Intel patents granted on 02 December 2014

43 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,904,408 Pre-fetching data and overlapping data transfers in a HWA-DWA system
2 8,904,253 Method and apparatus for testing I/O boundary scan chain for SoC’s having I/O’s powered off by default
3 8,904,210 Visual indicator and adjustment of media and gaming attributes based on battery statistics
4 8,904,205 Increasing power efficiency of turbo mode operation in a processor
5 8,904,186 Multi-factor authentication process
6 8,904,164 Multi-mode handheld wireless device to provide data utilizing combined context awareness and situational awareness
7 8,904,162 Methods and apparatus for performing secure BIOS upgrade
8 8,904,148 Processor architecture with switch matrices for transferring data along buses
9 8,904,112 Method and apparatus for saving power by efficiently disabling ways for a set-associative cache
10 8,904,079 Tunneling platform management messages through inter-processor interconnects
11 8,904,045 Opportunistic improvement of MMIO request handling based on target reporting of space requirements
12 8,904,028 Scalable cluster router
13 8,903,722 Noise reduction for dual-microphone communication devices
14 8,903,318 Method and apparatus of connectivity recovery in wireless network
15 8,903,315 Secure context-based computing
16 8,903,193 Reducing memory bandwidth consumption when executing a program that uses integral images
17 8,903,191 Method and apparatus for noise reduction in video
18 8,903,084 Efficient key derivation for end-to-end network security with traffic visibility
19 8,903,003 Communication station and method for transmitting OFDM symbols with cyclic-delay diversity (CDD)
20 8,902,974 Estimation of high frequency information in encoded signals
21 8,902,964 Equalization effort-balancing of transmit finite impulse response and receive linear equalizer or receive decision feedback equalizer structures in high-speed serial interconnects
22 8,902,956 On-package input/output clustered interface having full and half-duplex modes
23 8,902,915 Dataport and methods thereof
24 8,902,906 Dynamic network identity architecture
25 8,902,855 Opportunistic device-to-device communication
26 8,902,829 Method and device to improve channel coexistence using non-contiguous channels of a wireless network
27 8,902,822 Arrangements for association and re-association in a wireless network
28 8,902,747 Minimizing power consumption in a network device
29 8,902,741 User equipment and method for reducing delay in a radio access network
30 8,902,238 Parallel flood-fill techniques and architecture
31 8,902,003 Amplifier, mobile communication device and method for amplifying
32 8,901,994 Digitally switched capacitor loop filter
33 8,901,953 Enforcing performance longevity on semiconductor devices
34 8,901,819 Multi-supply sequential logic unit
35 8,901,753 Microelectronic package with self-heating interconnect
36 8,901,748 Direct external interconnect for embedded interconnect bridge package
37 8,901,740 Method of fabricating metal-insulator-semiconductor tunneling contacts using conformal deposition and thermal growth processes
38 8,901,724 Semiconductor package with embedded die and its methods of fabrication
39 8,901,716 Dielectric film with low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) using liquid crystalline resin
40 8,901,688 High performance glass-based 60 ghz / mm-wave phased array antennas and methods of making same
41 8,901,537 Transistors with high concentration of boron doped germanium
42 8,901,476 Temporal based motion sensor reporting
43 8,900,919 Robust ink formulations for durable markings on microelectronic packages and its extendibility as a barrier material for thermal and sealant materials