IBM patents granted on 31 May 2016

133 US patents granted on 31 May 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,357,682 Cooling method with automated seasonal freeze protection
2 9,357,675 Pump-enhanced, immersion-cooling of electronic component(s)
3 9,357,674 Liquid-cooling apparatus with integrated coolant filter
4 9,357,472 Adaptive wireless sensor network and method of routing data in a wireless sensor network
5 9,357,391 Unlocking electronic devices with touchscreen input gestures
6 9,357,384 System and method to support identity theft protection as part of a distributed service oriented ecosystem
7 9,357,167 Participating in a peer-to-peer communication session
8 9,357,035 Optimizing network communications
9 9,357,013 Client-side script to application communication system
10 9,357,009 Entity registration in multiple dispersed storage networks
11 9,357,007 Controlling storing of data
12 9,356,990 Providing access to message headers
13 9,356,985 Streaming video to cellular phones
14 9,356,963 Detecting and applying different security policies to active client requests running within secure user web sessions
15 9,356,937 Disambiguating conflicting content filter rules
16 9,356,889 Automatically generating email subject lines
17 9,356,887 Controlling shared memory
18 9,356,867 Lossless socket-based layer 4 transport (reliability) system for a converged ethernet network
19 9,356,863 Communications over multiple protocol interfaces in a computing environment
20 9,356,834 Smart dumping of network switch forwarding database
21 9,356,820 Maximizing throughput of streaming media by simultaneously connecting to streaming media server over multiple independent network connections
22 9,356,805 Implementing a plurality of interface definitions
23 9,356,645 Saving bandwidth in transmission of compressed data
24 9,356,621 Hierarchical data compression and computation
25 9,356,447 Predictive phase balancing for demand response
26 9,356,419 Temperature insensitive external cavity lasers on silicon
27 9,356,164 Integrated photodetector waveguide structure with alignment tolerance
28 9,356,163 Structure and method of integrating waveguides, photodetectors and logic devices
29 9,356,121 Divot-free planarization dielectric layer for replacement gate
30 9,356,089 Low temperature fabrication of lateral thin film varistor
31 9,356,027 Dual work function integration for stacked FinFET
32 9,355,972 Method for making a dielectric region in a bulk silicon substrate providing a high-Q passive resonator
33 9,355,914 Integrated circuit having dual material CMOS integration and method to fabricate same
34 9,355,746 Built-in testing of unused element on chip
35 9,355,700 Read circuit for memory
36 9,355,692 High frequency write through memory device
37 9,355,678 Magnetic storage device with multiple read element arrays to determine quality of recorded data
38 9,355,675 Variable scoping capability for physical tape layout diagnostic structure of tape storage device
39 9,355,665 Quasi-statically tilted head having offset reader/writer transducer pairs
40 9,355,664 Tape recording head having non-parallel gaps and dissimilar transducer pitches
41 9,355,663 Multiple degree of freedom actuator assemblies having flexure based pivot functionality
42 9,355,656 Dual purpose tape write transducer
43 9,355,652 Reduced friction retention of a data storage cartridge within a storage cell
44 9,355,547 Identifying a change in a home environment
45 9,355,479 Automatic tuning of value-series analysis tasks based on visual feedback
46 9,355,420 Bandwidth management
47 9,355,413 Timer-based ad placement in content retrieval applications
48 9,355,402 System, method and computer program product for improving messages content using user’S tagging feedback
49 9,355,388 Scheduling for service projects via negotiation
50 9,355,371 Process model generated using biased process mining
51 9,355,367 System and method for using graph transduction techniques to make relational classifications on a single connected network
52 9,355,333 Pattern recognition based on information integration
53 9,355,332 Pattern recognition based on information integration
54 9,355,331 Extracting salient features from video using a neurosynaptic system
55 9,355,318 System and method for contexually interpreting image sequences
56 9,355,316 Identifying an obstacle in a route
57 9,355,310 Monitoring individuals using distributed data sources
58 9,355,257 Sanitization of virtual machine images
59 9,355,256 Sanitization of virtual machine images
60 9,355,232 Methods for governing the disclosure of restricted data
61 9,355,203 Shared channel masks in on-product test compression system
62 9,355,195 Automatic calibration of a model for a complex flow system
63 9,355,164 Autonomically defining hot storage and heavy workloads
64 9,355,156 Determination of a service description most closely matching a specified service name
65 9,355,147 Access plan for a database query
66 9,355,146 Efficient partitioned joins in a database with column-major layout
67 9,355,136 Automating generation of messages in accordance with a standard
68 9,355,135 Data movement from a database to a distributed file system
69 9,355,128 Using a sequence object of a database
