Intel patents granted on 02 April 2013

43 US patents granted on 02 April 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,413,253 Protecting persistent secondary platform storage against attack from malicious or unauthorized programs
2 8,413,215 System and method for extending secure authentication using unique session keys derived from entropy
3 8,413,213 System, method and device for secure wireless communication
4 8,413,198 System and method for the controlled on-demand distribution of content via a centralized server and a peer-to-peer network
5 8,413,072 Apparatus, system and method for context and language specific data entry
6 8,413,024 Performing a cyclic redundancy checksum operation responsive to a user-level instruction
7 8,413,001 Determining hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) timing
8 8,412,981 Core sparing on multi-core platforms
9 8,412,976 Data negotiation using serial voltage identification communication
10 8,412,972 Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption for memories
11 8,412,970 Optimizing power usage by factoring processor architectural events to PMU
12 8,412,885 Searching a shared cache by using search hints and masked ways
13 8,412,881 Modified B+ tree to store NAND memory indirection maps
14 8,412,855 Write combining protocol between processors and chipsets
15 8,412,479 Memory power estimation by means of calibrated weights and activity counters
16 8,412,263 Coexistence interface for multiple radio modules using a reduced number of connections
17 8,412,129 Techniques to enhance diversity for a wireless system
18 8,412,096 Bidirectional iterative beam forming
19 8,412,094 Position signal receiver
20 8,412,052 Surface mount (SMT) connector for VCSEL and photodiode arrays
21 8,411,897 Advanced watermarking system and method
22 8,411,868 Intruder traceability for shared security associations
23 8,411,861 Apparatus, systems, and methods for checking if a receiver is on a revocation list based on SRMs of DVDs
24 8,411,783 Method of identifying a precoding matrix corresponding to a wireless network channel and method of approximating a capacity of a wireless network channel in a wireless network
25 8,411,774 Method and apparatus to support scalability in a multicarrier network
26 8,411,762 Method and apparatus for data synchronization
27 8,411,659 Data flow control in WLAN radio connections for the impairment of internet telephony
28 8,411,631 Response mechanisms for wireless networks using wide bandwidth
29 8,411,586 Display port compatible interface communications
30 8,411,567 Swarm intelligence based methods to enable cooperative communication in a mesh network
31 8,411,550 Seek and scan probe (SSP) cantilever stop structures
32 8,411,523 Reduced current requirements for DRAM self-refresh modes via staggered refresh operations of subsets of memory banks or rows
33 8,411,482 Programmable read only memory
34 8,411,258 Systems and methods for determining position using light sources
35 8,411,095 Performance allocation method and apparatus
36 8,410,802 System including thermal control unit having conduit for dispense and removal of liquid thermal interface material
37 8,410,602 Cooling system for semiconductor devices
38 8,410,027 Density modification in arrays of surface-attached nucleic acid molecules
39 8,409,929 Forming a semiconductor package including a thermal interface material
40 8,409,924 Flexible interconnect pattern on semiconductor package
41 8,409,877 Enzymatic signal generation and detection of binding complexes in stationary fluidic chip
42 8,409,690 Patterned nanowires
43 8,409,665 Method for reducing contact resistance of a thermally and electrically conductive structure comprising carbon nanotube