Intel patents granted on 01 May 2012

31 US patents granted on 01 May 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,171,529 Secure subscriber identity module service
2 8,171,331 Memory channel having deskew separate from redrive
3 8,171,328 State history storage for synchronizing redundant processors
4 8,171,321 Method and apparatus for cost and power efficient, scalable operating system independent services
5 8,171,317 Conserving power in a platform supporting network interfaces
6 8,171,270 Asynchronous control transfer
7 8,171,268 Technique for context state management to reduce save and restore operations between a memory and a processor using in-use vectors
8 8,171,261 Method and system for accessing memory in parallel computing using load fencing instructions
9 8,171,231 System and method for aggregating core-cache clusters in order to produce multi-core processors
10 8,171,225 Cache for a multi thread and multi core system and methods thereof
11 8,171,223 Method and system to increase concurrency and control replication in a multi-core cache hierarchy
12 8,171,219 Method and system to perform caching based on file-level heuristics
13 8,171,205 Wrap-around sequence numbers for recovering from power-fall in non-volatile memory
14 8,171,121 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamic reconfiguration of resources
15 8,171,095 Speculative distributed conflict resolution for a cache coherency protocol
16 8,170,859 Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for simulating arbitrary unmodified code
17 8,170,631 Folding electronic device with continuous display
18 8,170,510 Minimizing mutual coupling
19 8,170,488 Mitigation of internetwork interference
20 8,170,481 Techniques for discovering services provided in a wireless network
21 8,170,212 Device, system, and method of establishing secure wireless communication
22 8,170,062 Packetized interface for coupling agents
23 8,169,959 System aided PAPR reduction scheme based on TR algorithm
24 8,169,940 Techniques for device and piconet controller availability notification in wireless personal area and wireless local area networks
25 8,169,935 Multi-radio connection management and bundling using web browsers
26 8,169,925 Mapping of preamble sequence sets with frame control header (FCH) location for multi-hop wireless broadband access communications
27 8,169,850 Forming multiprocessor systems using dual processors
28 8,169,271 Interference resistant local oscillator
29 8,169,027 Substrate band gap engineered multi-gate pMOS devices
30 8,168,508 Method of isolating nanowires from a substrate
31 8,168,488 Systems and methods for reducing contact to gate shorts