IBM patents granted on 31 May 2011

143 US patents granted on 31 May 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,954,160 Computer security intrusion detection system for remote, on-demand users
2 7,954,158 Characterizing computer attackers
3 7,954,156 Method to enhance platform firmware security for logical partition data processing systems by dynamic restriction of available external interfaces
4 7,954,147 Method for securely enabling dynamic instrumentation
5 7,954,138 Method and system for multiplexing multiple level security server applications on the same internet address and port
6 7,954,115 Mashup delivery community portal market manager
7 7,954,107 Method and system for integrating the existing web-based system
8 7,954,099 Demultiplexing grouped events into virtual event queues while in two levels of virtualization
9 7,954,095 Analysis and selection of optimal function implementations in massively parallel computer
10 7,954,094 Method for improving performance of executable code
11 7,954,093 Load time instruction substitution
12 7,954,092 Creating an assured execution environment for at least one computer program executable on a computer system
13 7,954,091 Method and apparatus for testing of business processes for web services
14 7,954,085 Support for multiple interface versions
15 7,954,081 Implementing enhanced wiring capability for electronic laminate packages
16 7,954,077 Integrated circuit design utilizing array of functionally interchangeable dynamic logic cells
17 7,954,062 Application status board mitigation system and method
18 7,954,060 Accentuated graphical user interface
19 7,954,052 Method for processing a web page for display in a wiki environment
20 7,954,051 Methods and apparatus for converting markup language data to an intermediate representation
21 7,954,048 Content management via configuration set relationships in a content management system
22 7,954,044 Method and apparatus for linking representation and realization data
23 7,954,043 Concurrent editing of a file by multiple authors
24 7,954,028 Structure for redundancy programming of a memory device
25 7,954,021 Solid state drive with flash sparing
26 7,954,012 Hierarchical debug information collection
27 7,954,007 Detecting faulty CPU heat sink coupling during system power-up
28 7,954,000 Power supply current spike reduction techniques for an integrated circuit
29 7,953,987 Protection of secure electronic modules against attacks
30 7,953,978 Key generation and retrieval using key servers
31 7,953,977 Security and ticketing system control and management
32 7,953,976 Method and apparatus for pervasive authentication domains
33 7,953,970 Method and apparatus for storage of security keys and certificates
34 7,953,960 Method and apparatus for delaying a load miss flush until issuing the dependent instruction
35 7,953,957 Mapping and distributing parallel algorithms to compute nodes in a parallel computer based on temperatures of the compute nodes in a hardware profile and a hardware independent application profile describing thermal characteristics of each parallel algorithm
36 7,953,951 Systems and methods for time division multiplex multithreading
37 7,953,945 System and method for providing a backup/restore interface for third party HSM clients
38 7,953,932 System and method for avoiding deadlocks when performing storage updates in a multi-processor environment
39 7,953,915 Interrupt dispatching method in multi-core environment and multi-core processor
40 7,953,914 Clearing interrupts raised while performing operating system critical tasks
41 7,953,912 Guided attachment of accelerators to computer systems
42 7,953,911 Apparatus and method to read information from an information storage medium
43 7,953,887 Asynchronous automated routing of user to optimal host
44 7,953,874 System and program product for preserving a user state in an application
45 7,953,868 Method and system for preventing web crawling detection
46 7,953,861 Managing session state for web applications
47 7,953,856 Multiple resource control-advisor for management of distributed or web-based systems
48 7,953,854 Apparatus and method for providing remote access redirect capability in a channel adapter of a system area network
49 7,953,853 System and method for providing access and utilization of context information
50 7,953,848 Problem determination in distributed enterprise applications
51 7,953,837 Persistent group membership in a distributing computing system
52 7,953,830 Automatic network reconfiguration upon changes in DHCP IP addresses
53 7,953,823 Controlling access rights to network resources
54 7,953,816 Virtual memory technique for efficiently solving connected problems in a distributed environment
55 7,953,815 Cooperative location based tasks
56 7,953,806 Task assignment and progress monitoring in an instant messaging session
57 7,953,805 Methods for creating and using electronic mailing groups
58 7,953,803 Multiple login instant messaging
59 7,953,793 Distributed preboot execution environment (PXE) server booting
60 7,953,790 Session information inheriting method and apparatus
61 7,953,789 Who, what, where, when information supply facility
62 7,953,786 Method and system for preferences-based mail distribution and digital postal services
63 7,953,784 Detection of potential need to use a larger data format in performing floating point operations
64 7,953,780 Shift significand of decimal floating point data
65 7,953,778 Efficient support of consistent cyclic search with read-copy update and parallel updates
66 7,953,776 Discovery directives
67 7,953,754 Method and system for finding the focus of a document
68 7,953,747 Enforcing domain strong typing
69 7,953,744 Database change verifier
70 7,953,742 Three-phase single-pass efficient processing of Xquery update
71 7,953,737 Creating reference objects
72 7,953,729 Resource optimizations in computing utilities
73 7,953,727 Handling requests for data stored in database tables
74 7,953,726 Generated predicates from materialized result
