Intel patents granted on 03 April 2012

37 US patents granted on 03 April 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,151,264 Injecting virtualization events in a layered virtualization architecture
2 8,151,165 Modification to Meggitt decoder for burst error correction codes
3 8,151,096 Method to improve branch prediction latency
4 8,151,094 Dynamically estimating lifetime of a semiconductor device
5 8,151,081 Method, system and apparatus for memory address mapping for sub-socket partitioning
6 8,151,061 Ensuring coherence between graphics and display domains
7 8,151,059 Conflict detection and resolution in a multi core-cache domain for a chip multi-processor employing scalability agent architecture
8 8,151,027 System management mode inter-processor interrupt redirection
9 8,151,012 Virtual row buffers for use with random access memory
10 8,150,981 Flexible and extensible receive side scaling
11 8,150,973 Virtual serial port and protocol for use in serial-over-LAN communication
12 8,150,911 User interface to facilitate exchanging files among processor-based devices
13 8,150,399 Techniques for wireless communications networks employing beamforming
14 8,150,235 Method of home media server control
15 8,150,211 Identifying patterns in data
16 8,150,207 Accelerating the hough transform
17 8,150,196 Reduction filter based on smart neighbor selection and weighting (NRF-SNSW)
18 8,150,031 Method and apparatus to perform redundant array of independent disks (RAID) operations
19 8,149,928 Receivers for cycle encoded signals
20 8,149,926 Generating edge masks for a deblocking filter
21 8,149,925 Chase algorithm based differential decoder for soft decision Reed Solomon decoding in a QAM system
22 8,149,854 Multi-threaded transmit transport engine for storage devices
23 8,149,806 Mechanism to avoid interference and improve communication latency in mmWave WPANs
24 8,149,804 Multi-transceiver wireless communication device and methods for operating during device discovery and connection establishment
25 8,149,750 Device power management in a wireless network
26 8,149,747 Power saving operation of always-connected wireless roaming
27 8,149,746 Battery level based configuration of a mobile station by a base station
28 8,149,680 Random read/write performance of probe storage memory devices
29 8,149,217 Creating responses for an electronic pen-computer multimedia interactive system
30 8,149,178 Millimeter-wave communication system with directional antenna and one or more millimeter-wave reflectors
31 8,149,120 Temporary non-responsive state for RFID tags
32 8,149,046 Biasing for transistor-based apparatuses and methods
33 8,148,959 Microprocessor die with integrated voltage regulation control circuit
34 8,148,805 Forming compliant contact pads for semiconductor packages
35 8,148,786 Complementary metal oxide semiconductor integrated circuit using raised source drain and replacement metal gate
36 8,148,772 Recessed channel array transistor (RCAT) structures
37 8,148,239 Offset field grid for efficient wafer layout