IBM patents granted on 31 July 2012

161 US patents granted on 31 July 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,234,712 Executable content filtering
2 8,234,695 Network security management for ambiguous user names
3 8,234,688 Managing privacy settings for a social network
4 8,234,680 Creation and use of test cases for automated testing of media-based applications
5 8,234,677 Method and system for selecting and broadcasting audio/video content based on location
6 8,234,667 Disk with embedded flash memory and disc drive
7 8,234,663 Transferring data from an application to a destination
8 8,234,662 Apparatus and system for producing atom feeds with J2CA adapters
9 8,234,655 Detection of duplicate memory pages across guest operating systems on a shared host
10 8,234,652 Performing setup operations for receiving different amounts of data while processors are performing message passing interface tasks
11 8,234,646 Fault tolerant mutual exclusion locks for shared memory systems
12 8,234,645 Deallocation of computer data in a multithreaded computer
13 8,234,644 Selecting a system management product for performance of system management tasks
14 8,234,642 Filtering processor requests based on identifiers
15 8,234,639 Autonomic auto-configuration using prior installation configuration relationships
16 8,234,636 Source code modification technique
17 8,234,634 Consistent method system and computer program for developing software asset based solutions
18 8,234,624 System and method for developing embedded software in-situ
19 8,234,615 Constraint programming based method for bus-aware macro-block pin placement in a hierarchical integrated circuit layout
20 8,234,612 Cone-aware spare cell placement using hypergraph connectivity analysis
21 8,234,611 System and method for modeling I/O simultaneous switching noise
22 8,234,606 Metal wiring structure for integration with through substrate vias
23 8,234,604 Co-optimization of embedded systems utilizing symbolic execution
24 8,234,603 Method for fast estimation of lithographic binding patterns in an integrated circuit layout
25 8,234,601 Test pattern for contour calibration in OPC model build
26 8,234,597 Tool and method to graphically correlate process and test data with specific chips on a wafer
27 8,234,594 Redundant micro-loop structure for use in an integrated circuit physical design process and method of forming the same
28 8,234,579 Aging and elimination of avatars and associated objects from computer simulated displayed virtual universes
29 8,234,574 Method and system for navigating through a repository of displays
30 8,234,570 Harvesting assets for packaged software application configuration
31 8,234,554 Soft error correction in sleeping processors
32 8,234,540 Error correcting code protected quasi-static bit communication on a high-speed bus
33 8,234,525 Method and system for anomaly detection in software programs with reduced false negatives
34 8,234,520 Wear leveling of solid state disks based on usage information of data and parity received from a raid controller
35 8,234,513 Power management method
36 8,234,506 Switching between unsecure system software and secure system software
37 8,234,502 Automated password authentication
38 8,234,499 Adaptive authentication solution that rewards almost correct passwords and that simulates access for incorrect passwords
39 8,234,486 Managing reboot operations
40 8,234,484 Quantifying completion stalls using instruction sampling
41 8,234,470 Data repository selection within a storage environment
42 8,234,464 Hybrid storage data migration by selective data removal
43 8,234,444 Apparatus and method to select a deduplication protocol for a data storage library
44 8,234,443 Controlling writing to magnetic tape
45 8,234,412 Method and system for transmitting compacted text data
46 8,234,410 Subscriber driven media agnostic content delivery across networks
47 8,234,406 Method of redirecting client requests to web services
48 8,234,396 Switching media streams in a client system based on environmental changes
49 8,234,386 System and method for delivering digital content
50 8,234,370 Determining web analytics information
51 8,234,345 Preserving a messaging service in a highly available environment
52 8,234,330 Programmatically managing connections between servers and clients
53 8,234,329 Event processing
54 8,234,309 Method for automatically modifying a tree structure
