Intel patents granted on 01 April 2014

36 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,689,349 Information flow tracking and protection
2 8,689,270 Broadcast pause and resume for enhanced television
3 8,689,215 Structured exception handling for application-managed thread units
4 8,689,078 Determining a message residue
5 8,689,029 Frequency and voltage scaling architecture
6 8,689,028 Method and apparatus to reduce idle link power in a platform
7 8,689,026 Enhancing power efficiency in a wireless internet card
8 8,689,018 Apparatus, method, and system for predictive power delivery noise reduction
9 8,688,986 Method for exchanging strong encryption keys between devices using alternate input methods in wireless personal area networks (WPAN)
10 8,688,965 System and method for increasing platform network boot efficiency
11 8,688,962 Gather cache architecture
12 8,688,959 Method and apparatus for shuffling data
13 8,688,957 Mechanism for conflict detection using SIMD
14 8,688,917 Read and write monitoring attributes in transactional memory (TM) systems
15 8,688,901 Reconfigurable load-reduced memory buffer
16 8,688,893 Memory device and memory interface
17 8,688,883 Increasing turbo mode residency of a processor
18 8,688,868 Steering data units to a consumer
19 8,688,812 Cluster computing–NIC based OS provision
20 8,688,166 Call establishment in highly congested network environment
21 8,688,104 Remote management over a wireless wide-area network using short message service
22 8,687,902 System, method, and computer program product for decompression of block compressed images
23 8,687,732 Architecture and methods for coexistence of wireless radios having differing protocols
24 8,687,727 Coordinated multi-point transmission using interference feedback
25 8,687,611 Methods and apparatus for weighted queuing in DL MU MIMO
26 8,687,606 Alternate channel for carrying selected message types
27 8,687,572 Techniques for primary channel selection for an 802.11AC wireless network operating adajacent to an 802.11N wireless network
28 8,687,546 Efficient uplink SDMA operation
29 8,687,192 Through silicon imaging and probing
30 8,686,921 Dynamic geometry management of virtual frame buffer for appendable logical displays
31 8,686,757 Apparatus and method for selectively enabling and disabling a squelch circuit across AHCI and SATA power states
32 8,686,566 In situ-built pin-grid arrays for coreless substrates, and methods of making same
33 8,686,517 Self-aligned insulating etchstop layer on a metal contact
34 8,686,277 Microelectronic assembly including built-in thermoelectric cooler and method of fabricating same
35 8,684,612 Optical frame attached with alignment features microfabricated in die
36 8,684,597 Thermal sensor having toggle control