IBM patents granted on 31 March 2015

142 US patents granted on 31 March 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 8,997,245 Methods and apparatus for software license management
2 8,997,242 Methods and apparatus for software license management
3 8,997,222 Method and device for preventing CSRF attack
4 8,997,134 Controlling presentation flow based on content element feedback
5 8,997,115 Method for data delivery in a network
6 8,997,110 Resolving RCU-scheduler deadlocks
7 8,997,108 Analysis of operator graph and dynamic reallocation of a resource to improve performance
8 8,997,095 Preprovisioning using mutated templates
9 8,997,086 Fix delivery system
10 8,997,085 Image delta-based upgrade of complex stack in software appliance
11 8,997,071 Optimized division of work among processors in a heterogeneous processing system
12 8,997,062 Framework for a software error inject tool
13 8,997,060 Parallel program analysis and branch prediction
14 8,997,059 Reverse debugging
15 8,997,047 Dynamically updating code without requiring processes to restart
16 8,997,045 Processing proposed program code libraries in a networked computing environment
17 8,997,044 Overriding system attributes and function returns in a software subsystem
18 8,997,039 Injecting a fault into a stream operator in a data stream processing application
19 8,997,037 User customizable queries to populate model diagrams
20 8,997,030 Enhanced case-splitting based property checking
21 8,997,017 Controlling interactions via overlaid windows
22 8,996,984 Automatic visual preview of non-visual data
23 8,996,982 Managing requirements planning in a collaborative computing environment
24 8,996,977 System, method, and computer program product for management of web page links
25 8,996,968 Method, apparatus and decoder for decoding cyclic code
26 8,996,958 Method, device and computer program product for decoding a codeword
27 8,996,953 Self monitoring and self repairing ECC
28 8,996,935 Memory operation of paired memory devices
29 8,996,925 Managing error logs in a distributed network fabric
30 8,996,921 Indicating coverage of Web application testing
31 8,996,915 Test data generation and scale up for database testing
32 8,996,911 Core file limiter for abnormally terminating processes
33 8,996,886 Encrypted biometric data management and retrieval
34 8,996,881 Preserving redundancy in data deduplication systems by encryption
35 8,996,871 Method and system for generating ciphertext and message authentication codes utilizing shared hardware
36 8,996,840 I/O controller and method for operating an I/O controller
37 8,996,835 Apparatus and method for provisioning storage to a shared file system in a storage area network
38 8,996,834 Memory class based heap partitioning
39 8,996,828 Systems and methods for migrating data
40 8,996,824 Memory reorder queue biasing preceding high latency operations
41 8,996,819 Performance optimization and dynamic resource reservation for guaranteed coherency updates in a multi-level cache hierarchy
42 8,996,813 Systems and methods for managing destage conflicts
43 8,996,812 Write-back coherency data cache for resolving read/write conflicts
44 8,996,808 Enhancing tiering storage performance
45 8,996,804 Optimizing and enhancing performance for parity based storage
46 8,996,801 Providing record level sharing (RLS) to individual catalogs
47 8,996,794 Flash memory controller
48 8,996,789 Handling high priority requests in a sequential access storage device having a non-volatile storage cache
49 8,996,779 Service oriented architecture service dependency determination
50 8,996,770 Integrated link calibration and multi-processor topology discovery
51 8,996,758 Non-disruptive configuration of a virtualization controller in a data storage system
52 8,996,743 Event driven remote direct memory access snapshots
53 8,996,725 Programmatic redirect management
54 8,996,715 Application firewall validation bypass for impromptu components
55 8,996,714 State-dependent entity based implementation of a service oriented architected application
56 8,996,702 Method, system, and computer program product for routing sessions to a specific URL in a multi-site environment
57 8,996,700 Automated workload performance and availability optimization based on hardware affinity
58 8,996,692 Forming configuration information about components of systems which include components for which acquisition of configuration information is restricted
59 8,996,675 Interconnecting data centers for migration of virtual machines
60 8,996,667 Deploying an operating system
61 8,996,647 Optimizing storage between mobile devices and cloud storage providers
62 8,996,645 Transmitting data by means of storage area network
63 8,996,632 Managing email disk usage based on user specified conditions
64 8,996,623 Cost management for messages
65 8,996,604 Distributed symbol table with intelligent lookup scheme
66 8,996,591 Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
67 8,996,587 Method and apparatus for automatically structuring free form hetergeneous data
68 8,996,581 Obtaining hierarchical information of planar data
69 8,996,566 Method and system for backup and recovery
70 8,996,561 Using historical information to improve search across heterogeneous indices
71 8,996,532 Determining a cause of an incident based on text analytics of documents
72 8,996,524 Automatically mining patterns for rule based data standardization systems
