Intel patents granted on 02 May 2006

43 US patents granted on 02 May 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 7,039,922 Cluster with multiple paths between hosts and I/O controllers
2 7,039,916 Data delivery system for adjusting assignment of connection requests to nodes based upon the tracked duration
3 7,039,909 Method and apparatus for performing compiler transformation of software code using fastforward regions and value specialization
4 7,039,877 Conserving space on browser user interfaces
5 7,039,839 Method and apparatus for enhanced parallel port JTAG interface
6 7,039,824 Calibrating return time with cross-coupled arbiter/delay circuits to compare clock signals
7 7,039,798 Method and apparatus to enable cross platform configuration
8 7,039,794 Method and apparatus for processing an event occurrence for a least one thread within a multithreaded processor
9 7,039,763 Apparatus and method to share a cache memory
10 7,039,412 Method and apparatus for transmitting wireless signals on multiple frequency channels in a frequency agile network
11 7,039,404 Continuous mobility across wireless networks by integrating mobile IP and GPRS mobility agents
12 7,039,288 Fabrication of optical waveguides for reduction of minimum waveguide spacing
13 7,039,265 Open air optical channel
14 7,039,263 Electrooptic assembly
15 7,039,106 Processing digital data prior to compression
16 7,039,061 Methods and apparatus for retaining packet order in systems utilizing multiple transmit queues
17 7,039,054 Method and apparatus for header splitting/splicing and automating recovery of transmit resources on a per-transmit granularity
18 7,039,047 Virtual wire signaling
19 7,039,018 Technique to improve network routing using best-match and exact-match techniques
20 7,038,920 System to mount electrical modules
21 7,038,689 Sparse refresh double-buffering
22 7,038,688 Filter mechanism
23 7,038,687 System and method for high-speed communications between an application processor and coprocessor
24 7,038,671 Digitally driving pixels from pulse width modulated waveforms
25 7,038,515 Soft-error rate hardened pulsed latch
26 7,038,513 Closed-loop independent DLL-controlled rise/fall time control circuit
27 7,038,512 Closed-loop independent DLL-controlled rise/fall time control circuit
28 7,038,508 Methods and apparatuses for detecting clock loss in a phase-locked loop
29 7,038,505 Configurable enabling pulse clock generation for multiple signaling modes
30 7,038,480 Method for detection and quantification of on-die voltage noise in microcircuits
31 7,038,324 Wafer stacking using interconnect structures of substantially uniform height
32 7,038,316 Bumpless die and heat spreader lid module bonded to bumped die carrier
33 7,038,207 Critical dimension measurement by diffration
34 7,038,138 Network communications system
35 7,037,845 Selective etch process for making a semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric
36 7,037,804 Wafer bonding using a flexible bladder press for three dimensional (3D) vertical stack integration
37 7,037,790 Independently accessed double-gate and tri-gate transistors in same process flow
38 7,037,458 Progressive stamping apparatus and method
39 7,037,119 Coil spring extension mechanism for a PC card
40 7,037,115 Attaching integrated circuits to printed circuit boards
41 7,036,712 Methods to couple integrated circuit packages to bonding pads having vias
42 7,036,573 Polymer with solder pre-coated fillers for thermal interface materials
43 7,036,217 Methods of manufacturing via intersect pad for electronic components