Intel patents granted on 01 December 2015

49 US patents granted on 01 December 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,204,489 Method, apparatus and system of communication over multiple frequency bands
2 9,204,459 LTE operation in white spaces
3 9,204,446 Collaborative radio resources allocations to applications of mobile units
4 9,204,401 Method and system for the management of cell interference in a wireless communication network
5 9,204,383 Techniques for selecting an access point for wireless network discovery
6 9,204,378 Wireless network connectivity enhancements
7 9,204,370 Mobile radio communication devices and methods for controlling a mobile radio communication device
8 9,204,369 Enhanced node B and method for configuring an extension carrier
9 9,204,335 Wireless discovery using a reduced traffic load process
10 9,204,150 Techniques for evaluating compressed motion video quality
11 9,203,973 Multimode multicarrier modem system and method of communication over the same
12 9,203,887 Bitstream processing using coalesced buffers and delayed matching and enhanced memory writes
13 9,203,598 Asymmetric link for streaming applications
14 9,203,577 Enhanced base station and method for communicating through an enhanced distributed antenna system (eDAS)
15 9,203,568 Systems and methods for generating a discovery signal in a device-to-device or network communication
16 9,203,563 Devices and methods for radio communication network guided traffic offload
17 9,203,541 Methods and apparatus for multiphase sampling of modulated light
18 9,203,414 MEMS oscillator
19 9,203,265 Power supply
20 9,203,138 System and method for tuning an antenna in a wireless communication device
21 9,203,024 Copper compatible chalcogenide phase change memory with adjustable threshold voltage
22 9,202,889 Method for improving transistor performance through reducing the salicide interface resistance
23 9,202,803 Laser cavity formation for embedded dies or components in substrate build-up layers
24 9,202,782 Embedded package in PCB build up
25 9,202,699 Capping dielectric structure for transistor gates
26 9,202,577 Solid state drive management in power loss recovery
27 9,202,551 Flexible command addressing for memory
28 9,202,548 Efficient PCMS refresh mechanism
29 9,202,547 Managing disturbance induced errors
30 9,202,543 System and methods using a multiplexed reference for sense amplifiers
31 9,202,536 Three dimensional memory control circuitry
32 9,202,230 Techniques for monetizing anonymized context
33 9,202,109 Method, apparatus and computer readable recording medium for detecting a location of a face feature point using an Adaboost learning algorithm
34 9,202,082 Secure data sharing with publicly accessible computing nodes
35 9,202,056 Inter-processor attestation hardware
36 9,202,033 Techniques for skin tone activation
37 9,202,015 Entering a secured computing environment using multiple authenticated code modules
38 9,201,831 Universal serial bus repeater
39 9,201,824 Method and apparatus for adaptive data chunk transfer
40 9,201,792 Short circuit of probes in a chain
41 9,201,748 Virtual device sparing
42 9,201,657 Lower power assembler
43 9,201,628 Maximum likelihood bit-stream generation and detection using M-algorithm and infinite impulse response filtering
44 9,201,500 Multi-modal touch screen emulator
45 9,201,492 Camera command set host command translation
46 9,201,487 Reducing power consumption during graphics rendering
47 9,201,448 Observing embedded signals of varying clock domains by fowarding signals within a system on a chip concurrently with a logic module clock signal
48 9,201,447 Apparatus and method using first and second clocks
49 9,200,973 Semiconductor package with air pressure sensor