Intel patents granted on 03 August 2010

43 US patents granted on 03 August 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,770,162 Statement shifting to increase parallelism of loops
2 7,770,088 Techniques to transmit network protocol units
3 7,770,051 Strategy to verify asynchronous links across chips
4 7,770,034 Performance monitoring based dynamic voltage and frequency scaling
5 7,770,030 Content guard system for copy protection of recordable media
6 7,770,005 Launching a secure kernel in a multiprocessor system
7 7,770,003 Updating firmware securely over a network
8 7,769,964 Technique to perform memory reference filtering
9 7,769,956 Pre-coherence channel
10 7,769,947 Management of data redundancy based on power availability in mobile computer systems
11 7,769,938 Processor selection for an interrupt identifying a processor cluster
12 7,769,924 Method and system for low latency audio-visual transport
13 7,769,918 Apparatus and method for high performance volatile disk drive memory access using an integrated DMA engine
14 7,769,883 Communicating message request transaction types between agents in a computer system using multiple message groups
15 7,769,868 Method and system for assigning client requests to a server
16 7,769,856 Automatic tuning of communication protocol performance
17 7,769,836 Method and apparatus for removable device modification of system configuration
18 7,769,109 Method and apparatus to perform modulation using integer timing relationships between intra symbol modulation components
19 7,769,107 Semi-blind analog beamforming for multiple-antenna systems
20 7,769,097 Methods and apparatus to control transmission of a multicarrier wireless communication channel through multiple antennas
21 7,769,048 Link and lane level packetization scheme of encoding in serial links
22 7,769,026 Efficient sort scheme for a hierarchical scheduler
23 7,769,002 Constrained dynamic path selection among multiple communication interfaces
24 7,768,988 Method and apparatus to perform network medium reservation in a wireless network
25 7,768,971 Central frequency modification without communication disruption
26 7,768,958 Flexible architecture for wireless communication networks
27 7,768,911 Platform-based method and apparatus for containing worms using multi-timescale heuristics
28 7,768,817 VCC control inside data register of memory device
29 7,768,518 Enabling multiple instruction stream/multiple data stream extensions on microprocessors
30 7,768,508 Convertible display
31 7,768,420 Operation and control of wireless appliance networks
32 7,768,126 Barrier formation and structure to use in semiconductor devices
33 7,768,079 Transistors with high-k dielectric spacer liner to mitigate lateral oxide encroachement
34 7,768,074 Dual salicide integration for salicide through trench contacts and structures formed thereby
35 7,767,563 Method of forming a silicide layer on a thinned silicon wafer, and related semiconducting structure
36 7,767,560 Three dimensional strained quantum wells and three dimensional strained surface channels by Ge confinement method
37 7,767,519 One transistor/one capacitor dynamic random access memory (1T/1C DRAM) cell
38 7,767,509 Methods of forming a multilayer capping film to minimize differential heating in anneal processes
39 7,767,486 High-volume on-wafer heterogeneous packaging of optical interconnects
40 7,767,025 Nozzle array configuration to facilitate deflux process improvement in chip attach process
41 7,766,691 Land grid array (LGA) socket loading mechanism for mobile platforms
42 7,765,825 Apparatus and method for thermal management of a memory device
43 7,765,691 Method and apparatus for a printed circuit board using laser assisted metallization and patterning of a substrate