Intel patents granted on 03 February 2009

30 US patents granted on 03 February 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,487,505 Multithreaded microprocessor with register allocation based on number of active threads
2 7,487,502 Programmable event driven yield mechanism which may activate other threads
3 7,487,398 Microprocessor design support for computer system and platform validation
4 7,487,375 Method and apparatus for powering on an electronic device with a video camera that detects motion
5 7,487,341 Handling address translations and exceptions of a heterogeneous resource of a processor using another processor resource
6 7,487,337 Back-end renaming in a continual flow processor pipeline
7 7,487,336 Method for register allocation during instruction scheduling
8 7,487,305 Prioritized bus request scheduling mechanism for processing devices
9 7,487,299 Cache memory to support a processor’s power mode of operation
10 7,487,284 Transaction flow and ordering for a packet processing engine, located within an input-output hub
11 7,487,280 Enabling ports on a module received in a slot in a chassis
12 7,487,229 Methods and apparatus to synchronize local times at nodes in a computer network
13 7,486,871 Time shifting by concurrently recording and playing a data stream
14 7,486,743 Device and method of measuring frequency domain response in RF modulator
15 7,486,737 Apparatus and method of controlling a physical layer of a communication device
16 7,486,724 Codec compensation techniques for channel analysis applications
17 7,486,650 Method, apparatus and system of wireless transmission
18 7,486,616 Preemptive dynamic frequency selection
19 7,486,566 Methods, apparatus, and systems for flash memory bit line charging
20 7,486,337 Controlling the overlay of multiple video signals
21 7,486,279 Integrated input and display device for a mobile computer
22 7,486,235 Antenna system for improving the performance of a short range wireless network
23 7,485,563 Method of providing solder bumps of mixed sizes on a substrate using a sorting mask and bumped substrate formed according to the method
24 7,485,541 Creation of high mobility channels in thin-body SOI devices
25 7,485,536 Abrupt junction formation by atomic layer epitaxy of in situ delta doped dopant diffusion barriers
26 7,485,503 Dielectric interface for group III-V semiconductor device
27 7,485,495 Integrated heat spreader with intermetallic layer and method for making
28 7,485,471 Detection of enhanced multiplex signals by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
29 7,485,017 Pin grid array package substrate including pins having anchoring elements
30 7,484,408 Method and apparatus for measuring lower extremity volume