55 8,234,303 Single parse, diagram-assisted import into a unified modeling language based meta-model
56 8,234,300 Access to electronic social networks
57 8,234,299 Method and system for using fine-grained access control (FGAC) to control access to data in a database
58 8,234,298 System and method for determining driving factor in a data cube
59 8,234,297 Efficient computation of top-K aggregation over graph and network data
60 8,234,295 Managing uncertain data using Monte Carlo techniques
61 8,234,289 Restoration of conversation stub for recognized experts
62 8,234,287 Sorting records based on free text field content
63 8,234,283 Search reporting apparatus, method and system
64 8,234,270 System for enhancing decoding performance of text indexes
65 8,234,264 System and method for preferred services in nomadic environments
66 8,234,242 Maintaining a data structure with data set names and pointers to a plurality of catalogs
67 8,234,241 Methods, systems, and computer program products for reducing database workload volume
68 8,234,236 System and method for efficient allocation of resources in virtualized desktop environments
69 8,234,234 Utilizing ray tracing for enhanced artificial intelligence path-finding
70 8,234,229 Method and apparatus for prediction of computer system performance based on types and numbers of active devices
71 8,234,175 Device, system, and method of collaborative distribution of digital merchandise
72 8,234,172 System for securing card payment transactions using a mobile communication device
73 8,234,160 Providing consumers with incentives for healthy eating habits
74 8,234,146 Method and system for conducting online marketing research in a controlled manner
75 8,234,145 Automatic computation of validation metrics for global logistics processes
76 8,234,144 Method for simultaneously considering customer commit dates and customer request dates
77 8,234,130 Method for creating medical treatment models from a database of medical records
78 8,234,124 Allergy prevention
79 8,234,108 Building and contracting a linguistic dictionary
80 8,234,104 Simulation of digital circuits
81 8,234,100 General framework to predict parametric costs
82 8,234,016 Power metadata transfer over power lines
83 8,234,001 Tool commonality and stratification analysis to enhance a production process
84 8,233,807 Optical pulse amplication apparatus and method
85 8,233,622 Transmitting parallel data via high-speed serial interconnection
86 8,233,604 Automated call routing based on an active presence profile
87 8,233,593 Dynamically reconfigurable distributed interactive voice response system
88 8,233,530 Video scene matching on return from virtual rendering in a consumer digital video recording device
89 8,233,494 Hierarchical and incremental multivariate analysis for process control
90 8,233,391 System, method and computer program product for transmitting data entities
91 8,233,345 Phase change memory cycle timer and method
92 8,233,342 Apparatus and method for implementing write assist for static random access memory arrays
93 8,233,337 SRAM delay circuit that tracks bitcell characteristics
94 8,233,331 Single clock dynamic compare circuit
95 8,233,317 Phase change memory device suitable for high temperature operation
96 8,233,302 Content addressable memory with concurrent read and search/compare operations at the same memory cell
97 8,233,274 Computer chassis cooling sidecar
98 8,233,249 Magnetic tunnel junction transistor device
99 8,233,246 Multi-channel tape head having asymmetric channel arrays
100 8,233,190 User defined associations of colors to cartridges for color printers
101 8,233,070 Variable dynamic range pixel sensor cell, design structure and method
102 8,233,005 Object size modifications based on avatar distance
103 8,232,920 Integrated millimeter wave antenna and transceiver on a substrate
104 8,232,901 Determining an alternative character string
105 8,232,851 On-chip millimeter wave lange coupler
106 8,232,809 Determining critical current density for interconnect
107 8,232,680 Selecting a single AC source for a switching power supply
108 8,232,655 Bump pad metallurgy employing an electrolytic Cu / electorlytic Ni / electrolytic Cu stack
109 8,232,651 Bond pad for wafer and package for CMOS imager
110 8,232,649 Structure for interconnect structure containing various capping materials for electrical fuse and other related applications
111 8,232,648 Semiconductor article having a through silicon via and guard ring