75 7,953,725 Method, system, and storage medium for providing web information processing services
76 7,953,716 Method for determining participation in a distributed transaction
77 7,953,714 Method for maintaining parallelism in database processing using record identifier substitution assignment
78 7,953,713 System and method for representing and using tagged data in a management system
79 7,953,708 Optimizing grace period detection for preemptible read-copy update on uniprocessor systems
80 7,953,707 System and program product for sequential coordination of external database application events with asynchronous internal database events
81 7,953,705 Autonomic retention classes
82 7,953,703 Creation of highly available pseudo-clone standby servers for rapid failover provisioning
83 7,953,697 System and method for collaborative information development
84 7,953,694 Method, system, and program for specifying multidimensional calculations for a relational OLAP engine
85 7,953,693 Method and apparatus for ontology-based classification of media content
86 7,953,689 Combined feature creation to increase data mining signal in hybrid datasets
87 7,953,686 Sensor and actuator based validation of expected cohort behavior
88 7,953,684 Method and system for optimal parallel computing performance
89 7,953,680 Computer program product for excluding variations attributable to equipment used in semiconductor wafer manufacturing from split analysis procedures
90 7,953,677 Computer-implemented method, computer program and system for analyzing data records by generalizations on redundant attributes
91 7,953,673 Multiple interest matchmaking in personal business networks
92 7,953,651 Validating updated business rules
93 7,953,623 Implementing meeting moderator failover and failback
94 7,953,622 Implementing meeting moderator failover and failback
95 7,953,619 Business process diagram visualization using timeline-based heat maps
96 7,953,603 Load balancing based upon speech processing specific factors
97 7,953,591 Automatically identifying unique language independent keys correlated with appropriate text strings of various locales by key search
98 7,953,590 Using separate recording channels for speech-to-speech translation systems
99 7,953,588 Method and system for efficient emulation of multiprocessor address translation on a multiprocessor host
100 7,953,544 Method and structure for vehicular traffic prediction with link interactions
101 7,953,519 Energy usage monitoring and balancing method and system
102 7,953,510 System and method for semiconductor identification chip read out
103 7,953,507 Method and system for intelligent automated reticle managment
104 7,953,392 Method for controlling and calibrating access to a wireless access point
105 7,953,368 RFIC chip, and position recognition system and security system using the same
106 7,953,256 Method and system for detecting fingerprint spoofing
107 7,953,122 Transport bitstream synchronization
108 7,953,121 Method and system for synchronizing transport streams of multiple transponders for area critical applications
109 7,953,120 Efficient synchronization of a sliding buffer window to prevent packet re-injection in an internet protocol (IP) network
110 7,953,113 Method and apparatus for adaptive bandwidth control with user settings
111 7,953,085 Third party, broadcast, multicast and conditional RDMA operations
112 7,953,077 Network processor with single interface supporting tree search engine and CAM
113 7,952,998 InfiniBand credit-less flow control for long distance links
114 7,952,944 System for providing on-die termination of a control signal bus
115 7,952,882 On demand storage array
116 7,952,832 High areal density tape format and head
117 7,952,775 Gray scale image cleaning system and method
118 7,952,641 Sensor for imaging inside equipment
119 7,952,531 Planar circularly polarized antennas
120 7,952,478 Capacitance-based microchip exploitation detection
121 7,952,466 Method and system for protecting RFID tags on purchased goods
122 7,952,422 Methods and apparatus for varying a supply voltage or reference voltage using independent control of diode voltage in asymmetrical double-gate devices
123 7,952,370 On-chip detection of power supply vulnerabilities
124 7,952,369 Device and method for sensing a position of a probe
125 7,952,207 Flip-chip assembly with organic chip carrier having mushroom-plated solder resist opening
126 7,952,205 Injection molded soldering process and arrangement for three-dimensional structures
127 7,952,193 Method and apparatus for deploying a liquid metal thermal interface for chip cooling
128 7,952,165 Heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) with self-aligned sub-lithographic metal-semiconductor alloy base contacts
129 7,952,149 Anti-halo compensation
130 7,952,146 Grain growth promotion layer for semiconductor interconnect structures
131 7,952,088 Semiconducting device having graphene channel
132 7,951,714 High aspect ratio electroplated metal feature and method
133 7,951,708 Copper interconnect structure with amorphous tantalum iridium diffusion barrier
134 7,951,705 Multilayered cap barrier in microelectronic interconnect structures
135 7,951,678 Metal-gate high-k reference structure
136 7,951,666 Deep trench capacitor and method
137 7,951,660 Methods for fabricating a metal-oxide-semiconductor device structure
138 7,951,657 Method of forming a planar field effect transistor with embedded and faceted source/drain stressors on a silicon-on-insulator (S0I) wafer, a planar field effect transistor structure and a design structure for the planar field effect transistor
139 7,951,648 Chip-level underfill method of manufacture
140 7,951,525 Low outgassing photoresist compositions
141 7,951,524 Self-topcoating photoresist for photolithography
142 7,951,424 Selective placement of carbon nanotubes on oxide surfaces
143 7,950,244 Apparatus for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack through the use of an air-to-liquid heat exchanger