IBM patents granted on 31 October 2006

108 US patents granted on 31 October 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,131,126 Network systems, servers, clients, communication methods between objects, profile object registration methods, programs, and storage media
2 7,131,122 Apparatus, system and method for detecting old version of an applet in a client brower’s JVM
3 7,131,119 Code optimization
4 7,131,113 System and method on generating multi-dimensional trace files and visualizing them using multiple Gantt charts
5 7,131,099 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for RTL power sequencing simulation of voltage islands
6 7,131,098 Computer program product for implementing uncertainty in integrated circuit designs with programmable logic
7 7,131,093 Methods and apparatus for creating a programmable link delay
8 7,131,085 Distributed BDD reordering
9 7,131,084 Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing automated detection excess aggressor shape capacitance coupling in printed circuit board layouts
10 7,131,080 Simulation management system
11 7,131,074 Nested voltage island architecture
12 7,131,066 XML based system for updating a domain model and generating a formatted output
13 7,131,065 Dynamically altering web page content based on a page’s title properties
14 7,131,063 Method and system for delivering dynamic information in a network
15 7,131,062 Systems, methods and computer program products for associating dynamically generated web page content with web site visitors
16 7,131,057 Method and system for loose coupling of document and domain knowledge in interactive document configuration
17 7,131,052 Algebraic decoder and method for correcting an arbitrary mixture of burst and random errors
18 7,131,012 Method and apparatus for correlating an out-of-range condition to a particular power connection
19 7,130,997 Method of registering a portion of RAM with firmware to preserve the portion during reboot
20 7,130,996 Method and system for restricting DHCP servers
21 7,130,995 Secure switching for downloading network boots
22 7,130,982 Logical memory tags for redirected DMA operations
23 7,130,967 Method and system for supplier-based memory speculation in a memory subsystem of a data processing system
24 7,130,964 Object caching and update queuing technique to improve performance and resource utilization
25 7,130,949 Managing input/output interruptions in non-dedicated interruption hardware environments
26 7,130,947 Method of arbitration which allows requestors from multiple frequency domains
27 7,130,939 Controlling and managing plurality of disk drives in disk enclosure having serial port wherein serial to parallel converters are connected to individual disk drives
28 7,130,938 Method, system and program products for identifying communications adapters of a computing environment
29 7,130,931 Method, system, and article of manufacture for selecting replication volumes
30 7,130,929 Method for configuring system adapters
31 7,130,927 Method of bandwidth management between the stations of a local area network
32 7,130,921 Centrally enhanced peer-to-peer resource sharing method and apparatus
33 7,130,916 Linking frame data by inserting qualifiers in control blocks
34 7,130,897 Dynamic cluster versioning for a group
35 7,130,896 Method and system for remote software distribution and installation
36 7,130,893 System and method for representing MFS control blocks in XML for MFS-based IMS applications
37 7,130,892 Method and system for music distribution
38 7,130,874 Method, system, and program for maintaining data in a distributed computing environment for processing transaction requests
39 7,130,871 Method and apparatus for representing deleted data in a synchronizable database
40 7,130,867 Information component based data storage and management
41 7,130,862 Methods, systems and computer program prodcuts for validation of XML instance documents using Java classloaders
42 7,130,844 System and method for examining, calculating the age of an document collection as a measure of time since creation, visualizing, identifying selectively reference those document collections representing current activity
43 7,130,843 Method, system and program product for locating personal information over a network
44 7,130,842 Method and apparatus for generating electronic document definitions
45 7,130,838 Query optimization via a partitioned environment
46 7,130,833 Classification method of labeled ordered trees using support vector machines
47 7,130,829 Digital rights management
48 7,130,826 Method and apparatus for conducting coinless transactions
49 7,130,814 Method and apparatus to automate consumer replenishment shopping by periodicity
50 7,130,806 Resource unit allocation
