Intel patents granted on 02 June 2015

45 US patents granted on 02 June 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,049,807 Processes of making pad-less interconnect for electrical coreless substrate
2 9,049,735 Method and apparatus to facilitate mobile relay and group mobility
3 9,049,608 Measurements for the interworking of wireless wide area and wireless local area networks
4 9,049,592 Techniques for key derivation for secure communication in wireless mesh networks
5 9,049,493 Techniques enabling video slice alignment for low-latecy video transmissions over mmWave communications
6 9,049,288 Telephone functions for computers
7 9,049,239 Wireless device and method for low power and low data rate operation
8 9,049,178 User interface to facilitate exchanging files among processor-based devices
9 9,049,177 User interface to facilitate exchanging files among processor-based devices
10 9,049,125 General input/output architecture, protocol and related methods to implement flow control
11 9,049,057 Duty cycle compensation of RAM transmitters
12 9,049,001 Apparatus, system, and method for timing recovery
13 9,048,999 Unequalized clock data recovery for serial I/O receiver
14 9,048,945 Antenna training and tracking protocol
15 9,048,882 Near field communications (NFC) and proximity sensor for portable devices
16 9,048,875 Conserving computing resources during error correction
17 9,048,851 Spread-spectrum apparatus for voltage regulator
18 9,048,846 Device having digitally controlled oscillator
19 9,048,834 Grouping of physically unclonable functions
20 9,048,824 Programmable equalization with compensated impedance
21 9,048,789 Current re-using wideband low-noise active balun
22 9,048,730 Switched mode power supply and a method for operating a switched mode power supply
23 9,048,314 Field effect transistor with narrow bandgap source and drain regions and method of fabrication
24 9,048,266 Apparatus and methods for improving parallel conduction in a quantum well device
25 9,048,260 Method of forming a semiconductor device with tall fins and using hard mask etch stops
26 9,048,084 Apparatus and method for extending bandwidth and supressing phase errors in multi-phase signals
27 9,047,807 Device, system, and method of display calibration
28 9,047,491 Encryption acceleration
29 9,047,468 Migration of full-disk encrypted virtualized storage between blade servers
30 9,047,417 NUMA aware network interface
31 9,047,222 Unified multi-transport medium connector architecture
32 9,047,204 Techniques to perform forward error correction for an electrical backplane
33 9,047,187 Defect management in memory systems
34 9,047,172 Adaptive power control of memory map storage devices
35 9,047,171 Differentiating cache reliability to reduce minimum on-die voltage
36 9,047,082 Instruction-set architecture for programmable Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) computations
37 9,047,081 Method, apparatus and instructions for parallel data conversions
38 9,047,066 Apparatus and method to efficiently cool a computing device
39 9,047,014 Frequency and voltage scaling architecture
40 9,046,916 Cache prefetch for NFA instructions
41 9,046,761 Lithography mask having sub-resolution phased assist features
42 9,046,569 Seal method for direct liquid cooling of probes used at first level interconnect
43 9,046,552 On-die trim-able passive components for high volume manufacturing
44 9,046,424 Throttling memory in a computer system
45 9,044,172 Ergonomic detection, processing and alerting for computing devices