Intel patents granted on 03 January 2017

88 US patents granted on 03 January 2017 and assigned to Intel

1 D775,624 Computer hinge having a high angle of rotation
2 9,538,624 Display backlight modulation
3 9,538,565 HARQ timelines for TDD-FDD carrier aggregation
4 9,538,564 Techniques for wireless communication between a terminal computing device and a wearable computing device
5 9,538,561 Systems and methods for enabling service interoperability functionality for WiFi Direct devices connected to a network via a wireless access point
6 9,538,547 User equipment initiated discontinuous operation in a wireless communications network
7 9,538,539 Apparatus, system and method of channel switching
8 9,538,487 User equipment and method for enhanced uplink power control
9 9,538,431 Handover at spectrum release for licensed shared access
10 9,538,418 Apparatus, system and method of communicating wireless local area network (WLAN) offloading information between cellular managers
11 9,538,413 Coverage adjustment in E-UTRA networks
12 9,538,412 Radio resource measurement techniques in directional wireless networks
13 9,538,356 Method and apparatus for bluetooth-based general service discovery
14 9,538,321 Location determination of wireless stations using one-to-many communication techniques
15 9,538,313 Apparatus, system and method of docking a mobile device with wireless connector
16 9,538,241 System and method for providing integrated media
17 9,538,208 Hardware accelerated distributed transcoding of video clips
18 9,538,197 Methods and systems to estimate motion based on reconstructed reference frames at a video decoder
19 9,538,171 Techniques for streaming video quality analysis
20 9,537,979 Network adapter optical alert system
21 9,537,831 Reaching anonymization service levels through added transactions
22 9,537,772 Flexible routing tables for a high-radix router
23 9,537,767 Intra-platform networking
24 9,537,738 Reporting platform information using a secure agent
25 9,537,699 Wireless device and method for low power and low data rate operation
26 9,537,682 High speed receiver with one-hot decision feedback equalizer
27 9,537,665 Method, apparatus, and system for enabling platform power states
28 9,537,585 Circuit, an integrated circuit, a transmitter, a receiver, a transceiver, a method for obtaining calibration data and a method for generating a local oscillator signal
29 9,537,546 Implementing MIMO in mmWave wireless communication systems
30 9,537,543 Techniques to simultaneously transmit and receive over the same radiofrequency carrier
31 9,537,535 Multi-radio wireless flash drive using NFC
32 9,537,530 Transceiver device and method of processing signals
33 9,537,518 Power sensing in wireless system
34 9,537,504 Heterogeneous compression architecture for optimized compression ratio
35 9,537,495 Systems and methods for frequency domain calibration and characterization
36 9,537,479 Programmable impedance transmitter for serial communication
37 9,537,457 High linearity push-pull common-gate amplifier
38 9,537,347 On demand customization of mobile computing devices
39 9,537,346 Extendable wireless power delivery for small devices
40 9,537,302 Charge injection and drain-based electrical overstress (EOS) protection apparatus and method
41 9,537,210 Antenna card for controlling and tuning antenna isolation to support carrier aggregation
42 9,537,147 Anode structure having silicon elements
43 9,536,863 Interconnection of a packaged chip to a die in a package utilizing on-package input/output interfaces
44 9,536,626 Memory subsystem I/O performance based on in-system empirical testing
45 9,536,588 Reduction of power consumption in memory devices during refresh modes
46 9,536,577 Data movement in memory devices
47 9,536,557 Systems and methods for content playback and recording
48 9,536,535 Decoding wireless in-band on-channel signals
49 9,536,409 System and method for accident avoidance during mobile device usage
50 9,536,352 Imitating physical subjects in photos and videos with augmented reality virtual objects
51 9,536,345 Apparatus for enhancement of 3-D images using depth mapping and light source synthesis
52 9,536,342 Automatic partitioning techniques for multi-phase pixel shading
53 9,536,321 Apparatus and method for foreground object segmentation
54 9,536,287 Accelerated lens distortion correction with near-continuous warping optimization
55 9,536,278 Graphics processing of a vertex buffer using a relative index buffer
56 9,536,276 Method of submitting graphics workloads and handling dropped workloads
57 9,536,136 Multi-layer skin detection and fused hand pose matching
58 9,536,100 Scalable secure execution
59 9,536,063 Methods and apparatus for protecting software from unauthorized copying
60 9,535,874 Host embedded controller interface bridge
61 9,535,865 Interconnection of multiple chips in a package
62 9,535,860 Arbitrating memory accesses via a shared memory fabric
63 9,535,838 Atomic operations in PCI express
64 9,535,829 Non-volatile memory interface
65 9,535,827 RAM disk using non-volatile random access memory
66 9,535,820 Technologies for application validation in persistent memory systems
67 9,535,812 Apparatus and method to track device usage
68 9,535,782 Method, apparatus and system for handling data error events with a memory controller
69 9,535,777 Defect management policies for NAND flash memory
70 9,535,744 Method and apparatus for continued retirement during commit of a speculative region of code
71 9,535,733 Peer-to-peer streaming and API services for plural applications
72 9,535,711 Computing performance and power management with firmware performance data structure
73 9,535,706 Method and apparatus to process 4-operand SIMD integer multiply-accumulate instruction
74 9,535,647 Apparatus, system and method of channel switching
75 9,535,606 Virtual serial presence detect for pooled memory
76 9,535,586 Geo-fence creation on touch-enabled devices
77 9,535,566 Method, apparatus and system of displaying a file
78 9,535,559 Stream-based media management
79 9,535,555 Micro deflectors on touch sensor
80 9,535,506 Efficient gesture processing
81 9,535,487 User level control of power management policies
82 9,535,483 Adaptively disabling and enabling sleep states for power and performance
83 9,535,476 Apparatus and method to transfer data packets between domains of a processor
84 9,535,458 Electronic device with retractable leg support
85 9,535,119 Duty cycle based timing margining for I/O AC timing
86 9,535,117 System debug using an all-in-one connector
87 9,535,111 Optical transmission of test data for testing integrated circuits
88 9,535,095 Anti-rotation for wire probes in a probe head of a die tester