Intel patent applications published on 28 June 2007

39 US patent applications published on 28 June 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 20070150759 Method and apparatus for providing for detecting processor state transitions
2 20070150715 System and method for automatic update of embedded data
3 20070150705 Efficient counting for iterative instructions
4 20070150688 Chips providing single and consolidated commands
5 20070150687 Memory system with both single and consolidated commands
6 20070150683 Dynamic memory buffer allocation method and system
7 20070150672 Fully buffered DIMM read data substitution for write acknowledgement
8 20070150667 Multiported memory with ports mapped to bank sets
9 20070150657 Performance prioritization in multi-threaded processors
10 20070150653 Processing of cacheable streaming data
11 20070150651 Method for dynamically exposing backup and restore volumes
12 20070150645 Method, system and apparatus for power loss recovery to enable fast erase time
13 20070150632 Conditional and vectored system management interrupts
14 20070150559 Method and apparatus for dynamic provisioning of an access control policy in a controller hub
15 20070150530 Resisting cache timing based attacks
16 20070149142 Clock deskewing method, apparatus, and system
17 20070148949 Nanostructure-based package interconnect
18 20070148926 Dual halo implant for improving short channel effect in three-dimensional tri-gate transistors
19 20070148804 Method of making a multilayered device with ultra-thin freestanding metallic membranes using a peel off process
20 20070148420 Method of making a substrate using laser assisted metallization and patterning with electroless plating without electrolytic plating
22 20070147839 Clock strobed data over one waveguide or fiber
23 20070147572 Registers for an enhanced idle architectural state
24 20070147491 Transmitter equalization
25 20070147359 Method and apparatus for configuring at least one port in a switch to be an upstream port or a downstream port
26 20070147318 Dynamic passing of wireless configuration parameters
27 20070147016 Memory systems with memory chips down and up
28 20070147008 Use of porous materials to cool the surfaces of a computing device
29 20070146993 Method, apparatus and computer system for enhancement of thermal energy transfer
30 20070146366 System and method for rasterization order independent line stipple
31 20070146073 Differential circuit with offset control
32 20070146035 Receive clock deskewing method, apparatus, and system
33 20070145962 Load adaptive power delivery
35 20070145495 Method of fabricating a MOSFET transistor having an anti-halo for modifying narrow width device performance
36 20070145487 Multigate device with recessed strain regions
37 20070145097 Carbon nanotubes solder composite for high performance interconnect
38 20070144910 Fabrication and use of semipermeable membranes and gels for the control of electrolysis
39 20070144769 Method and apparatus for a printed circuit board using laser assisted metallization and patterning of a substrate