Intel patents granted on 03 February 2015

32 US patents granted on 03 February 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 8,949,986 Network security elements using endpoint resources
2 8,949,858 Augmenting user interface elements with information
3 8,949,818 Mechanism for facilitating dynamic and trusted cloud-based extension upgrades for computing systems
4 8,949,777 Methods and systems for mapping a function pointer to the device code
5 8,949,698 Method, apparatus and system for handling data faults
6 8,949,639 User behavior adaptive sensing scheme for efficient power consumption management
7 8,949,637 Obtaining power profile information with low overhead
8 8,949,636 Power efficient flow control model for USB asynchronous transfers
9 8,949,635 Integrated circuit performance improvement across a range of operating conditions and physical constraints
10 8,949,633 Dynamic core swapping
11 8,949,598 Method and apparatus for secured embedded device communication
12 8,949,571 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
13 8,949,565 Virtual and hidden service partition and dynamic enhanced third party data store
14 8,949,454 Methods and apparatuses for IP address allocation
15 8,949,389 Method and system for configuring virtual fabrics
16 8,949,323 Method and system for the protected storage of downloaded media content via a virtualized platform
17 8,949,069 Position determination based on propagation delay differences of multiple signals received at multiple sensors
18 8,948,768 Radio communication device and method for controlling resource allocations
19 8,948,250 Systems and methods for video/multimedia rendering, composition, and user-interactivity
20 8,948,195 Communication overhead reduction apparatus, systems, and methods
21 8,948,139 Parallel wireless communication apparatus, method, and system
22 8,948,089 Device, system and method of communicating aggregate data units
23 8,948,081 Device, system and method of multiple-stream wireless communication
24 8,947,596 Alignment of closed captions
25 8,947,458 Method for providing information on object within view of terminal device, terminal device for same and computer-readable recording medium
26 8,947,457 Method for providing information on object which is not included in visual field of terminal device, terminal device and computer readable recording medium
27 8,947,361 Multiple mode display apparatus
28 8,947,321 Method, system, and device for determining a location of micro digital signage devices
29 8,947,270 Apparatus and method to accelerate compression and decompression operations
30 8,946,900 X-line routing for dense multi-chip-package interconnects
31 8,946,679 Vertical tunneling negative differential resistance devices
32 8,946,016 Replacement gates to enhance transistor strain