73 8,996,521 Data caveats for database tables
74 8,996,512 Search engine optimization using a find operation
75 8,996,508 Sending advertisements to customers
76 8,996,500 Using temporary performance objects for enhanced query performance
77 8,996,499 Using temporary performance objects for enhanced query performance
78 8,996,498 Advanced URLs for web navigation
79 8,996,491 Resolution of contact names
80 8,996,480 Method and apparatus for optimizing data storage
81 8,996,477 Multiple node/virtual input/output (I/O) server (VIOS) failure recovery in clustered partition mobility
82 8,996,452 Generating a predictive model from multiple data sources
83 8,996,444 Device, method, and program for selecting OS image
84 8,996,443 System and method for composite distance metric leveraging multiple expert judgments
85 8,996,437 Smart survey with progressive discovery
86 8,996,435 Determining invariants in a model
87 8,996,430 Hierarchical scalable neuromorphic synaptronic system for synaptic and structural plasticity
88 8,996,428 Predicting diagnosis of a patient
89 8,996,424 Computerized method and system for managing warranty services in a digital system or device
90 8,996,358 Entity variant generation and normalization
91 8,996,341 Generating and evaluating expert networks
92 8,996,339 Incremental formal verification
93 8,996,193 Computer room cooling control
94 8,996,153 Tuning order configurator performance by dynamic integration of manufacturing and field feedback
95 8,996,013 Method and system for load balancing of large file transfers on a wireless network
96 8,995,817 Detecting and processing corrupted video recordings
97 8,995,801 Planar coaxial electrically and optically conductive structure
98 8,995,727 Image advocacy in portable computing devices
99 8,995,653 Generating a secret key from an asymmetric private key
100 8,995,445 System and method for re-sequencing data packets on a per-flow basis
101 8,995,217 Hybrid latch and fuse scheme for memory repair
102 8,995,210 Write and read collision avoidance in single port memory devices
103 8,995,123 Cooling and noise-reduction apparatus
104 8,995,095 Multi-channel tape head having asymmetric channel arrays
105 8,995,071 Monitoring of residual encrypted data to improve erase performance on a magnetic medium
106 8,994,876 Photographic exposure via real time broadcast of lighting parameters
107 8,994,730 Optimizing edge crossing computations when creating a drawing of a directed graph having a minimum number of edge crossings
108 8,994,560 Managing parking space availability
109 8,994,460 Implementing compact current mode logic (CML) inductor capacitor (LC) voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) for high-speed data communications
110 8,994,457 Transimpedance amplifier
111 8,994,456 Multi-stage amplifier using tunable transmission lines and frequency response calibration of same
112 8,994,424 Distributing multiplexing logic to remove multiplexor latency on the output path for variable clock cycle, delayed signals
113 8,994,393 High-frequency cobra probe
114 8,994,307 Selectively lowering resistance of a constantly used portion of motor windings in an electric motor
115 8,994,211 Node redundant power architecture for two domains with electronic circuit breakers
116 8,994,177 Far back end of the line stack encapsulation
117 8,994,173 Solder bump connection and method of making
118 8,994,117 Moat construction to reduce noise coupling to a quiet supply
119 8,994,108 Diode structure and method for wire-last nanomesh technologies
120 8,994,085 Integrated circuit including DRAM and SRAM/logic
121 8,994,081 Stacked semiconductor nanowires with tunnel spacers
122 8,994,080 Stacked carbon-based FETs
123 8,994,077 Field effect transistor-based bio sensor
124 8,994,072 Reduced resistance SiGe FinFET devices and method of forming same
125 8,994,026 Structure, structure and method of latch-up immunity for high and low voltage integrated circuits
126 8,994,006 Non-volatile memory device employing semiconductor nanoparticles
127 8,993,907 Silicide micromechanical device and methods to fabricate same
128 8,993,428 Structure and method to create a damascene local interconnect during metal gate deposition
129 8,993,406 FinFET device having a merged source drain region under contact areas and unmerged fins between contact areas, and a method of manufacturing same
130 8,993,402 Method of manufacturing a body-contacted SOI FINFET
131 8,993,399 FinFET structures having silicon germanium and silicon fins
132 8,993,395 Minimizing leakage current and junction capacitance in CMOS transistors by utilizing dielectric spacers
133 8,993,389 Dummy gate interconnect for semiconductor device
134 8,993,382 Bulk fin-field effect transistors with well defined isolation
135 8,993,379 Chip stack with electrically insulating walls
136 8,992,691 Partial solution replacement in recyclable persulfuric acid cleaning systems
137 8,992,241 Flex circuit blind attachment apparatus and system
138 8,992,225 Monitoring recipe preparation using instructive device and generating an alert to provide feedback
139 8,992,182 Time-based multi-mode pump control
140 8,992,024 Three dimensional image projector with circular light polarization
141 8,991,198 Cooling system control and servicing based on time-based variation of an operational variable
142 8,991,147 Augmented track to facilitate removal of stiffening layers from a cable retained in the track