Intel patents granted on 01 March 2016

56 US patents granted on 01 March 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,277,651 Differential passive equalizer
2 9,277,588 Mobile terminal architecture for dual personality wireless devices
3 9,277,585 Methods, wireless communication station, and system for WLAN channel selection through beacon requests
4 9,277,519 Method for performing mobile communications and mobile terminal device
5 9,277,498 Device, system and method of association between wireless communication devices
6 9,277,494 Reducing wireless reconnection time of a computing device
7 9,277,493 Managing communications in multiple radio access networks
8 9,277,471 Channel state information feedback scheme for cooperative multi point transmission and carrier aggregation scenario
9 9,277,448 Method of efficiency improvement for control frames in 802.11ah
10 9,277,440 Communication of preferred power consumption configurations
11 9,277,439 Device-to-device contention management scheme for mobile broadband networks
12 9,277,419 Device, system and method of indicating station-specific information within a wireless communication
13 9,277,306 Integrated speaker enclosures for electronic devices
14 9,277,008 Apparatus, system and method of setting up an application service platform (ASP) peer to peer (P2P) group
15 9,276,993 Apparatus and method for in-line insertion and removal of markers
16 9,276,963 Policy-based secure containers for multiple enterprise applications
17 9,276,875 Cooperated approach to network packet filtering
18 9,276,854 Scaling egress network traffic
19 9,276,781 Power and area efficient receiver equalization architecture with relaxed DFE timing constraint
20 9,276,777 Method for determining feedback information and circuit to perform such method
21 9,276,750 Secure processing environment measurement and attestation
22 9,276,745 Preserving image privacy when manipulated by cloud services
23 9,276,729 Determination of a noise and interference covariance measure
24 9,276,704 Maximum likelihood sequence detection in the phase domain
25 9,276,640 Near field communications-triggering for wireless display/docking
26 9,276,629 Rake receiver circuit and method for operating a rake receiver circuit
27 9,276,624 Antenna system with self-identifying antenna
28 9,276,583 Soft dark bit masking with integrated load modulation and burn-in induced destabilization for physically unclonable function keys
29 9,276,575 Low leakage state retention synchronizer
30 9,276,312 Antenna tuner control system using state tables
31 9,276,112 Semiconductor device having tipless epitaxial source/drain regions
32 9,275,999 Floating body memory cell having gates favoring different conductivity type regions
33 9,275,975 Electronic package and method of connecting a first die to a second die to form an electronic package
34 9,275,971 Bridge interconnect with air gap in package assembly
35 9,275,969 Optical interconnect on bumpless build-up layer package
36 9,275,955 Integrated circuit package with embedded bridge
37 9,275,603 Driving displays at cinematic frame rates
38 9,275,601 Techniques to control frame display rate
39 9,275,495 Rendering transparent primitives
40 9,275,468 Fallback detection in motion estimation
41 9,275,225 Linear address mapping protection
42 9,274,987 Inter-component communication including slave component initiated transaction
43 9,274,962 Apparatus, method, and system for instantaneous cache state recovery from speculative abort/commit
44 9,274,885 Phase change memory with switch (PCMS) write error detection
45 9,274,855 Optimization for safe elimination of weak atomicity overhead
46 9,274,839 Techniques for dynamic physical memory partitioning
47 9,274,799 Instruction and logic for scheduling instructions
48 9,274,752 Leading change anticipator logic
49 9,274,592 Technique for preserving cached information during a low power mode
50 9,274,580 Voltage regulator supplying power exclusively to a non-core region of a processor having a supply capability threshold
51 9,274,544 Sideband initialization
52 9,274,536 Low-impedance reference voltage generator
53 9,274,200 Frequency detection circuits, radio frequency signal processing devices and methods for calibrating inductance and capacitance
54 9,274,169 Asynchronous programmable JTAG-based interface to debug any system-on-chip states, power modes, resets, clocks, and complex digital logic
55 9,273,955 Three-dimensional data acquisition
56 9,272,537 Printing information on electronic paper