70 9,355,127 Functionality of decomposition data skew in asymmetric massively parallel processing databases
71 9,355,118 System and method for intelligently categorizing data to delete specified amounts of data based on selected data characteristics
72 9,355,108 Storing data files in a file system
73 9,355,106 Sensor data locating
74 9,355,105 Indexing of large scale patient set
75 9,355,098 Restore of full system backup and incremental backups using multiple simultaneous device streams
76 9,355,089 Intention detection in domain-specific information
77 9,355,059 Automating user’s operations
78 9,355,052 Dynamically resizing direct memory access (DMA) windows
79 9,355,040 Adjunct component to provide full virtualization using paravirtualized hypervisors
80 9,355,033 Supporting multiple types of guests by a hypervisor
81 9,355,032 Supporting multiple types of guests by a hypervisor
82 9,355,031 Techniques for mapping device addresses to physical memory addresses
83 9,355,030 Parallel garbage collection implemented in hardware
84 9,355,011 Detecting potential class loader problems using the class search path sequence for each class loader
85 9,355,009 Performance of scheduled tasks via behavior analysis and dynamic optimization
86 9,354,994 Preemptive relocation of failing data
87 9,354,990 Coordination of spare lane usage between link partners
88 9,354,986 Setting copy permissions for target data in a copy relationship
89 9,354,980 Dispersed storage having snapshot clones and methods for use therewith
90 9,354,979 Server based disaster recovery by making use of dual write responses
91 9,354,974 Dispersed storage write process
92 9,354,972 Efficiently storing data in a dispersed storage network
93 9,354,967 I/O operation-level error-handling
94 9,354,958 Personalizing error messages based on user learning styles
95 9,354,956 Resource-utilization monitor with self-adjusting sample size
96 9,354,953 System integrator and system integration method with reliability optimized integrated circuit chip selection
97 9,354,947 Linking a function with dual entry points
98 9,354,945 Managing a lock to a resource shared among a plurality of processors
99 9,354,943 Power management for multi-core processing systems
100 9,354,938 Sequential cooperation between map and reduce phases to improve data locality
101 9,354,934 Partitioned shared processor interrupt-intensive task segregator
102 9,354,926 Processor management via thread status
103 9,354,925 Transaction abort processing
104 9,354,922 Metadata-driven workflows and integration with genomic data processing systems and techniques
105 9,354,920 Managing virtual appliances supporting multiple profiles
106 9,354,918 Migrating local cache state with a virtual machine
107 9,354,902 Comparing system engram with product engram to determine compatibility of product with system
108 9,354,894 Pluggable cloud enablement boot device and method that determines hardware resources via firmware
109 9,354,888 Performing predecode-time optimized instructions in conjunction with predecode time optimized instruction sequence caching
110 9,354,887 Instruction buffer bypass of target instruction in response to partial flush
111 9,354,885 Selective suppression of instruction cache-related directory access
112 9,354,884 Processor with hybrid pipeline capable of operating in out-of-order and in-order modes
113 9,354,883 Dynamic enablement of multithreading
114 9,354,874 Scalable decode-time instruction sequence optimization of dependent instructions
115 9,354,873 Performing a clear operation absent host intervention
116 9,354,870 Maintaining integrity of output of code generators
117 9,354,869 Building a pattern to define a topology and application environment using software components and software updates/fixes from external repositories from multiple vendors
118 9,354,863 Sharing of portable initialized objects between computing platforms
119 9,354,851 Deploying an application in a cloud computing environment
120 9,354,848 System for the discovery and provisioning of artifacts and composites
121 9,354,807 Method, apparatus and computer program to designate content retrieval on an interactive display
122 9,354,790 Dynamically selecting and ordering facets and facet values in a user interface based on user preference
123 9,354,773 Color and symbol coded visual cues for relating screen items to each other
124 9,354,684 Utility aware uninterruptible power supplies for computing facilities
125 9,354,625 Abnormality detection for isolating a control system
126 9,354,408 Via for electrical contact passing through layers of optical waveguide in multilayer structure including electrical substrate and laminated layers of optical waveguide
127 9,354,381 Information processing apparatus, calculation method, program, and storage medium
128 9,354,252 Pressure sensing and control for semiconductor wafer probing
129 9,354,126 Calibrating thermal behavior of electronics
130 9,354,071 Dynamically determining meeting locations
131 9,352,954 Planar cavity MEMS and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures
132 9,352,045 Methods and materials for therapeutic delivery
133 9,351,899 Dynamic temperature adjustments in spin transfer torque magnetoresistive random-access memory (STT-MRAM)