Intel patents granted on 01 April 2008

39 US patents granted on 01 April 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,353,443 Providing high availability in a PCI-Express link in the presence of lane faults
2 7,353,433 Poisoned error signaling for proactive OS recovery
3 7,353,414 Credit-based activity regulation within a microprocessor based on an allowable activity level
4 7,353,413 Computer system power policy adjustment in response to an affirmative indication from a user
5 7,353,377 Remotely providing basic input/output system to a client system
6 7,353,372 Detection of support components for add-in card
7 7,353,371 Circuit to extract nonadjacent bits from data packets
8 7,353,370 Method and apparatus for processing an event occurrence within a multithreaded processor
9 7,353,368 Method and apparatus for achieving architectural correctness in a multi-mode processor providing floating-point support
10 7,353,365 Implementing check instructions in each thread within a redundant multithreading environments
11 7,353,349 Method and apparatus for reordering memory requests for page coherency
12 7,353,339 Adaptive caching
13 7,353,338 Credit mechanism for multiple banks of shared cache
14 7,353,331 Hole-filling content addressable memory (HCAM)
15 7,353,329 Memory buffer device integrating refresh logic
16 7,353,317 Method and apparatus for implementing heterogeneous interconnects
17 7,353,313 General input/output architecture, protocol and related methods to manage data integrity
18 7,353,302 Selectable communication control between devices communicating using a serial attached SCSI (SAS) protocol
19 7,353,301 Methodology and apparatus for implementing write combining
20 7,352,969 Fiber optic communication assembly
21 7,352,826 Analog delay circuit
22 7,352,819 Multiantenna communications apparatus, methods, and system
23 7,352,777 Data framer
24 7,352,769 Multiple calendar schedule reservation structure and method
25 7,352,763 Device to receive, buffer, and transmit packets of data in a packet switching network
26 7,352,696 Method and apparatus to select an adaptation technique in a wireless network
27 7,352,633 Multibit memory cell
28 7,352,621 Method for enhanced block management
29 7,352,557 Vertical capacitor apparatus, systems, and methods
30 7,352,283 Computing platform security apparatus, systems, and methods
31 7,352,209 Voltage-level converter
32 7,352,087 Power system configuration
33 7,352,061 Flexible core for enhancement of package interconnect reliability
34 7,352,059 Low loss interconnect structure for use in microelectronic circuits
35 7,352,039 Methods and apparatuses for microelectronic assembly having a material with a variable viscosity around a MEMS device
36 7,351,784 Chip-packaging composition of resin and cycloaliphatic amine hardener
37 7,351,591 Surface modification of metals for biomolecule detection using surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)
38 7,350,987 Optical package fiber pass-through to reduce curvature of optical fiber during threading
39 7,350,299 Method for reducing socket warpage