Intel patents granted on 03 April 2007

32 US patents granted on 03 April 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 RE39,540 Cellular telephony searcher
2 7,200,812 Method, apparatus and system for enabling users to selectively greek documents
3 7,200,787 Memory channel utilizing permuting status patterns
4 7,200,772 Methods and apparatus to reinitiate failed processors in multiple-processor systems
5 7,200,762 Providing a low-power state processor voltage in accordance with a detected processor type
6 7,200,758 Encapsulation of a TCPA trusted platform module functionality within a server management coprocessor subsystem
7 7,200,737 Processor with a replay system that includes a replay queue for improved throughput
8 7,200,713 Method of implementing off-chip cache memory in dual-use SRAM memory for network processors
9 7,200,708 Apparatus and methods for storing data which self-compensate for erase performance degradation
10 7,200,699 Scalable, two-stage round robin arbiter with re-circulation and bounded latency
11 7,200,695 Method, system, and program for processing packets utilizing descriptors
12 7,200,374 Method and apparatus to improve throughput in a wireless network using a minimum received interference power level
13 7,200,226 Cipher block chaining decryption
14 7,200,186 Methods and apparatus for reducing power usage of a transmitter and receiver coupled via a differential serial data link
15 7,200,153 Method and apparatus for autosensing LAN vs WAN to determine port type
16 7,200,146 System and method of IP packet forwarding across directly connected forwarding elements
17 7,200,068 Multi-ported register files
18 7,200,060 Memory driver architecture and associated methods
19 7,199,936 Method and apparatus for polarizing electromagnetic radiation
20 7,199,743 Cyclic digital to analog converter
21 7,199,681 Interconnecting of digital devices
22 7,199,665 Single to dual non-overlapping converter
23 7,199,657 Amplification gain stages having replica stages for DC bias control
24 7,199,624 Phase locked loop system capable of deskewing
25 7,199,617 Level shifter
26 7,199,599 Integrated circuit socket with removable support
27 7,199,473 Integrated low-k hard mask
28 7,199,466 Package design using thermal linkage from die to printed circuit board
29 7,199,451 Growing [110] silicon on [001]-oriented substrate with rare-earth oxide buffer film
30 7,199,342 Self-aligned mechanical joint between die and substrate exposed to mixed microwave energy
31 7,199,304 Configurable microelectronic package using electrically conductive material
32 7,199,039 Interconnect routing over semiconductor for editing through the back side of an integrated circuit