Intel patents granted on 01 November 2016

47 US patents granted on 01 November 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D770,443 Wearable electronic display device
2 D770,441 Portable computing device
3 9,485,854 Absorbing termination in an interconnect
4 9,485,795 Proximity-based coupling service
5 9,485,734 Wireless communication system method for synchronizing Bluetooth devices based on received beacon signals
6 9,485,733 Apparatus, system and method of communicating a wakeup packet
7 9,485,664 Idle mode cell selection for licensed shared access
8 9,485,627 Apparatus, system and method of estimating a location of a mobile device
9 9,485,626 Building floor determination for a location based service
10 9,485,529 Method and apparatus for ordering entertainment programs from different programming transmission sources
11 9,485,207 Processing of messages using theme and modality criteria
12 9,485,200 Network switch with external buffering via looparound path
13 9,485,178 Packet coalescing
14 9,485,102 Techniques for user-validated close-range mutual authentication
15 9,484,991 Device, system and method of wireless communication via a plurality of antennas
16 9,484,954 Methods and apparatus to parallelize data decompression
17 9,484,938 Apparatus, system and method for controlling temperature and power supply voltage drift in a digital phase locked loop
18 9,484,917 Digital clamp for state retention
19 9,484,888 Linear resistor with high resolution and bandwidth
20 9,484,854 Apparatus and method for providing oscillator signals
21 9,484,680 Radio frequency interference shield
22 9,484,576 Particle-based silicon electrodes for energy storage devices
23 9,484,447 Integration methods to fabricate internal spacers for nanowire devices
24 9,484,432 Contact resistance reduction employing germanium overlayer pre-contact metalization
25 9,484,332 Micro solar cell powered micro LED display
26 9,484,277 Materials, structures and methods for microelectronic packaging
27 9,484,272 Methods for fabricating strained gate-all-around semiconductor devices by fin oxidation using an undercut etch-stop layer
28 9,483,970 Method, system, and device for selecting and displaying information on a mobile digital display device
29 9,483,869 Layered reconstruction for defocus and motion blur
30 9,483,810 Reducing the number of IO requests to memory when executing a program that iteratively processes contiguous data
31 9,483,662 Method and apparatus for remotely provisioning software-based security coprocessors
32 9,483,593 Method for decomposing a hardware model and for accelerating formal verification of the hardware model
33 9,483,480 System, method, and computer program product for using eye movement tracking for retrieval of observed information and of related specific context
34 9,483,437 Addressing multi-core advanced memory buffers
35 9,483,397 Erase management in memory systems
36 9,483,374 PSMI using at-speed scan capture
37 9,483,308 Performance of predicted actions
38 9,483,293 Technology abstraction layer
39 9,483,275 Method and system using exceptions for code specialization in a computer architecture that supports transactions
40 9,483,266 Fusible instructions and logic to provide OR-test and AND-test functionality using multiple test sources
41 9,483,246 Automated modular and secure boot firmware update
42 9,483,185 Gradual context saving in a data storage device
43 9,483,126 Smart variable torque display
44 9,483,111 Techniques to improve viewing comfort for three-dimensional content
45 9,483,084 Frictional hinge for electronic devices
46 9,483,080 Electronic device with convertible touchscreen
47 9,482,535 Integrated silicon optomechanical gyroscopes (OMGs)