112 8,232,647 Structure and process for metallization in high aspect ratio features
113 8,232,646 Interconnect structure for integrated circuits having enhanced electromigration resistance
114 8,232,645 Interconnect structures, design structure and method of manufacture
115 8,232,636 Reliability enhancement of metal thermal interface
116 8,232,627 Integrated circuit device with series-connected field effect transistors and integrated voltage equalization and method of forming the device
117 8,232,625 ESD network circuit with a through wafer via structure and a method of manufacture
118 8,232,624 Semiconductor structure having varactor with parallel DC path adjacent thereto
119 8,232,620 Electronic fuses in semiconductor integrated circuits
120 8,232,618 Semiconductor structure having a contact-level air gap within the interlayer dielectrics above a semiconductor device and a method of forming the semiconductor structure using a self-assembly approach
121 8,232,612 Semiconductor transistors having high-K gate dielectric layers, metal gate electrode regions, and low fringing capacitances
122 8,232,607 Borderless contact for replacement gate employing selective deposition
123 8,232,606 High-K dielectric and metal gate stack with minimal overlap with isolation region
124 8,232,604 Transistor with high-k dielectric sidewall spacer
125 8,232,603 Gated diode structure and method including relaxed liner
126 8,232,599 Bulk substrate FET integrated on CMOS SOI
127 8,232,516 Avalanche impact ionization amplification devices
128 8,232,215 Spacer linewidth control
129 8,232,211 Methods for self-aligned self-assembled patterning enhancement
130 8,232,210 Double patterning process for integrated circuit device manufacturing
131 8,232,204 Method of forming borderless contact for transistor
132 8,232,200 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having damascene interconnects therein with metal diffusion barrier layers and devices formed thereby
133 8,232,198 Self-aligned permanent on-chip interconnect structure formed by pitch splitting
134 8,232,196 Interconnect structure having a via with a via gouging feature and dielectric liner sidewalls for BEOL integration
135 8,232,195 Method for fabricating back end of the line structures with liner and seed materials
136 8,232,190 Three dimensional vertical E-fuse structures and methods of manufacturing the same
137 8,232,186 Methods of integrating reverse eSiGe on NFET and SiGe channel on PFET, and related structure
138 8,232,179 Method to improve wet etch budget in FEOL integration
139 8,232,177 Method of generating uniformly aligned well and isolation regions in a substrate and resulting structure
140 8,232,173 Structure and design structure for high-Q value inductor and method of manufacturing the same
141 8,232,172 Stress enhanced transistor devices and methods of making
142 8,232,171 Structure with isotropic silicon recess profile in nanoscale dimensions
143 8,232,165 Film wrapped NFET nanowire
144 8,232,164 Damascene method of forming a semiconductor structure and a semiconductor structure with multiple fin-shaped channel regions having different widths
145 8,232,163 Lateral epitaxial grown SOI in deep trench structures and methods of manufacture
146 8,232,162 Forming implanted plates for high aspect ratio trenches using staged sacrificial layer removal
147 8,232,156 Vertical heterojunction bipolar transistors with reduced base-collector junction capacitance
148 8,232,155 Structure and method for manufacturing device with a V-shape channel nMOSFET
149 8,232,153 Silicon device on Si:C-OI and SGOI and method of manufacture
150 8,232,151 Structure and method for manufacturing asymmetric devices
151 8,232,150 Structure and method of forming a transistor with asymmetric channel and source/drain regions
152 8,232,148 Structure and method to make replacement metal gate and contact metal
153 8,232,139 Integrated structures of high performance active devices and passive devices
154 8,232,115 Test structure for determination of TSV depth
155 8,231,692 Method for manufacturing an electronic device
156 8,231,284 Ultra-high bandwidth, multiple-channel full-duplex, single-chip CMOS optical transceiver
157 8,230,908 Heat sink for dissipating a thermal load
158 8,230,906 Dual-chamber fluid pump for a multi-fluid electronics cooling system and method
159 8,230,903 Low profile heat sink for semiconductor devices
160 8,230,592 Method for via stub elimination
161 8,230,586 Method of cooling a resistor