Intel patent applications published on 05 July 2007

52 US patent applications published on 05 July 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 20070157316 Managing rogue IP traffic in a global enterprise
2 20070157267 Techniques to improve time seek operations
3 20070157069 Incremental forward error correction redundancy
4 20070157051 Method and system for managing core configuration information
5 20070157048 Duty cycle rejecting 2:1 serializing mux for output data drivers
6 20070157042 Method, apparatus and system to dynamically choose an optimum power state
7 20070157036 Method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor sleep state
8 20070157035 Method, system, and apparatus for runtime power estimation
9 20070157025 Method and system for providing security and reliability to collaborative applications
10 20070157019 Location-based network access
11 20070157011 Fault resilient boot in multi-processor systems
12 20070156995 Clock-gated random access memory
13 20070156992 Method and system for optimizing latency of dynamic memory sizing
14 20070156954 Method and apparatus to maintain data integrity in disk cache memory during and after periods of cache inaccessiblity
15 20070156947 Address translation scheme based on bank address bits for a multi-processor, single channel memory system
16 20070156946 Memory controller with bank sorting and scheduling
17 20070156850 Secure remote access using portable storage device
18 20070156780 Protecting shared variables in a software transactional memory system
19 20070155341 Temperature compensated crystal oscillator
20 20070155136 Carbon nanotube and metal thermal interface material, process of making same, packages containing same, and systems containing same
21 20070155131 Method of singulating a microelectronic wafer
22 20070155063 Tensile strained NMOS transistor using group III-N source/drain regions
24 20070155021 Modification of metal nanoparticles for improved analyte detection by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)
25 20070155020 Detection of chemical analytes by array of surface enhanced Raman scattering reactions
26 20070154967 Chemiluminescence sensor array
27 20070154881 Method, system and device for performing biological assays and detecting biomolecules and cells
28 20070154149 Electromagnetic inductive shield
29 20070154132 Optical and/or electrical communications fabrics in circuit boards and/or other composite structures
30 20070153907 Programmable element and hardware accelerator combination for video processing
31 20070153796 Packet processing utilizing cached metadata to support forwarding and non-forwarding operations on parallel paths
32 20070153795 Dynamic wide area network packet routing
33 20070153749 Wireless communication device and method for coordinating communications among wireless local area networks (WLANS) and broadband wireless access (BWA) networks
34 20070153725 System and method for communicating with mobile stations over an extended range in a wireless local area network
35 20070153610 Dynamic body bias with bias boost
36 20070153445 Integrated circuit passive signal distribution
37 20070153138 Video screen panel apparatus and system
38 20070153007 Method, processing system and computer system for sparse update displays
39 20070152993 Method, display, graphics system and computer system for power efficient displays
40 20070152830 Using orthogonal antennas with RFID devices
41 20070152760 Self-biased phased-locked loop
42 20070152670 Portable NMR device and method for making and using the same
44 20070152325 Chip package dielectric sheet for body-biasing
45 20070152314 Low stress stacked die packages
46 20070152312 Dual die package with high-speed interconnect
47 20070152301 Array capacitors for broadband decoupling applications, and methods of operating same
48 20070152266 Method and structure for reducing the external resistance of a three-dimensional transistor through use of epitaxial layers
49 20070152194 Nano-scale particle paste for wiring microelectronic devices using deposition and ink-jet printing
50 20070152069 Chip-spacer integrated radio frequency ID tags, methods of making same, and systems containing same
51 20070152016 Solder foams, nano-porous solders, foamed-solder bumps in chip packages, methods of assembling same, and systems containing same
52 20070151942 Apparatus to send biological fluids through a printed wire board