51 7,130,805 Method and apparatus for generating progressive queries and models for decision support
52 7,130,777 Method to hierarchical pooling of opinions from multiple sources
53 7,130,770 Monitoring method and system with corrective actions having dynamic intensities
54 7,130,741 Navigating a UAV with a remote control device
55 7,130,712 Method and system for small-lot orders to optimize production runs in the steel industry
56 7,130,705 System and method for microphone gain adjust based on speaker orientation
57 7,130,643 Method and system for selectively paging a communication device based on self-detected position of the communication device
58 7,130,522 Method and structure for two-dimensional optical fiber ferrule
59 7,130,478 Method and apparatus for image data correction
60 7,130,452 System and method for multi-party validation, authentication and/or authorization via biometrics
61 7,130,442 Protecting images with an image watermark
62 7,130,411 Hold queue position publication
63 7,130,408 Service logic context cache for signaling events
64 7,130,405 Identifying a call made or received on behalf of another
65 7,130,391 Automated method and system for interacting with telephone call trees
66 7,130,379 Device and method for generating an x-ray point source by geometric confinement
67 7,130,302 Self-route expandable multi-memory packet switch
68 7,130,301 Self-route expandable multi-memory packet switch with distributed scheduling means
69 7,130,270 Method and apparatus for varying bandwidth provided to virtual channels in a virtual path
70 7,130,231 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for implementing enhanced DRAM interface checking
71 7,130,212 Field effect device with a channel with a switchable conductivity
72 7,130,143 Apparatus, system, and method for measuring magnetoresistive head resistance
73 7,130,057 Method and apparatus for controlling the position of a probe location relative to a fixed reference point of a probe processing equipment
74 7,130,038 Method and apparatus for optical film measurements in a controlled environment
75 7,129,981 Rendering system and method for images having differing foveal area and peripheral view area resolutions
76 7,129,960 Edit tool for line vector data
77 7,129,942 System and method for performing domain decomposition for multiresolution surface analysis
78 7,129,859 Method and apparatus for minimizing threshold variation from body charge in silicon-on-insulator circuitry
79 7,129,821 Communication systems and methods using microelectronics power distribution network
80 7,129,797 Wideband Gaussian white noise source
81 7,129,769 Method and apparatus for protecting eFuse information
82 7,129,764 System and method for local generation of a ratio clock
83 7,129,757 Clock frequency detect with programmable jitter tolerance
84 7,129,754 Controlled load limited switch dynamic logic circuitry
85 7,129,564 Structure and method of forming a notched gate field effect transistor
86 7,129,561 Tri-metal and dual-metal stacked inductors
87 7,129,560 Thermal memory cell and memory device including the thermal memory cell
88 7,129,557 Autonomic thermal monitor and controller for thin film devices
89 7,129,548 MOSFET structure with multiple self-aligned silicide contacts
90 7,129,545 Charge modulation network for multiple power domains for silicon-on-insulator technology
91 7,129,417 Method and structures for implementing customizable dielectric printed circuit card traces
92 7,129,169 Method for controlling voiding and bridging in silicide formation
93 7,129,159 Integrated dual damascene RIE process with organic patterning layer
94 7,129,138 Methods of implementing and enhanced silicon-on-insulator (SOI) box structures
95 7,129,130 Out of the box vertical transistor for eDRAM on SOI
96 7,129,129 Vertical device with optimal trench shape
97 7,129,126 Method and structure for forming strained Si for CMOS devices
98 7,129,097 Integrated circuit chip utilizing oriented carbon nanotube conductive layers
99 7,129,016 Positive resist containing naphthol functionality
100 7,128,891 Process of making metal containing iron oxide and iron sulfide based nanoparticle materials
101 7,128,693 Program and system for managing fitness activity across diverse exercise machines utilizing a portable computer system
102 7,128,579 Hook interconnect
103 7,128,472 Method and apparatus for providing optoelectronic communication with an electronic device
104 7,128,274 Secure credit card with near field communications
105 7,128,273 Secure credit card adapter
106 7,128,256 Z-interconnections with liquid crystal polymer dielectric films
107 7,128,135 Cooling device using multiple fans and heat sinks
108 7,127,791 Split nut for use with a rod having dual directional screw threads about a common diameter