Intel patent applications published on 18 May 2006

9 US patent applications published on 18 May 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 20060107320 Secure boot scheme from external memory using internal memory
2 20060107262 Power consumption-based thread scheduling
3 20060107120 Microprocessor design support for computer system and platform validation
4 20060105567 Method for forming a dual-damascene structure
5 20060104540 Computing a higher resoultion image from multiple lower resolution images using model-based, robust bayesian estimation
6 20060104328 Method for measuring VCSEL reverse bias leakage in an optical module
7 20060104128 Method and apparatus to clamp SRAM supply voltage
8 20060103407 Method and an apparatus for testing transmitter and receiver
9 20060102204 Method for removing a residue from a substrate using supercritical carbon dioxide processing