Intel patents granted on 02 August 2016

76 US patents granted on 02 August 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D762,639 Convertible ultrabook device with a dual-sided, transparent touch screen
2 9,408,216 Dynamic bandwidth allocation to transmit a wireless protocol across a code division multiple access (CDMA) radio link
3 9,408,189 Radio communication device and method for controlling frequency selection
4 9,408,166 Mitigating overlapping basic service set interference in smart grid networks
5 9,408,142 Power saving and device traffic offload
6 9,408,111 Time-sliced WiFi associations for make-before-break handover
7 9,408,063 Jurisdiction-based adaptive communication systems and methods
8 9,407,961 Media stream selective decode based on window visibility state
9 9,407,926 Block-based static region detection for video processing
10 9,407,892 Methods and apparatus for keyword-based, non-linear navigation of video streams and other content
11 9,407,863 System and method for processing visual information
12 9,407,756 Notification acknowledgement in electronic devices
13 9,407,751 Methods and apparatus for improving user experience
14 9,407,732 Methods and arrangements to decode communications
15 9,407,636 Method and apparatus for securely saving and restoring the state of a computing platform
16 9,407,629 Method for assembling authorization certificate chains
17 9,407,612 Technologies for secure inter-virtual network function communication
18 9,407,490 Method of processing received digitized signals and mobile radio communication terminal device
19 9,407,454 Anti-starvation and bounce-reduction mechanism for a two-dimensional bufferless interconnect
20 9,407,435 Cryptographic key generation based on multiple biometrics
21 9,407,391 User equipment power savings for machine type communications
22 9,407,348 Communication overhead reduction apparatus, systems, and methods
23 9,407,342 Protocol for MU MIMO operation in a wireless network
24 9,407,320 Detection of double talk in telecommunications networks
25 9,407,302 Communication device, mobile terminal, method for requesting information and method for providing information
26 9,407,273 Digital delay-locked loop (DLL) training
27 9,407,245 System for digitally controlled edge interpolator linearization
28 9,407,229 Inverter- and-switched-capacitor-based squelch detector apparatus and method
29 9,407,227 Regulation of an amplification apparatus
30 9,406,618 Die-stacking using through-silicon vias on bumpless build-up layer substrates including embedded-dice, and processes of forming same
31 9,406,615 Techniques for forming interconnects in porous dielectric materials
32 9,406,587 Substrate conductor structure and method
33 9,406,582 Apparatus to minimize thermal impedance using copper on die backside
34 9,406,547 Techniques for trench isolation using flowable dielectric materials
35 9,406,512 Self-aligned via patterning with multi-colored photobuckets for back end of line (BEOL) interconnects
36 9,406,450 Energy storage devices with at least one porous polycrystalline substrate
37 9,406,427 Transformer devices
38 9,406,378 Phase change memory with mask receiver
39 9,406,313 Adaptive microphone sampling rate techniques
40 9,406,295 Apparatus and method for voice based user enrollment with video assistance
41 9,406,100 Image processing techniques for tile-based rasterization
42 9,405,937 Method and apparatus for securing a dynamic binary translation system
43 9,405,908 Systems, methods, and apparatus to virtualize TPM accesses
44 9,405,889 Device, method, and system for augmented reality security
45 9,405,782 Parallel operation in B+ trees
46 9,405,725 Writing message to controller memory space
47 9,405,724 Reconfigurable apparatus for hierarchical collective networks with bypass mode
48 9,405,719 Circuitry to generate and/or use at least one transmission time in at least one descriptor
49 9,405,718 Leveraging an enumeration and/or configuration mechanism of one interconnect protocol for a different interconnect protocol
50 9,405,707 Secure replay protected storage
51 9,405,706 Instruction and logic for adaptive dataset priorities in processor caches
52 9,405,701 Apparatus and method for accelerating operations in a processor which uses shared virtual memory
53 9,405,688 Method, apparatus, system for handling address conflicts in a distributed memory fabric architecture
54 9,405,687 Method, apparatus and system for handling cache misses in a processor
55 9,405,681 Workload adaptive address mapping
56 9,405,647 Register error protection through binary translation
57 9,405,600 Electronic device to provide notification of event
58 9,405,595 Synchronizing multiple threads efficiently
59 9,405,570 Low latency virtual machine page table management
60 9,405,565 Virtualization event processing in a layered virtualization architecuture
61 9,405,552 Method, device and system for controlling execution of an instruction sequence in a data stream accelerator
62 9,405,551 Creating an isolated execution environment in a co-designed processor
63 9,405,547 Register allocation for rotation based alias protection register
64 9,405,545 Method and apparatus for cutting senior store latency using store prefetching
65 9,405,539 Providing vector sub-byte decompression functionality
66 9,405,538 Functional unit having tree structure to support vector sorting algorithm and other algorithms
67 9,405,537 Apparatus and method of execution unit for calculating multiple rounds of a skein hashing algorithm
68 9,405,477 Method and system for maintaining release consistency in shared memory programming
69 9,405,358 Reducing power consumption of uncore circuitry of a processor
70 9,405,351 Performing frequency coordination in a multiprocessor system
71 9,405,345 Constraining processor operation based on power envelope information
72 9,405,340 Apparatus and method to implement power management of a processor
73 9,405,324 Electronic device with improved power management and user experience
74 9,405,116 MEMS micro-mirror assembly
75 9,405,077 Optical connector
76 9,404,997 Communication station and method for time-of-flight positioning using cooperating stations