Intel patents granted on 02 July 2013

25 US patents granted on 02 July 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,479,295 Method and apparatus for transparently instrumenting an application program
2 8,479,217 Apparatus, system, and method for persistent user-level thread
3 8,479,208 System partitioning to present software as platform level functionality including mode logic to maintain and enforce partitioning in first and configure partitioning in second mode
4 8,479,193 Method, apparatus and system for enhancing the usability of virtual machines
5 8,479,176 Register mapping techniques for efficient dynamic binary translation
6 8,479,053 Processor with last branch record register storing transaction indicator
7 8,479,029 Methods and apparatuses for reducing step loads of processors
8 8,479,028 Techniques for communications based power management
9 8,479,017 System and method for N-ary locality in a security co-processor
10 8,478,969 Performing a multiply-multiply-accumulate instruction
11 8,478,941 Gather and scatter operations in multi-level memory hierarchy
12 8,478,809 Method and apparatus for multiplying polynomials with a prime number of terms
13 8,478,451 Method and apparatus for dynamically allocating power in a data center
14 8,478,258 Techniques to reduce false detection of control channel messages in a wireless network
15 8,478,230 Identifying the location of mobile stations
16 8,478,201 Trained data transmission for communication systems
17 8,477,779 Method and system for reliable multicast
18 8,477,690 Location determination in wireless communication systems
19 8,477,656 Discovery technique for physical media interface aggregation
20 8,477,649 Internet protocol (IP) address sharing and platform dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) mediator
21 8,477,558 Memory apparatuses with low supply voltages
22 8,477,555 Deselect drivers for a memory array
23 8,477,247 Joint enhancement of lightness, color and contrast of images and video
24 8,477,145 Memory address re-mapping of graphics data
25 8,476,920 Detecting counterfeit products