual node
158 8,107,353 Data storage device and method for operating a data storage system
159 8,107,309 Bias temperature instability-influenced storage cell
160 8,107,285 Read direction for spin-torque based memory device
161 8,107,276 Resistive memory devices having a not-and (NAND) structure
162 8,107,254 Integrating capacitors into vias of printed circuit boards
163 8,107,234 Variable flow computer cooling system for a data center and method of operation
164 8,107,233 Latching system for multiple nodes of a computer system
165 8,107,196 Systems having components coupled with electrostatic dissipative adhesive
166 8,107,194 Writing and reading multi-layer continuous magnetic recording media
167 8,107,189 Device and structure for reducing tape motion and static friction
168 8,107,186 Determination of timing based servo pattern type
169 8,107,181 Apparatus, system, and method for measuring magnetoresistive head resistance
170 8,107,100 Post deployment electronic document management and security solution
171 8,107,079 Multi layer alignment and overlay target and measurement method
172 8,106,890 Slide based technique for inputting a sequence of numbers for a computing device
173 8,106,881 System, computer program product and method of manipulating windows on portable computing devices through motion
174 8,106,776 Reading short distance emission RFID tags to locate items in a container
175 8,106,728 Circuit structure and design structure for an optionally switchable on-chip slow wave transmission line band-stop filter and a method of manufacture
176 8,106,515 Local metallization and use thereof in semiconductor devices
177 8,106,513 Copper damascene and dual damascene interconnect wiring
178 8,106,505 Assembly including plural through wafer vias, method of cooling the assembly and method of fabricating the assembly
179 8,106,485 Chemical oxide removal of plasma damaged SiCOH low k dielectrics
180 8,106,462 Balancing NFET and PFET performance using straining layers
181 8,106,458 SOI CMOS circuits with substrate bias
182 8,106,457 Silicon-on-insulator based radiation detection device and method
183 8,106,456 SOI transistors having an embedded extension region to improve extension resistance and channel strain characteristics
184 8,106,455 Threshold voltage adjustment through gate dielectric stack modification
185 8,106,439 Fin-type field effect transistor
186 8,106,432 CMOS imager photodiode with enhanced capacitance
187 8,106,383 Self-aligned graphene transistor
188 8,106,331 Apparatus for controlling alignment between precision ground plates and method of controlling a desired alignment between opposing precision ground plates
189 8,106,300 Split flex cable
190 8,105,960 Self-assembled sidewall spacer
191 8,105,955 Integrated circuit system with carbon and non-carbon silicon
192 8,105,940 Power distribution in a vertically integrated circuit
193 8,105,937 Conformal adhesion promoter liner for metal interconnects
194 8,105,936 Methods for forming dielectric interconnect structures
195 8,105,928 Graphene based switching device having a tunable bandgap
196 8,105,924 Deep trench based far subcollector reachthrough
197 8,105,901 Method for double pattern density
198 8,105,893 Diffusion sidewall for a semiconductor structure
199 8,105,892 Thermal dual gate oxide device integration
200 8,105,887 Inducing stress in CMOS device
201 8,105,861 CMOS image sensor with reduced dark current
202 8,105,859 In via formed phase change memory cell with recessed pillar heater
203 8,105,850 Process for selectively patterning a magnetic film structure
204 8,105,445 Method and apparatus for fast and local anneal of anti-ferromagnetic (AF) exchange-biased magnetic stacks
205 8,105,165 Controlling interaction between protected media
206 8,104,668 Method and apparatus providing fine alignment of a structure relative to a support