Intel patents granted on 02 June 2009

38 US patents granted on 02 June 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,543,306 Method, system, and program for handling device interrupts in a multi-processor environment
2 7,543,287 Using a block device interface to invoke device controller functionality
3 7,543,240 Conserving space on browser user interfaces
4 7,543,221 Method and apparatus for reducing false error detection in a redundant multi-threaded system
5 7,543,185 Debug system with event-based virtual processing agents
6 7,543,179 Error management topologies
7 7,543,166 System for managing power states of a virtual machine based on global power management policy and power management command sent by the virtual machine
8 7,543,164 Power savings in a voltage supply controlled according to a work capability operating mode of an integrated circuit
9 7,543,142 Method and apparatus for performing an authentication after cipher operation in a network processor
10 7,543,115 Two-hop source snoop based cache coherence protocol
11 7,543,085 Integrated circuit having multiple modes of operation
12 7,543,048 Methods and apparatus for enabling of a remote management agent independent of an operating system
13 7,542,977 Transactional memory with automatic object versioning
14 7,542,924 Business process and apparatus for online purchases using a rule-based transferable shopping basket
15 7,542,738 Method and apparatus for measuring and compensating for power amplifier distortion and non-linearity
16 7,542,723 Direct link establishment in wireless networks
17 7,542,535 Method and apparatus for recovering a clock signal
18 7,542,534 Method and an apparatus to reduce electromagnetic interference
19 7,542,522 Device, system and method of wireless signal detection
20 7,542,515 Training symbol format for adaptively power loaded MIMO
21 7,542,467 Out-of-band platform switch
22 7,542,459 Ad hoc network having a back-bone determined at least in part on a metric and method therefore
23 7,542,454 MIMO channel feedback protocols
24 7,542,439 Methods and apparatus for providing a cooperative relay system associated with a broadband wireless access network
25 7,542,410 Interleaver and associated methods
26 7,542,379 Mobile medication
27 7,542,322 Buffered continuous multi-drop clock ring
28 7,542,053 Methods and apparatus for re-scaling image by variable re-scaling factor
29 7,542,038 Method and system for pivot-point based adaptive soft shadow estimation
30 7,541,889 Pulse coupling apparatus, systems, and methods
31 7,541,878 Temperature compensated crystal oscillator
32 7,541,875 High-linearity low noise amplifier and method
33 7,541,867 Polar amplifier
34 7,541,852 Self-correcting buffer
35 7,541,838 Transmitter swing control circuit and method
36 7,541,782 System and method for extracting energy from an ultracapacitor
37 7,541,693 Power distribution network for computer systems and other low-power applications
38 7,541,239 Selective spacer formation on transistors of different classes on the same device