Intel patents granted on 02 November 2010

39 US patents granted on 02 November 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,827,593 Methods, apparatuses, and systems for the dynamic evaluation and delegation of network access control
2 7,827,576 Announcing the availability of an electronic programming guide to receivers of enhanced television transmissions
3 7,827,551 Real-time threading service for partitioned multiprocessor systems
4 7,827,550 Method and system for measuring a program using a measurement agent
5 7,827,536 Critical path profiling of threaded programs
6 7,827,471 Determining message residue using a set of polynomials
7 7,827,462 Combined command and data code
8 7,827,444 Application crash resist method and apparatus
9 7,827,425 Method and apparatus to dynamically adjust resource power usage in a distributed system
10 7,827,386 Controlling memory access devices in a data driven architecture mesh array
11 7,827,371 Method for isolating third party pre-boot firmware from trusted pre-boot firmware
12 7,827,357 Providing an inclusive shared cache among multiple core-cache clusters
13 7,827,352 Loading data from a memory card
14 7,827,257 System and method for automatic and adaptive use of active network performance measurement techniques to find the fastest source
15 7,826,906 Transducer access point
16 7,826,866 System, apparatus and method to route radio frequency signals
17 7,826,858 Protected paging indication mechanism within wireless networks
18 7,826,835 Mobile phone policy management
19 7,826,798 Trained data transmission for communication systems
20 7,826,694 Electrical/optical integration scheme using direct copper bonding
21 7,826,612 System, method and apparatus for an incremental modular process including modular multiplication and modular eduction
22 7,826,544 OFDM signal acquisition
23 7,826,523 Effective adaptive filtering techniques
24 7,826,522 Automatic calibration circuit for a continuous-time equalizer
25 7,826,484 Systems and methods for high-throughput wideband wireless local area network communications
26 7,826,429 Transmit and receive transition accelerator
27 7,826,427 Method for secure transfer of data to a wireless device for enabling multi-network roaming
28 7,826,404 Dynamic packet error management for wireless communications
29 7,826,349 Connection management mechanism
30 7,825,915 Codec control
31 7,825,776 Device configuration with RFID
32 7,825,625 Wireless charging device with reflected power communication
33 7,825,503 Covered devices in a semiconductor package
34 7,825,481 Field effect transistor with narrow bandgap source and drain regions and method of fabrication
35 7,825,437 Unity beta ratio tri-gate transistor static random access memory (SRAM)
36 7,825,424 Methods to manufacture contaminant-gettering materials in the surface of EUV optics
37 7,825,400 Strain-inducing semiconductor regions
38 7,825,022 Method of enabling solder deposition on a substrate and electronic package formed thereby
39 7,823,279 Method for using an in package power supply to supply power to an integrated circuit and to a component