Intel patents granted on 02 December 2008

30 US patents granted on 02 December 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,461,299 Monitoring writes to cache as part of system error handling
2 7,461,275 Dynamic core swapping
3 7,461,272 Device, system and method of thermal control
4 7,461,260 Methods and apparatus for finding a shared secret without compromising non-shared secrets
5 7,461,244 Method and apparatus to support booting despite deficient resources
6 7,461,218 Size-based interleaving in a packet-based link
7 7,461,173 Distributing timers across processors
8 7,461,142 Method and apparatus for address management in a network device
9 7,461,128 Method, apparatus and system for processing message bundles on a network
10 7,461,109 Method and apparatus for providing packed shift operations in a processor
11 7,461,004 Content filtering for a digital audio signal
12 7,460,876 System and method for intelligent transmitted power control scheme
13 7,460,656 Distributed processing in conference call systems
14 7,460,545 Enhanced SDRAM bandwidth usage and memory management for TDM traffic
15 7,460,544 Flexible mesh structure for hierarchical scheduling
16 7,460,531 Method, system, and program for constructing a packet
17 7,460,494 Adaptive signaling in multiple antenna systems
18 7,460,209 Advanced mask patterning with patterning layer
19 7,460,082 Sectored antenna systems for WLAN
20 7,459,986 Method and apparatus for rejecting common mode signals on a printed circuit board and method for making same
21 7,459,985 Connector having a cut-out for reduced crosstalk between differential conductors
22 7,459,980 Apparatus for receiver equalization
23 7,459,938 Method and apparatus for power efficient and scalable memory interface
24 7,459,392 Noble metal barrier and seed layer for semiconductors
25 7,459,321 Method of storing a data bit in a fast-write alloy
26 7,459,260 Method of reducing sensitivity of EUV photoresists to out-of-band radiation and EUV photoresists formed according to the method
27 7,459,200 Circuit board design
28 7,458,821 Electrical interface for memory connector
29 7,458,815 Module to couple to a plurality of backplanes in a chassis
30 7,458,783 Method and apparatus for improved pumping medium for electro-osmotic pumps