Intel patents granted on 03 January 2012

16 US patents granted on 03 January 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,091,123 Method and apparatus for secured embedded device communication
2 8,091,004 Inter-packet selective symbol mapping in a joint incremental redundancy and symbol mapping diversity system
3 8,091,000 Disabling portions of memory with defects
4 8,090,996 Detecting soft errors via selective re-execution
5 8,090,977 Performing redundant memory hopping
6 8,090,967 Power state transition initiation control of memory interconnect based on early warning signal, memory response time, and wakeup delay
7 8,090,919 System and method for high performance secure access to a trusted platform module on a hardware virtualization platform
8 8,090,859 Decoupling TCP/IP processing in system area networks with call filtering
9 8,090,052 Systems and methods for digital delayed array transmitter architecture with beam steering capability for high data rate
10 8,089,947 Spatial reuse in directional antenna systems
11 8,089,925 Radio communications system with a minimal broadcast channel
12 8,089,788 Switched capacitor voltage regulator having multiple conversion ratios
13 8,089,418 Antenna structure
14 8,088,665 Method of forming self-aligned low resistance contact layer
15 8,088,628 Stimulated and coherent anti-stokes raman spectroscopic methods for the detection of molecules
16 8,088,282 Sieving media from planar arrays of nanoscale grooves, method of making and method of using the same